Maybe Greensboro Colt Baseball, Greensboro College and N.C. A&T should pull out and leave WMS?

Posted by Andy Durham on June 28, 2010 at 10:51 am under Amateur, College | 6 Comments to Read

With the new City of Greensboro Plan for renovation at War Memorial Stadium calling for No Dressing Rooms, No Press Box and No Overhang; maybe the youth baseball programs and the colleges should pull out and leave War Memorial Stadium……

These groups are the stadium’s largest tenants and if they left, who would even use War Memorial Stadium? This might sound like a drastic measure, but if the City of Greensboro isn’t willing to work with the youth baseball groups and the colleges, then why should they stick around?????

Where would they go?

The youth teams in the Greensboro Colt Baseball league would have to go back to the high schools and use those fields and that would require a new deal with Guilford County. The colleges would have to move to NewBridge Bank Park or work out a deal with UNCG to use their field when the Spartans are on the road…….

Why can’t we get the City of Greensboro to work with our youth leaders and the colleges and make the War Memorial Plan work? It would be the best situation for all parties involved, if they could continue to play at War Memorial Stadium…..The alternatives get tough and expensive…..

Greenboro Colt Baseball leaders were seen talking about this plan during the games at War Memorial Stadium last Friday night. We need to get all sides together with the City of Greensboro and do some talking downtown and see if we can’t get the involved parties together to make a better plan for our baseball teams that use WMS……

We have spent quite a bit of time writing and talking about this issue here at and I for one, want to see something positive happen, that will be beneficial to the baseball teams, that are using WMS.

We need a Press Box, an Overhang, and some sort of Dressing Rooms at War Memorial Stadium and if it doesn’t happen, then the teams might be forced to pull out and leave WMS…..

I didn’t want to see it come to this, but something must be done and I plan on visiting the City of Greensboro offices on Tuesday, to see if we can’t get the groups together and save our City and it’s baseball teams…..

  • confused said,

    This is a new issue for me so maybe I’m confused. I’m a fan of youth baseball but I’m not sure why Colt baseball needs a Press Box and dressing rooms. Greensboro College and NC A&T need those things but should pay for them just like other colleges pay to upgrade their facilities. What am I missing?

  • Andy said,

    I don’t think the dressing rooms are so much an issue for the Colts as they are for Greenboro College and N.C. A&T and more so for the visiting teams that play the Aggies and the Pride…

    The Press Box is important for Colt Baseball if you ask me….They have a Press Box for the games at Stoner-White Stadium and believe me, it makes a difference…To have the player”s names announced is very important so you will know who the players are, as they come to plate, especially in the tournaments….

    If the scoreboard goes out, like it is right now at Stoner-White, then at least the PA man could announce the score or what inning it is, so the fans will know what is going on….

    Have some respect for the game. The PA system and the Press Box are important, as is the dressing rooms for the college games and who wants to sit out in the direct sun when you have an overhang in place already at War Memorial Stadium that could just use a little reconditioning and it would be fine for future use, but the city wants to tear it all down and go with the bare look of a downgraded facility….

    They could rip out some of the left field and right field seats, tighten things up behind home plate, refurbish the Press Box and the dressing rooms and then clean up the lobby and the front of the stadium and it would be OK…..

    Renovate, don’t eliminate…..

  • Insider said,

    Contact John Hughes at Parks and Rec and watch him cower. That’s the climate down there , no one has a backbone. Just try and contact them to get a straight answer and you will see. They are very lazy also. They do the least amount of work and get paid the most.

  • Eddie Willis said,

    Congrats to insider for “telling it like it is”. At least he is a perfect replacement for Jean Jackson who was the same. Maybe that’s a prerequisite for being employed there. They provide less services and have grown their staff and budget more than many if not all other departments. What a waste of money while @ the same time, they are doing all they can to have less of a role. You ought to get a look @ their ballfield maintenance trucks with 2-4 employees—anywhere from none to all sleeping in the truck with no more than 50% of the complement working @ any one time—seen with my own eyes on 7 separate occasions this summer alone.
    Your tax dollars @ work folks!!!!

  • mike L said,

    So true Insider, so true

  • Hardhat Maravich said,

    In the City’s defense, they don’t have enough money to do it the “right way.”

    That said, if you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all…