Who do you like better?

Posted by Andy Durham on August 7, 2010 at 10:38 am under Professional | Read the First Comment

The Hoppers had the dancing Bat Boy, BBoy McCoy at the game last night for the entertainment and we were wondering, if you had a chance to see his work and how it stacks up in your opinion…..

For your money, who do you take? Who do you like better, the dancing Bat Boy, BBoy McCoy or Myron Noodleman, another dancing routine character, that was at the ballpark earlier this season?????

For my money, I’ll take the dancing Bat Boy…..It looked like Noodleman was doing the same old song and dance that he did when he came to town 15 years ago…..The Bat Boy had some decent energy and he did some original moves, but it seems that these days, if you can make a few moves and get a crowd response, then you are hired….

I guess most of us came along a little too late or maybe too early, to cash in on this craze…….

Noodleman or BBoy McCoy?????

  • skip bidigill said,

    the break dancin batboy was incredible! loved it!