Samek takes Southwestern Randolph football job

Posted by Andy Durham on June 27, 2010 at 7:09 pm under High School | 10 Comments to Read


The former head coach at Grimsley High School wanted something more like home and with that, Southwestern Randolph High School has a new head football coach.

Martin Samek has accepted the offer from currently SWR athletic director Randy Key and new incoming principal Brian Toth on Friday to become the new leader of the Cougars’ program.



  • football fan said,

    I have not read anywhere officially tht the Northern Coach (Shields) is the new McMichael head Coach. Has this been made official??

  • Get Real said,

    This coach left the Kids in the middle of 7 on 7 drills. He approached me and had a conversation about building a winning program at Grimsley and now this. He talked about working in the city with the local Rec centers to try and help some of the kids to keep them out of trouble.

    I hope the parents will read this and think long and hard about sending their kids to other schools or programs and think that the coach cares about their child.

    Parents Think!

  • mark said,

    wow – things must be really bad at Grimsley for a coach to leave a high profile job at an urban high school with tradition to a rural school with sub par facilities and a tradition of being a door mat in football.

  • observer said,

    Would anyone blame anyone for leaving Grimsley?

    And please don’t tell me about how great golf, tennis, and swimming are.

  • topfin29 said,

    I heard it very different. I heard he was asked to leave. 4 Coaches in 5 years there is something amiss.

  • BillyBall said,

    When the Grimsley AD stands up in front of the baseball team and says it is not important that you “win”, that pretty much tells you the emphasis on athletics at Grimsley. What if the IB teachers stood up in front of their classes and said “just have fun”? High school accelerated academics and athletics are both designed to be “competitive”. If you don’t want to take IB/AP/Honors classes you don’t have to. If you don’t want to play “competitive high school sports”, play rec ball somewhere and let the parents coach. The athletes should be given the opportunity to excell just as the IB students have that chance to get better. The athletes don’t get that chance at Grimsley any more. Maybe all athletics at Grimsley should be cancelled and give the baseball field to the Colt League and NC A&T programs and give the stadium to the Greensboro Pacesetters and then the AD won’t have parents complaining about playing time anymore or quality coaches leaving.

  • E. G. Ghead said,

    I have spent a lot of time @ Grimsley as a substitute teacher over the last 3 years, and take it from me, the school is deteriorating @ all levels. Academics are excellent for a select few, morale @ the teaching level is @ an ebb (hopefully), and the athletics are dreadful. It is the most selfish group of people you have ever seen (especially the parents) —no one really works together and there is no leadership especially in the athletics. physical education classes are a zoo with teachers just standing around and students doing whatever they want. The sad thing is that Grimsley is one of Guilford county’s top schools.

  • 1whoknows said,

    I have heard the same thing at Grimlsey, I have heard that the administration got rid of a soccer coach who won the conference in soccer. No support. Maybe they will treat the new guy better becasue 4 coaches in 5 years is terrible. I think that this is the AD’s 4 football coach Shuping, Saunders, Sameck, now this guy.

  • ad4deacs said,

    Heard Coach Corio speak at the parents meeting tonight. Liked what I heard. Seems energetic and realistic. It’s time for a change in the whole culture there. Time for the parents, of which I am one, to stop saying what can you do for me and start saying what can I do for you. Liked the way he paid tribute to Bob Sawyer. It didn’t get jacked up at Grimsley overnight and it waon’t get fixed overnight but I challenge every parent there with a child playing any sport to ask yourself “What can I do to make it better for everyone” If you’re not willing to help then step aside and be quiet so the rest of us can.