Pat O’Brien a “Loose Cannon”?/We’ll find out next Monday on FOX Sports Radio

Posted by Andy Durham on August 11, 2010 at 3:49 pm under Professional, Uncategorized | 5 Comments to Read

I received a memo from FOX Sports Radio this afternoon to let me know that had the wrong info and that Pat O’Brien will not be starting on the network until the afternoon of Monday August 16….

FOX Sports Radio coming directly to us says we are on the cutting edge here at, or least on the “Cutting Room” floor…..

The show will be heard locally on 790 the Ball and I just have to wonder if Pat O’Brien can be considered a “Loose Cannon”….Hartman is wide open and crazy and Vic “The Brick” Jacobs is a nutt, that has a few loose screws, but Hartman and Jacobs work well together, but I still don’t see O’Brien being on the cutting edge of sports….O’Brien is an old dude and he doesn’t seem to have the inside on anything hot that is going on in sports today……

Here is the inside on the show from

TV/radio personality Pat O’Brien to join Fox Sports Radio as a “Loose Cannon”

Fox Sports Radio says O’Brien has “covered everything from the Olympics to the Super Bowl, and anchored both Access Hollywood and The Insider” for TV. Starting Monday August 16, Pat will take a seat alongside Steve Hartman and Vic “The Brick” Jacobs.

The previously-named “Hartman and Friends” takes the new title of “Loose Cannons” and will air on more than 150 FSR affiliates in the 3-7pm Eastern time slot. “Cannons” will also be heard via the iHeartRadio mobile app and on XM Channel 142.

  • Bob Lowe said,

    Steve Hartman is pretty good. Werndl and Mychael Thompson. I am little biased because he’s a big UCLA guy like me. He used to be partnered with Chet Forte (they were the original Losse Cannons), then Philly Billy Werndl, then Mychael Thompson. He’s very knowledgeable on sports trivia.

    In other radio news, the First Team with Steve Czaben is supposed to resurface on Sporting News Radio on Sept. 1. Problem here is we don’t have SNR here anymore with 1200/1230/1320 on a local slant, right?

  • Andy said,

    That’s right Bob, no more Sporting News Radio around here….The last stop for SNR was WMFR and SNR also made an afternoon stop with the Two Live Stews on 620 WDNC in Durham and then Jim Rome moved into that slot on WDNC when Dave Glenn went to 99.9 The Fan in Raleigh….

    Is Chet Forte the man with the Chicago background or the former TV producer for Monday Night Football or was he an NFL referee…I have heard his name before and if he is the guy from WGN Sports in Chicago, I know he is a good one……

  • Bob Lowe said,

    Yes, the same guy who was the directing star for MNF. He had huge gambling problem when at MNF and was always paying down his debts. He died about 10 years ago.

    Bummer about SNR. As you know, I like Czabe. His podcast says they’ll have a big web presence, though.

    Pat O’Brien seems to be unremarkable as a radio personality. His best sports days were NBA on CBS, but didn’t he peak at Entertainment Tonight?

  • Andy said,

    Pat O’Brien also had a good run back in the day with the NFL on CBS with Brent Musburger, Irv Cross, Phyllis George, Jane Kennedy and Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder….

    How many times over the years have we referred to Jimmy “The Greek”, as Snyder….Very strange to even think of his last name….Almost never came up and that is a tribute to his popularity…….He was the best in his day….Very smooth…

  • Andy said,

    Bob, the other Chet that I was thinking of was Chet Copeck out of Chicago…..Chet Copeck, not Chet Forte in that case….Copeck was good and he was on SRN for a while on the weekends…..Copeck on Sports….