JV Football Games Tonight

Posted by Andy Durham on September 9, 2010 at 10:32 am under High School | 13 Comments to Read

Thursday night Guilford County lineup:

Page at Ragsdale
Northwest Guilford at Northern Guilford
Western Guilford at Eastern Guilford
Southwest Guilford at High Point Andrews
Southeast Guilford at Rockingham County
Northeast Guilford at Reidsville
Raleigh Wakefield at Dudley
Durham Jordan at Grimsley
*****All games set to start at 7pm…..*****

Southern Guilford off this week……

  • HS Football said,

    Found out yesterday NW JV team is 21-1 in it’s last 22 games. Last loss came against Mt Tabor in 2008.

  • topfin29 said,

    That’s great but what does it add up to on the varsity level? It’s kind of like going undefeated in the pre season NFL.

  • NW fan said,

    Topfin, this topic is surrounding JV football – I am sure that is why the comment was regarding JV NW team. Also, a JV team performance says a lot about what the varsity team may look like (a lot of JV players from last year are on the varsity team now). Don’t undermine the JV football talent and importance in their records.

  • joe barile said,

    Ragsdale received the ball first and punted after 3 plays.. Page driving and they score 7-0. 2 yard qb sneak by jordan putnam.

  • joe said,

    Ragsdale scores on a short run. 40 yard td pass.. Putnam to neal.. Attempt failed.. Oh and btw I spoke too soon on ragsdales pat. It was blocked 13-6.

  • joe said,

    Ragsdale punts again.. Returned to deep in ragsdale territory.. Page fumbled on first play.. Ragsdale recovered. Ragsdale 3 and out.. Fake punt picks up first down

  • joe said,

    26-6 page at half. Page scored off a punt return.. And another deep fade pass set up another putnam pass td. Bugby scored on the punt return. Ragsdale went 3 and out last 4 possessions.

  • sean said,

    whats the NEG jv score

  • joe said,

    Page driving again.. Stopped on 4th and goal at the.7.. Ragsdale with fake punt on next poss. Didn’t pick it up.. Page takes short field and scores. 32-6

  • joe said,

    Page put in the 2nd string defense for the whole 4th quarter.. Page up 38-20

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    Thanks for the updates Joe!

  • NW JV's said,

    NW JV’s are always strong……baseball, basketball, football. That’s great, good for them. I’m a NW parent, went through the JV programs. But obviously it doesn’t translate all that much to the varsity level.

    NW is full of solid athletes, well coached all throughout their youth. They understand the game and limit mistakes. These solid JV teams beat other programs who didn’t have as much fundamental instruction at ages 9-13 and who don’t really try to compete at the JV level. But when the really strong athletes get the training and focus they been lacking, they excel quickly and surpass the solid players at the higher levels.

  • robby townsend said,

    NW JVs, that is a vry good comment, but I would also add that they quit working on athletics after they hit 10th and 11th grade because they are all given cars and they are pretty much pampered. I think we will se the same thing with Northern once the initial groups that came under nebulous circumstances age out. Look @ their JV football and basketball and baseball will be similar. Mark my words!!!!