Games set for Greensboro Colt Baseball Tournament

Posted by Andy Durham on July 6, 2010 at 12:05 pm under Amateur | 6 Comments to Read

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Tournament Schedule
Saturday July 10, 2010
12:00 Jamestown vs. Southern Guilford Game 1
2:30 HP Central vs. Northeast Guilford Game 2
5:00 Northern Guilford vs Western Guilford Game 3
7:30 Dudley vs Grimsley Game 4

SUNDAY July 11, 2010
1:00 Northwest vs. Jamestown/Southern Winner Game 5
3:30 Southwest vs. HP Central /Northeast Winner Game 6
6:00 Eastern vs. Northern /Western Winner Game 7

MONDAY July 12, 2010
6:00 Game 5 vs Game 6 Winners GAME 8
8:30 Game 4 vs Game 7 Winners GAME 9

Tuesday July 13, 2010 CHAMPIONSHIP GAME

*****We assume all games to be played at War Memorial Stadium.*****

  • Kevin said,

    What happened to the Trojans?

  • Andy said,

    Maybe not enough guys left to finish. I have heard of another team or two that might be close to not having enough players left in town for Ssturuday’s game…..

    They(the HPW Trojans) were all their last Friday night and they won over Eastern Guilford…

  • BillyBall said,

    I sure would like to see the final records of all the colt teams to see how the pairings were put together. Was it based on the number of wins or losses or winning percentage. The standings were never published all season and some games were completed and the scores never posted at all. The pairings just make no sense. For example, Eastern was clearly the #1 team and therefore shouldn’t they should be playing the winner of the lowest two seeds. Neither Northern or Western were in the bottom of the standings. Also, Dudley and Grimsley were at the top of the standings all year, so why are they playing in the first round. The pairings just don’t appear to make sense.

  • colt ball said,

    Not all the Trojans were there Friday, several play on showcase teams.

    By the way, after a couple of years following Colt……its HARDLY a measure of true baseball telent. The top players have more competitve places to play……some schools pressure their top talent to play……..others playing didn’t even make the school team.

    Its a nice deal in Greensboro, great place for most kids to keep playing…….just dont mistake those records for next years school ball record.

  • Andy said,

    One advantage for the Dudley-Grimsley winner ts that they advance straight to the semifinals…..

    With the Trojans dropping out, it probably shook everything up…..

  • curious said,

    Just wondering what the results were from the 4th tournaments held this past weekend. I havent seen anything posted. figure tht the power teams swept the whole thing