Eastern Guilford 7 on 7’s: “We have to get the SuperJam out of us”…..

Posted by Andy Durham on June 26, 2010 at 3:41 pm under High School | 2 Comments to Read

“We Have To Get The SuperJam Out Of Us”………..

That was the early tag-line at the Eastern Guilford 7 on 7’s, which has a chance to become one of the top football workouts in the state, in the future….(This was a good show turned in today, by the Holt Brothers and the staff at Eastern Guilford High School.)

“We have to get the SuperJam out of us”, is what the kids were saying this morning and by game two, most of the high school football players were back down to earth, after a long and wild night, with all the music and festivities, at last night’s annual Greensboro Coliseum 102 JAMZ SuperJam….

The play was all about the pass, both short and long, with Southwest Guilford’s Airyn Willis airing it out in game one versus Dudley and the Panther DB’s said that Willis got the best of them a few times, while they were working to get that SuperJam out of their system….Willis put up some pretty good numbers as did James Summers from Page, but Dudley eased past Page by five points, according to the PA announcer with his TD and Xpt. calls…..Dudley said they were getting the SuperJam out of their system and Page said they can’t wait for the regular season meeting between the two Metro 4-A powers, at Page…..

Drew Adams and Derek Grant, from High Point Central hooked up for several scoring plays and their QB to WR numbers would have to have been among the tops on the field, on this Saturday….With those two ballers and Lashaun Monk, the HPC Bison will give Ragsdale a run for their money this season, unless the Bison’s Big A, also known as #45, shows up at Glenn and then Glenn might be the team to beat with Hawkins and “Big A”, in the same backfield….

If you had to rack them based on all that was seen today at EG and at this time of the year, you rack them instead of rank them, you might stack them up with Page and Dudley running neck and neck and then High Point Central, followed by Southwest Guilford and then EG and the others fighting it out for the final spots….

All of the above is based upon what I saw, while I was there today….Tony Chavis got some photos and if he sends us a few, we will be glad to post them…NEWS 14 was there and hopefully Brian Hall and NEWS 2 Sports came in, later on in the morning….

  • Joe Barile said,

    HPC and Page played for the title.
    I don’t know who won.
    HPC beat Dudley to advance and Page beat Cummings to advance.

  • fbfan said,

    HPC won the title.