HS Football Poll for Week Two of 2010 Season

Posted by Andy Durham on August 26, 2010 at 10:12 am under High School | 8 Comments to Read

4)Northern Guilford(1-0)
5)Northwest Guilford(1-0)
7)High Point Central(1-0)
8]Northeast Guilford(0-0)
9)Southwest Guilford(1-0)
10)Southern Guilford(0-1)
11)Western Guilford(0-1)
12)Eastern Guilford(0-1)
13)Southeast Guilford(0-1)
14)High Point Andrews(0-1)

  • BisonHerd said,

    Oh heck I’ll take a bite, HPC should be ranked no lower than 3 in this poll. We went on the road last friday and faced maybe the best team in Winston not named Mt. Tabor and won a hard fought game. None of the 6 teams ranked above us played anyone near as good as Raynolds.
    Ragsdale and Dudley look to be getting the nod based off the previous season, ok thats fine.. But what have NW, Smith and Northern for that matter done to surpass the Bison? HPC was 30plus points better than Smith last year, and yes I know the Eagles are vastly improved this season but guess what the majority of those players that suited up the Bison last year are back!

    You know it’s bad when HPC is ranked higher in the state-wide polls than they are in their local polls. It’s only been one week but their are a couple of teams in the area who should have alot more to prove than HPC before getting all this hype.

    p.s. I love this site, this post is simply for banter material only, its gonna be a great season folks – Football is Back!!

  • Andy said,

    My High Point Central contact, that will remain nameless, was at the game and he/she told me that both teams stunk up the place….

    The word was the Central offensive line nearly got Adams killed….Central must spend more time focusing on the kicking game and the defense (other than J White and Merrit Blanks), is not where it needs to be….Losing guys like Evan Agular, Akeem Langham, Roger Green and one of the best defensive players in Bison History, James “Jimmy” Moorman, are not at all easy to replace…..

    Adams, Grant, Monk, and others have their stuff together on offense, but they will need some help from Justin “JJ” Johnson and more if they want to move ahead of NWG, Smith and the others….

    The defense and the “O-line” are in the developmental stages, if they come through, then so will you at Central……

  • Wow! said,

    Stunk up the place……..did “Andy” really post that or was this another Andy??

  • NW said,

    Shutout/Sacks/Intercepts on Defense (gave up only 69 yds) ….281 yds 4 Td’s on the ground…. 3-7-84 yds 2Td’s 0 int’s passing. Lets not have this talk again, NW on the 5 spot and moving up.

  • HS Football said,

    Here is my week 2 poll. Last years results do carry over bison. Look at Alabama in College football. Last year affects this season poll but eventually the cream will rise to the top.

    5-HP Central
    6-NW Guilford
    7-NE Guilford
    9-SW Guilford
    11-HP Andrews
    12-Western Guilford
    13-SE Guilford
    14-Eastern Guilford

  • Andy said,

    That was the word from the Central source, but he/she said that the Bison could be improving, again, if and when that line comes around….

  • BisonHerd said,

    Andy, I was at the game too and I don’t know if “stunk up the place” is the correct phrase for a overtime game with two teams who combined record last year was 21-4.

    Of course both teams look sloppy at points in the game but it was the 1st week of the season so that’s a given, also you have to give credence to the level of competition it’s alot easier to look good against an over matched opponent.
    As far as your contact he/she and I must have been watching two different games, I walked away far more impressed by the defense than I was the offense at this point. A quick view at the scoreboard can be misleading Reynolds scored 21 points at the end of regulation and all 21 points came in the 2nd quarter, they were shutout in the other 3 quarters. Their 2nd td was a result of recovering a fumble in the endzone, their 3rd td came after HPC fumbled a snap on a punt inside their own 10yd line. The only sustained drive Reynolds had all night resulted in their 1st td, save the 2nd quarter and HPC’s defense was dominant throughout recording 5 ints and shutting down one the best recievers in the state and keeping him out the endzone.

    Yes the offensive line is a work in progress but it is a veteran squad with a few new pieces but once they gel this is group is gonna be good.

    But back to being sloppy how did the #2 ranked Ragsdale Tigers find themselves in such a competetive contest against a Southern Guilford team who you guys had ranked dead last in last weeks polls, also why was #3 Dudley in such a battle against a Carver team who lost by 35 last year against the same Reynolds team HPC just defeated on their home turf?

    The Bison are forreal this year and will only get better, I came into the season thinking the offense would be the strength of this years team, but the defense seems to have risen to the challange after losing Moorman and crew. The entire front 7 is back except Moorman and even though he was a stud, the rest of the guys are a year older and more experinced and will be better this year. So in short it’s gonna be fun folks so watchout!!

  • Shame shame said,

    I say EG should be u a little higher. People u gotta give them there respect it was the first game. they will make a statement like they always do