Back-to-School shopping at WalMart

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That was the busiest night of shopping that I have ever last evening, at the WalMart on South Elm-Eugene Street….

The place was packed with last minute Back-to-School shoppers and to be honest with you, I have never seen anything like this before…..

It was sort of like some last-minute Christmas Shopping rush and the lines were very long and you would think all those that were out there buying notebooks, clipboards, lunch boxes, backpacks, shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, carrying cases, briefs, brief cases, cases of drinks, super sippers, fruits and nuts and candies……I’m telling you, you would have thought that all those last-minute customers, would have done a much better job, of planning their Back-to-School shopping sprees…..

Why did they wait until the last day before school starts, to go out and begin their buying bonanzas?????

The self check-out line was packed, the customer-service line was loaded with customers, the line where you go, if you want to run out of the store and on to the busy highway was even full…..This was a madhouse, the likes of which, I had not seen ever before….

In the self check-out line, I had to go through twice, to make sure I got my items priced and that they cheked-out when it was time to cash-out….And I wasn’t even going back to school……I just needed some basic items and the lines were backed up out past Highway 85-South, headed toward Charlotte….

I did learn one thing during my Back-to-School session and that was the importance of the bar code, when it comes to scanning your items for purchase…..(I think I had it figured out by the third time I went through the check-out line.)

A crazy time, with Back-to-School shopping at it’s worst at the WalMart…..

In the future, please tell all the parents of our native born American citizens and those that were born on foreign soil, that the night before school starts back, is a night for getting an extra hour or two of sleep and not the time to be packing the WalMart check-out lines……Please, can I get a witness!!!!!

We may have to declare the day before school starts back a National Holiday, just like Super Bowl Sunday and St. Patrick’s Day………

Back-to-School and I feel like a fool………

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