Best and worst uniforms

Posted by Andy Durham on June 28, 2010 at 10:23 am under College, High School, Professional | 2 Comments to Read

Good discussion on ESPN late-night radio the other evening with Freddie Coleman and his co-host and they were talking up and talking down uniforms…..

The best and worst uniforms. The first one that I thought of was the Chicago White Sox uniforms when they went with a softball team look back in the 70’s. They wore tops with their shirt tails hanging out and shorts….I bet those shorts came in handy when they went to slide into second base….

Others that were discussed were the San Diego Chargers powder blue uniforms with the lightning bolts, Penn State’s football uniforms with the basic look on their jerseys and helmets, the Houston Astros rainbow look from the 70’s and early 80’s, the old NBA uniforms versus the new NBA look where each team has pretty much ditched it’s old traditions, with the exception of Boston and the LA Lakers…..Look how much teams like Denver and Utah have changed their looks over the years….If you didn’t see their teams names on the TV screen, then you wouldn’t even know who they were…..

The Dallas Cowboys are supposed to be coming out with some GREEN pants this year and how will that fit in with their traditional blue, white and silver color scheme????? Many teams have looked to incorporate black into their color schemes in recent years, but the green Dallas pants?????

Best and worst uniforms. Any comments?????

  • Mick said,

    The short pants! Was it that long ago…..

  • Mike said,

    The traditional uniforms, like the Steelers and Yankees and Cowboys and Dodgers, are the best. I also like the Orioles’ orange, with the cartoonish bird from the early ’70s. It’s nice when you can see a team playing and not have to guess which teams are playing. It’s already in your memory bank from the olden days. Why does someone need an alternate-cloudy-Tuesday-road-night-game-after-a-day-game-uniform?

    The White Sox’ softball uniforms, the flat-top Pirates caps (and the matching yellow jerseys and pants with Kent Tekulve in them), and the Astros rainbow warrior unis in retrospect were tacky, but in context they just make you think “Man, that says ’70s.”

    In college, State had their unitards a couple years ago. Carolina messes with their logos from time to time. Nobody seems to like changes like that. Any uniform where the logo or number is in a weird place deserves honorable mention for worst. Same goes in basketball when they’re wearing fluffy capri pants.

    I have seen some ugly world kickball outfits, but I can’t remember which teams are which in that sport, so that’ll just be a blanket “bad uniform” for them.