Guilford County HS Football Poll as we head toward Week #6 of the season

Posted by Andy Durham on September 23, 2010 at 10:12 am under High School | 10 Comments to Read

1) Smith(5-0)
2) Dudley(4-1)
3) Northern Guilford(3-1)
4) Ragsdale(4-1)
5) Page(4-1)
6) High Point Central(4-1)
7) Southeast Guilford(4-1)
8] Southwest Guilford(3-1)
9) Northwest Guilford(3-2)
10) Southern Guilford(2-2)
11) High Point Andrews(2-3)
12) Northeast Guilford(1-3)
13) Western Guilford(1-4)
14) Eastern Guilford(0-4)
15) Grimsley(0-5)

  • Jack Black said,

    Strong at the top, these teams can play with anyone in the state, the bottom well let’s not go there

    Remember eat, pray love

  • Patience said,

    To the bottom of Guilford County, Patience is a virtue and as always the Cream will Rise to the Top! It won’t be long at all and are voices will be heard!!

  • cellar said,

    Surprised EG is 0-4. Thought they had some talent. NEG is better than 1-3. But they did lose close to 20 players due to the 2.0 GPA requirement.

  • Go Metro said,

    Metro teams looking good. Should be competitive conference play

  • sir lancelot said,

    Jack Black, you’r e an unbelieveable ###### . . .just because Hurricane Anna blew your house down, go huff and puff somewhere else. YOU CAN’T COACH PERIOD ! !

  • pirate fan said,

    I cannot believe that the cutoff line was ever below a 2.0 GPA. Sorry but if you cannot manage a 2.0 GPA, you shouldn’t be playing on the football field. It is absurd that these teams had many players with sub-2.0 GPAs. Shame…

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    Can someone explain to me how Northern Guilford (3-1) can be ranked ahead of 4 schools with a better win record and the same amount of losses.

    I’m still trying to get a handle on how this poll and ranking system works.


  • underdog said,

    Northern had a BYE week so they cant have as many wins because they havent played as many games…..

  • Andy said,

    Hard to knock a team down or out in the poll when they did not play in previous week….Northern still only lost to #2 Dudley by one point, while #4 Ragsdale lost to Dudley by 12 and #4 beat #5 Page…..

    Found out tonight that Dudley played Durham Hillside on even terms 6-6 in the second half last week after falling behind 21-0 in the first quarter….

    If you are primarily a running team and you fall behind by 3 TD’s early, then it is very hard to make that deficit up…..

    The poll is not totally scientific, but it is fair to the most degree…..

    Good to get some discussion going on about the poll….This thing might be state-wide one day, you never know….

  • Jack Black said,