Oak Ridge takes State Games Gold

Posted by Andy Durham on June 28, 2010 at 9:48 am under Amateur, High School | 42 Comments to Read

The Oak Ridge Military boys basketball camp captured the gold medal for the 2010
North Carolina State Games. The Cadets defeated Smoky Mountain HS 79-58 in the
championship game and comleted the event with a perfect 7-0 record. Earlier in the
afternoon the Cadets defeated Raleigh Millbrook 62-49 in the semi-finals. Senior
leadership played a key role as Michael Neal, Jacob Lawson, Chris Jones, Asad Lamot,
Ryan King, Justin Mitchell and Bashir Balarabe led the way. Juniors Carlos Rankins
and Xavier Johnson along with freshman Theo Pinson played key roles off the bench.

The tournament featured 35 teams from across North Carolina (public and private) and
from all classifications. Oak Ridge was the only representative from Guilford
County. This was the first time that Oak Ridge Military has captured this
prestigious event and they very proud of their student-athletes.

  • Wow! said,

    Andy what’s up with the crush you have on ORMA?

  • Andy said,

    They send us updates, reports and info and we post it….

    We are waiting on other teams to do the same thing….We want you to send us information about your teams so we can get the word out….Sometimes when we go looking for it on our own we get it wrong…

    Send us more news on your teams…I had people calling me all weekend long and we were posting and writing up the reports…We want to get the word out.

    Send your info to andy@greensborosports.com…..

  • Crush said,

    It’s actually a crush on Coach K……just like his man crush on Coach A (now at ORMA) and Coaches Smiths (Proehlific Power).

  • just keeping it real said,

    GOOD JOB CADETS ,no question this is the best team in the state, and with chris jones ( the comment to Tennessee PG NUMBER 13) they will be rank in the country…..

  • question said,

    andy is raleigh millbrook goood?? and i heard stan was pulling his players coulda beat them by more, and andy i would follow them alot to considering they will proably be the best team in the state

  • just kepping it real said,

    Great Job, This is the top team in the State, and with Chris Jones ( tennessee commit PG #13 in the country) they will be ranked in the top 20 in the country.

  • Miketre said,

    Good job to the Cadets, I wish people would just leave the boys alone and let them be. They have did nothing to no one. On that not I think the Cadets will be better this year than they were last year. The will be a more athletic and a much faster team.

  • sefan said,

    Sounds like ORMA is getting serious about their sports programs. Alan already has some very good baseball players lined up for next year. Head coaches should be on their toes and getting all their kids feeling like they are being treated fairly or some good kids may be leaving. Public school is not the only game in town.

  • maryfrancis said,

    awesome!!! congratulations!

  • Andy said,

    Part of the deal is that my uncle played baseball at ORMA back in the 40’s and he went on to play for the Indians farm teams and I hope maybe they can bring that same level of respectability back to spors at ORMA that they had when Wes Ferrell, Rick Ferrell and the others were there….

    I don’t care if your name is John Jacob Englehimmerschmidt, if you send us the news we will cover your teams…

    If want to see other teams get mentioned in more detail, send us the info…

    I went to three Colt games last week and 5 Greensboro Grasshopper games, so to say we are not out in the field is bull….This sports team is working dog!!!!!

  • mark said,

    the ORMA bashing based on two things

    one – the general backlash many feel about the end of neighborhood schools and playing with what you have vs. turning high school athletics into recruiting wars like college. It doesn’t matter if the recruiting is done by legitimate private schools or even if the recruiting is in the form of parents/kids legitimately moving from one school district into another just to play ball. Either way it just changes the whole landscape of what is pretty much the last vestige of “amateur” sports. As everybody knows, college football, basketball is “amateur” in name only.

    two – and this is the biggest – Stan K. and Yelverton. As long as they are running things over there at ORMA they are going to carry that stinking fish around their necks they earned at Northern Guilford.

  • mark said,

    and to the poster that said coaches better make sure thier players feel treated right or they’ll end up at ORMA – I hope most of the coaches don’t change. Most of the area coaches around here run legitimate programs and play their best players and help in recruiting if a player is good enough and treat one player just as fair as the next. I’d rather my son ride the bench than be coddled by some coach that thinks he has to dole out special favors to keep my son from transferring to ORMA or whichever public school is the flavor of the year.

    If ORMA can afford to dole out $20,000 scholarships to build a football power house – go for it. Because you know the majority of parents can’t afford that kind of tuition. ORMA can build the best baseball/basketball/football program that money can buy – but don’t expect many to sing their praises when they are compared to the better public high school programs around. Apples and oranges

  • wondering said,

    andy- what do you predict oak ridge will be ranked next year?? Ive heard westchester is ranked 11th

  • Outsider looking in said,

    To just keeping…

    Some observations – Don’t know about best in the state. Some points to consider…

    Word is Olympic (public school out of Charlotte) won last week against OR.

    Summer time tough to gauge as some public schools have football players not playing

    Granted, OR 1-15 better than most schools but only 5 can be on the court at one time. I suspect 7-8 spots guaranteed on “A” team with the rest of the spots open to either new transfers and/or whoever plays the best over the summer. Right now about 5-6 point/combo guards that can play. Doubt all will make “A” team. Curious to see odd man/men out. National team or not, can’t imagine taking up that many roster spots with the same position (and keeping them all happy!)

    Over the summer as one team, will wear down most teams guards with the constant pressure (if you’re guards ain’t on the track running/conditioning, better get there if you plan on playing them).

    Team that doesn’t have Jacob will most likely be average HS team and very beatable as he seems to take great pride as a defender/shot blocker.

    I believe a team with 3-4 good/athletic ball handlers can force a half court game.

    Without good ball handling to force them to play defense and patience, you won’t have a chance with a short bench and poor conditioning.

    On a national level, I think the guards will be OK, not sure of the post presence.

  • On the Money said,


    I agree with your comments 100% on ORMA
    You are on the money. As I have said before if this was another private school
    with no Coach K and no NG drama they would not even be on here.

  • BBFan said,

    Mark , you are corredct about the stinking fish. But for Stan K. it goes further back than that. He also left Bishop and High Point Central under difficult circumstances before he went to Northern.

  • bobby Coley said,

    1st thing, it doesn’t cost $20M to go to ORMA and 2nd, they are not going to build a football powerhouse.
    basketball, maybe but not football. Who is going to play them #1 and they will be so tired from playing both ways that anyone any good will kill them.

  • Rusty Ellis said,

    You must not attended the game….Smoky Mountain sure made it close and they were ahead at halftime….playing only 7 vs the deep bench of Oak Ridge plus Smoky Had to play back to back….Sure was a great game with Jackson Simmons and Will Carpenter putting on quite a show for the smaller 2A school vs the powerhouse of Oak Ridge…Oak Ridge looked very good…but must say Smoky was very very impressive..

  • Ol' Bawl Coach jr. said,

    Amazing how ‘ORMA’ has become the new four letter word around the state of NC……..

  • John Richmond said,


    You know if you and everyone else in Guilford County dont like what is going on at ORMA then stop talking about it. You dont hear Coach AOK saying anything. It is everyone else talking about it. It will be nice if everyone would just mind their busy than it would go away. I think that every school in guilford county has enough to worry about. If parents decide to leave a school that is their right. Everyone is getting pissed of f because kids are leaving trying to better themselves. What is the differents when a coach tell the kids that they are going to be there to see them off when they graduate. And they are always looking for a new coaching job.

    So just get over it the last time I checked this is a America the home of opportunity and free choice. No one is holding a gun to any bodies head and making them leave. Parents are leaving on their on free will an accord. You keep blaming Stan and Yelverton for all of this. Just maybe if Guilford County was doing their job this would not be happening.

    Yes, I know and like Coach O and Coach K they have done a great jobs with the kids they have helped. You may not like them but ask any parent that has dealt with either one of them they will tell you something different that they are good people.

    The funny thing about it all is that at the end of the day the kids and the parents are happy with their decision it is no one else business. I dont believe any of us is living in a glass house.

  • Mark J. said,


    When did you ever read that someone said that Coach O and Coach K is putting a gun to kids or parents’ heads to make them leave. I didn’t see that statement one time. Now, it may not be a gun, but it sure is money.

  • Mark J. said,

    There was a link posted on here a week or so ago, and Andy took it down. That link is now located on NCPREPS 4 A football under the ORMA topic. You can go in there and read that article that is posted.

  • Andy said,

    A lot of you guys are coming on here now just trying to stir up trouble…

    I am spending way too much time editing these comments just so they can make it up to the site.

    If you have a problem with an individual why not go see them directly instead of trying to take it out on them here.

    I am not the best in the world at deciding what finally makes it up here after the editing, but as you can see, I even have to go back and make changes after some of these comments are up.

    Then I have to go back and take things down….If you have a problem with it, contact me at andy@greensborosports.com…I am going to try and look for the coaches and the kids as best as possible, but it will be a challenge…..

  • Tom said,

    It is what it is Andy. The staff at ORMA has its supporters and detractors. It is entirely understandable that people will either love them or hate them. They have had great teams but it has been at the expense of other schools. As soon as you have stories about ORMA, the detractors will voice their displeasure. This is probably their only vehicle to do this.

  • wondering said,

    Andy i love how people talk bad about ORMA but it gets the most comments on here and wht do you predict they will be ranked in the country?? They also have three 6″9 dudes coming from the ivory coast, if last season they can beat teams ranked in the top 100 i think they could be in the top 100 easily whats your opionion andy???

  • Andy said,

    Well said Tom.

  • hm said,

    They are super talented, no doubt, but that doesn’t make them a great team. Maybe good enough to beat up on teams that just can’t compete. I saw last week ORMA struggle with RJ Reynolds, then saw 2 hours later HP Christian dismantle RJ Reynolds just because of the pace and unselfishness they play with. If anybody has seen HP Christian, they don’t look like they should be on the floor with most the schools around here. Then I heard that ORMA lost to Olympic who is a smaller team that plays hard and plays unselfish. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don’t get them to play hard and play together it doesn’t matter. You can only have 5 guys on the floor at a time.

  • Andy said,

    I didn’t know what haters were till I started reading some of this stuff and as for the new players, I heard they were due in here on Wednesday(tomorrow) and we will have to wait and see….

    It will be interesting, and that is for sure…..Westchester, United Faith, Greensboro Day and even High Point Christian will all be very good and we will have to have a seperate poll for the private schools next winter….Caldwell Academy will be a sleeper if they can get some new kids in there to go with what they have already….And this is talking private school teams and not Top 100…..Top 100, now that is something that we will have to take a closer look at….

    Top 100 is one of those things where you have to see all the teams that are in the loop…

    I remember when Page was in the USA Top 25 and maybe even the Top 10 back when they had Danny Manning, Michael Foster, John Newman and Haywood Jeffries and if you stop and think about it for a second, that is a very good group of athletes….

  • wondering said,

    i thnk i know john newman he”s a realtor and i think he sold my friends parents their house but i wonder how they cant be in the top 100 last year they beat a QEA team that was very good they beat Nichols school who was ranked 58 according to max preps and they beat United Faith, i think that westchester and orma will be in the top 100 i was told that westchester was 11th in the country for next season but im not sure thats true i dont even think GDS or caldwell should be in the conversation with the elites like orma and westchester

  • BBFAN said,

    Didn’t NWG lose a couple of good players? Reed Lucas went to GDS, Where did the big guy Adam Coble go to? Anyone know?

  • Andy said,

    Lucas is at Greensboro Day School and the Bengals finished 3rd at the University of North Carolina team camp last week and I think Adam Coble may end up with the Westchester Academy Wildcats….

    Both Lucas and Coble have a huge upside and should get looks this season.

  • Get Real said,

    Caldwell?? Get real.

  • Andy said,

    Caldwell had David Page, Ewing Carter and Will Saunders last year and that was a good team that beat or nearly defeated High Point Christian and several other name teams..

    Saunders earned a college scholarship and Dan Bozarth, AD at Caldwell tells me, that his teams can go with the best of them in soccer, basketball and baseball….

    We heard a lot from Dan last year and he is building a good, solid program at Caldwell….

  • come on said,

    No way Caldwell can go with the best of them unless they have a great night and the other team has a bad night—-caldwell could beat the following Guilford county teams (maybe)—SEG, Southern, etc……

  • question said,

    on opionion who do yall think willbe better westchester or orma????

  • hm said,

    ORMA. Even though Stan doesn’t have the best of reputations, he at least attempts to coach. Westchester’s coach just sits there.I imagine it will be worse now being they have even more talent.

  • rcristal said,

    Coach Kahny @ Westchester Country Day School is a coach of the highest order. He has built a wonderful program over many years and he has won multiple titles well before the current crop arrived on campus. His players stay out of trouble, they are good students and they really compete. He is a wonderful teacher of young men and is highly respected amoung his peers. Believe me when I say that after this crowd is gone this program will remain strong just as they were before this group.

  • hm said,

    says the guy whose son plays for him.

  • rcristal said,

    Actually, I now have two sons in the program. What does that have to do with his past success? And what in the world does that have to do with the type of man he is? My only point is that he is a good and decent man who happens to be a good coach and a molder of solid citizens. My friend, this is about far more than basketball.

  • rcristal said,

    Actually, I now have two sons in the program. But, exactly what does that have to do with anything? What does my situation have to do with Coach Kahny being a man of character with a strong track record of winning and turning out solid citizens? This is a wonderful program full of integrity. It has been and it will continue to be. They do things the right way.

  • Been There Done That said,

    Been a while since I’ve been on here, but i read a comment about the up coming football season at ORMA and that they would not be good. I think it’s gonna be somebody eating those words.

    Did you see that ORMA has had 3, yes 3, kids commit to OSU…..Go to the team website and check it out. It’s gonna be some more that get offers before it said and done and that’s a promise…Coach O does it again……and the show ain’t even started yet…..!!!

    Boys and girls, children of all ages, gather around and get ready for the greatest show on earth…! No local HS will even get on the schedule cause they running.

  • Been There Done That said,

    Hey there…..