Local HS football players headed to college

Posted by Andy Durham on June 25, 2010 at 10:37 am under College, High School | 22 Comments to Read

We had this info come in last night, but not able to get it up here until this morning and we apprecitate one our readers that sent the E-mail news our way and good luck to the kids….

Jeremy Reynolds(ORMA) has commited to Oregon State
Rocco Scarfone(Northern Guilford) has commited to East Carolina University

  • Question said,

    Will Scarfone play QB at ECU????

  • ol' bawl coach said,

    Wow,wonders never cease with our kids going out to the west coast lately.

  • Andy said,

    Scarfone, DB at ECU…..

  • northern answers said,

    No it said in the paper he will not because hes to small, he will play corner or saftey

  • Question said,

    Anyone know Scarfone’s heigth and weight?????

  • fbfan said,

    Andy did the Reynolds kid have a good career at ORMA?

  • Andy said,

    Reynolds will be a senior at Oak Ridge this year. Prior to that he was at Dudley and he was a quality DB/WR for the Panthers.

    He has sh0wn well at all the camps and combines that he has attended and he got many of the college coaches’ attention at the Army All-American Combine.

    How well he does at the next level will be up to him and wish him success.

  • paperboy said,

    It said in the paper scarfone is 5’11 167, and is pretty fast in the 100 and 200 in track

  • curious said,

    Just curious how many tackles and int’s did he have last year? To be honest i don’t see this kid as a D-1 type player.

  • Surprised said,

    What, Scarfone not going out west with all the other
    Fab 5 from NG?

  • Kinda Small said,

    Paperboy are you sure about height and weight.
    That seems kinda small for a DI college DB.

    By the way anyone know if Keenan is at CAL, someone said he has not joined the team
    for practice.

    Any thoughts??

  • paperboy said,

    You must not look at to much college football? the average corner back is 5 10 and saftey is 6 foot, and he didnt have great stats becuase if you read in the paper he only played in 3rd down passing situations…
    go to rivals and check the size of the nations top corners they are between 5’9 and 5’11 so im pretty sure scarfone and reynolds have the perfect size.

    Scarfone and Reynolds are same size except Scarfone is taller.

  • calbears said,

    Kinda Small,

    Yes, Keenan is in California and he is doing very well, we cant wait for the season.

  • Kinda Small said,


    From looking at ECU Roster the avg size of thier DB’s range from 180lbs to 195 lbs
    some are at 200lbs.

  • Question??? said,


    I hope you guys have a great season.
    I was on the Cal website and I could not find KA on the 2010 roster.

  • Paperboy said,

    Kinda small:

    Scarfone is small im not saying he is big by any means, but if you were to read the paper he said the coach wants him to gain weight…

  • Kinda Small said,

    I Have not read the paper, but thanks for the update. It’s kinda disappointing
    a kid who has played QB his whole Life being ask to play DB. No other colleges
    want him as a QB ?

  • By the Way said,

    Does anyone know if CAmpbell gives athletic scholarships.
    I have a friend who’s son is going to play football there this fall.

  • paperboy said,

    Campbell does will newman and matt farris have both gotten scholarships there. I guess only smaller schools wanted him at Qb because he’s not too tall, has a strong arm but colleges cant really evaluate him when he has the best recievers i guess

  • NCAA Compliance Maravich said,

    Campbell does NOT give ATHLETIC scholarships in football.

    They are 1AA non-scholarship like Davidson.

  • mike said,

    Campbell does not give any athletic money although for kids they want they can sometimes find some academic money for them. Money is money. All spends the same.

  • Get it Right said,


    Money is money your right. However don’t advertise in the papers that
    you received a football scholarship when in reality it was an academic scholarship.