HS Football Poll for Week One of new season

Posted by Andy Durham on August 20, 2010 at 10:51 am under High School | 12 Comments to Read

We will need our HS Football Poll for our radio broadcast tonight and here’s how things line up for Week #1….

4)Western Guilford
5)Northern Guilford
6)Northwest Guilford
7)High Point Central
9)Northeast Guilford
10)Southwest Guilford
11)Eastern Guilford
12)Southeast Guilford
13)High Point Andrews
15)Southern Guilford

*****There are not a ton of givens this year and this poll could blow up in our face after week #1, but we do know for certain that we have good quarterbacks out there wth James Summers(Page), Luke Heavner(Ragsdale), Demetrious Dick(Dudley), Josh Thompson(Western), Rocco Scarfone(Northern), Matt Pawlowski(Northwest), Drew Adams(Central), Jeff Sims(Smith), Airyn Willis(Southwest) and many others that we will begin to mention as we learn their names….

Runningbacks to watch include Drew Rogers and Tuc Phan(Page), D’onovan Smith and Barry Brown(Ragsdale), Mycah Gaylord(Dudley), Eric Davidson and Xavier Knight(Western), TJ Logan and Mohamed Khellah(Northern), Dillon Dalton, Reid Baxter, Austin Pauley, Kyle Kristy and Chris Ealey(Northwest ), Desharn Monk and Derek Grant[When DG lines up wide for the end-around](Central), Elijah Jordan(Smith), Johnny King, Caleb McCann, Jacob McCann and possibly Sean Ples (Northeast) Mike Fields(Southeast) and other names that we will have to lean as the season advances……Eastern Guilford will have some speedy backs, no Josh Morehead, but they will be fast and the Holleman kid is getting quite a few reps at QB at EG….

Linemen to watch….
1)Brock Stadnik(WG)
2)DJ Reader(Grimsley)
3)Matt Sugg(NWG)
4)Demarcus Bell(Dudley)
5)Russell Nation(EG)
6)Jonathan White(Central)
7)Tyler Stutts(WG)
8)Charlie Jones(Grimsley)
9)Denzel Jones(Dudley)
10)Merrit Blanks(Central)
11)Clayton Stadnik(WG)
12)Eric Ebron(Smith)
13)Seth Stone(Southeast Guilford)
14)Brent Frazier(Southeast Guilford)
15)Trey Swaim(Ragsdale)……Swaim actually a linebacker, but a very good one……
16)Dominique Neal(Dudley)

  • nwg said,


    Austin Pauley is the RB for NW and plays OLB. Alex Pauley is the WR/ILB for the Vikings.

  • Andy said,

    I keep hearing AP. I need to get the A’s straight or straight A’s with this new 2.0 GCS grading system…..


  • GrimsleyFan said,

    Andy – have you heard anything about Lay Lay Brown @ Grimsley? Is he still there or did he transfer? I haven’t seen any ink on him yet.

  • Andy said,

    Lay Lay is no longer at Grimsley…. He’s going to Oak Ridge for baseball only….

    Patrick Nusdeo from Western Guilford will also be at Oak Ridge this year for baseball….

  • HS Football said,


    Just heard from a parent at Northwest Guilford that tonight’s game versus Eastern Guilford will be a Blackout. If you’re a NW fan and plan on going to the game wear something Black.

  • justafan said,

    Just an FYI for you. The RB at Northern is Mohamed Khellah. Just wanted you to know 🙂

  • asdfasdf said,

    i dont understand why grimsley is ranked very, low trust me they should be up there

  • Joe said,

    I don’t know what you’ve been seeing at Grimsley, but they will definitely need 2-3 years to rebuild. Where they are sitting at right now is about right..

  • fbfan said,

    Until someone knocks them off Dudley is still king of the Metro, I know they have had the injuries but I do not think Page can win the big game yet.

  • sly said,

    What ever happen to John Mcbeth? He was a great player for Northern .

  • ankersaway said,

    sly….word at the school is the young man (McBeth) is at Northern but will focus on playing basketball. Great athlete and the football team will miss him.

  • FYI said,

    John McBeth is a great athlete. He’s concentrating on basketball this year for NGHS.