Bamm Bamm Coalson makes to it to the Carolina Panthers post-game show

Posted by Andy Durham on September 20, 2010 at 1:48 pm under Professional | 2 Comments to Read

Always good to see and hear, about one of our readers/followers, making it to “The Show” and Tarron “Bamm Bamm Coalson got in and was on the air on Sunday, on the Carolina Panthers post-game show…..Let’s look back and see what Bamm Bamm was saying…….

Hey Andy,
Did you catch me on the post game show last week (Week 1)? I called Ethan Horton & blew out the playcalling & coaching!! I said it before & I’ll say it again….
1st & 10–run off tackle gain 3 yards….
2nd & 7–draw..lose 2 yards
3rd & 9–throw it 5 yards or incomplete
4th down–punt

That’s been the Panthers offense for the last 3 years. Fox will find work next year (if they don’t strike) as a defensive coordinator..when he should be anyway. Offense sucks under Fox… he can’t adapt during a game & is afraid to make changes!! The funniest thing I heard in the off season was that Clausen would be a natural fit for the Panthers because he played in the same system at Notre Dame:):) Notre Dame’s offense was 1000 times better than the Panthers offense!!:):)

We’ve needed a number 2 receiver for 3 years now, we’ve needed help in the secondary for 3 years now, our special teams have sucked for 3 years now, & our offensive philosophy & play calling is EASILY the WORST in the NFL!! Pretty bad when you have the TV annoucers saying..”you just don’t see these I-Back sets on 3rd & 9 in the NFL…BECAUSE THEY DONT WORK!!! Guess I’ll start rooting for Washington until they let Fox go…….

Bamm Bamm Coalson

  • Bruce Mitchell said,

    I didn’t know they let you call out on those phones.

  • Jack Warden said,

    We let the guys use those phones all the time on Sunday, especially when the NFL is on.