Proehlific Power at Nike Battle of Omaha

Posted by Andy Durham on June 25, 2010 at 2:58 pm under Amateur | 9 Comments to Read

Proehlific Power 15
Bryan(Nebraska) Bears 1

*****PP’s Robbie McIntosh went (4-4) with 7 RBI’s and he had a three-run home run….*****

Friday Game 1:
Proehlific Power 6
Raltson, Nebraska 0

WP:Lee Gilliam(Chapel Hill HS)…..
*****Robbie McIntosh had three hits and three RBI’s, including another HR…*****

Friday Game 2:
Proehlific Power 7
Oneida, Illinois 1

WP:Tuck Fisher….
*****Jonathan Wells had a double and 2 RBI’s….Heath Causey and Robbie McIntosh had two hits each…..*****

  • pat said,

    The younger squad is 4-0 in a different bracket in Omaha

  • Eddie Willis said,

    I am just curious why they spend the money to go all the way out there to play baseball (other than the obvious CWS, nice trip for the players) when they are obviously getting much more competitive games in the local area. Based on the scores, they are playing local teams ( except for the Illinois team where youth baseball is not so good) that are not much competition. Oh, well maybe it’s all part of the staregy of “Bring Google Fiber to Greensboro”.

  • pat said,

    Eddie don’t be a hater. You have no Idea of what you speak of. There are teams here from all over the country. This is the first Tournament we’ve had a full squad and we are loaded with pitching. Combined 8-0 playing most of the games in the morning and going to the CWS at night and the kids are having a great time. We’ll be in Greensboro for the July 4th Tournament and you and all the other haters can come check us out and see what I mean. Loving life in OMAHA. Have a wonderful day!

  • Eddie Willis said,

    Not a hater at all—I feel that’s a legitimate question—always losing because someone is missing—i am sure the 4th of july tournament will be great competition–who’s in that who is any good? what’s so great about having a glorified all-star team? why don’t you get a legion team and really have to coach with some boundaries, pat?

  • steve said,

    Sure would like to here more about the younger squad, a few stats would be nice.

  • jerry said,

    well proehlific power just won 2 more games today 12-2 and 9-2 great pitching all tournament beat an undefeated colorado team go b oys

  • jerry said,

    well the power won 2 more games today still unbeaten beat an undefeated team to colorado to advance to quarter finals

  • jerry said,

    well the power won 2 more today one from undefeated team from colorado great pitching go power

  • knowledge said,

    The 17 and under Proehlific Power Team has completed pool play and won again tonight 9-5. Keaton Haack was 3-4 and AJ williams pitched and Proehlific moved to 5-0. they will play in quaterfinals tom at 10:00 am. The 17 and under Proehlific team played well and they hope both teams will meet each other in the championship game MOnday. Andy please post for me on this website