Is boxing dead?

Posted by Andy Durham on August 29, 2010 at 3:36 pm under Amateur, Professional | 7 Comments to Read

A very good topic coming on the heels of last night’s UFC fight with Randy Couture-James Toney….

Ad4deacs says:

I just wanted to point out to the hold outs that don’t think boxing is dead that 47 year old Randy Couture completely dominated Heavy weight boxing champ James Lights out Toney last night. Toney never landed a shot and Coutre put him on his back and finished him with a triangle choke. Hats off to Toney for having the courage to try. I’d like to see Mayweather do it next.

from Andy at and AndyDurhamSports:

I just got throught watching the end of Balboa-Creed on WCWG TV 20 and I wished they would pick up where they left off and continue in Round 16….

I know they got together again in Rocky II and that it was all choreographed or something like that, but more my money, that one was of the best of all-time, when it comes to a certain exciting type of boxing footage….

The radio sports talk show guys, on FOX Sports, were pumping up Couture-Toney and a few times they said it was going to be Couture vs. James Tarver, but obviously that wasn’t the case…..

James “Quicksilver” Toney was a good one at one time and I’m not sure if he trained here in town at the Lindley Boxing Center with Al Lowe or not, but Oliver McCall did and there were several others that did and I used to see them drive up in their 1982 Cadillacs…..I saw some interesting boxers coming through there….

Where can you see the UFC on Pay-per-View here in town????? I was hoping to find it somewhere last night, but did not have any luck and ended up watching the Braves-Marlins and the Panthers-Titans….

I heard that Bobby Lashley got mowed down last week in the StrikeForce and that there may be a meeting on the horizon with Lashley and Dave Batista from the WWE in an MMA StrikeForce fight….

Good topic with Stallone making a comeback today on WCWG TV 20….

Andy Act II:

I think that Tim Witherspoon trained here too.

Andy Act III:

I wonder what Taft Wireback from the News and Record would say????? He used to train over at the Lindley Boxing Center with Al Lowe too….

  • Andy said,

    I also heard that BJ Penn lost on Saturday night and he is a name that carries MMA/UFC clout, but I heard he got beat by a defending champ, Frankie Edgar or Edgar Withers/Winters?

  • ad4deacs said,

    BJ did lose again to Frankie Edgar, might be the end of the Prodigy. Andy word is Refs was advertising that they were showing the fights. Interesting because the first time I asked them about UFC they said they didn’t want that crowd to which I quickly replied “I am that crowd”. 🙂

  • James said,

    Make sure you guys don’t forget about Brock Lesnar. Top to bottom he is the toughest fighter out there today.

  • Bamm Bamm said,

    Boxing’s not dead…yet!! But, if it doesn’t start giving the fans what they want it will be soon! Mayweather vs. Manny Pac is the fight everyone wants to see but that boxing can’t give us. They also need a star powered heavyweight…I remember the days of Duran/Leonard & Leonard/Hearns & Hearns/Hagler…the top guys wanted to fight each other to see who was the best…now they duck & dodge each other, fighting a bunch of tomato cans.

    That’s the great thing about a guy like Dana White, he knows what the fans want & gives it to them which is why the UFC is enormously successful. The only thing I’ve seen White not be able to do was get Fedor, which might be the smartest thing Fedor’s done after watching Brock come in & trash people. I’ve only seen Fedor once, & he didn’t impress that much, but I guess anyone can have an off night.

    Toney was just in it for a payday & that’s what he got. I can’t imagine anyone thought he would beat Couture or even give him a fight for that matter!!

  • ad4deacs said,

    Good points Bamm! I think the number one reason people prefer MMA over boxing is all the different skill sets that are used and the many different ways to end a fight. I think history will also show that MMA is much safer over a long career.

  • Grey said,


    It may end up being safer…but can you tell me who invented the Freeze Option?

  • ad4deacs said,

    Ed Emory did ! 🙂