Friday Football Scoring Desk Now CLOSED

Posted by Don Moore on September 24, 2010 at 8:12 pm under High School | 35 Comments to Read

Updated 10:27 PM – Update #17
*****At 12:28am we added Southern Guilford over Trinity and Northeast Guilford past South Granville courtesy of Brian Formica, Chris Kelly, and Chris Demn from the WFMY NEWS 2 Sports team and the Friday Football Fever Show….*****

Southeast Guilford – 14
Grimsley – 16

Northern Guilford – 55
Burlington Williams – 14

Dudley – 0
Smith – 28

Western Guilford – 7
Page – 57

WS Parkland – 8
Ragsdale – 47

East Forsyth – 21
High Point Central – 40

Northwest Guilford – 35
Glenn – 7

Eastern Guilford – 21
Eastern Alamance – 30

Southwest Guilford – 12
WS Reynolds – 13

Southern Guilford 63
Trinity 15

Northeast Guilford 42
South Granville 14

High Point Andrews

  • Tom Davis said,

    Wow!!!!!! Bring on the upsets. I am sure that Andy will be no worse than 8-1 no matter who wins.

  • NW said,

    Nw 28-0 HALF

  • NW said,

    nw 35-0 now

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    I won the “split the pot” jackpot @ Page’s homecoming game (173.00). I told them I would donate it all back if ol’ Rusty would let me sing the National Anthem @ the next home game. He said no so I donated 1/2.

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    Page is winning fifty to nothing. It’s good to see Davante Hooker getting some pt. He just scored but I think it’s called back. Dang!

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    Hooker just scored! Page: 57 to 0.

  • EddieWillis said,

    Well, SE. Just like the old adage says, “Don’t count your chickens….”. Congratulations to Grimsley! Let’s now see how gracious the SEG fans are. We know that someone will be saying that the refs wore green and white striped shirts tonight in the BIG game. Move over Dudley, there’s a new chief in town!

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    Page’s final score 57-7.

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    Isn’t Jordan Putnam the JV 1/4 back? Well, he just saw a bunch of pt as a varsity player.

  • FirstOfTheSeason said,

    Grimsley played a good game tonight,they beat SEG no excuses.

  • sefan said,

    Congrats Grimsley. You were the better team tonight and really came out ready to play. We are young and we will bounce back.

    Underdog nice try tonight but sounds like the national anthem is not looking good if greenbooks will not even do it. Maybe we need to put an online petition together for you.

  • New DBs said,

    Congrats to Grimsley for outplaying SEG. They bottled up Mike Fields for the most part. And they threw the ball which any one who has seen SE play knows their DBs are suspect at best. Why not let some offensive players play on defense they can’t be any worse than the DBs they have now. Again Congrats to Grimsley.

  • billybobo said,

    dang grimsley pulled an upset, proud of em… but i am really surprised that dudley didnt score a SINGLE point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • notJimMelvin said,


  • Pirate Fan said,

    Underdogs Unite – Yes Putnam was in for the fourth quarter. He and Hooker “hooked” up for a TD to get to 57! There were so many flags on the ground it felt like deja vu…but eventually success!

  • mark said,


    score 57 points and still complaining about the refs

    Ragsdale scored 47 and you won’t hear any complaints about all the holding calls

  • Pirate Fan said,

    Mark – I wasn’t complaining about the refs – I said flags on the ground. I didn’t say whose penalties or if they weren’t valid – my point was, the possession took a long time because there were a lot of flags – I am sure they were on both sides and warranted. Just glad to see the back ups have success on the field. That was my point.

  • Football Observer said,

    Saying you won’t hear any complaints about “all the holds” is basically a complaint.

  • Football Fan said,

    Go Putnam! Good job Whirlies! Incredible job Smith!

  • John said,

    Glad to see the Swirlies got one in the win column. I hope they celebrated tonight; wins will be hard to come by from here on in, especially when they have to strap it on against Page. Even when you deduct the 21 points that the refs will surely screw the Pirates out of, Page will still hang 40 on ’em.

    That’s right, I went there.

  • RangeRover said,

    Now that it is clear that Smith is better than Dudley, where do you think Page fits into all this? They looked mighty impressive.

  • deerpark said,

    Early Predictions for Grimsley-Page in two weeks….63-13.

  • BisonHerd said,

    Congrats HPC on a nice victory tonight (5-1) baby!

    Also a special congrats to the Golden Eagles, HPC nation knew you boys were going to do this! We might hook up again befopre it’s said and done and have another classix game!

    Fun Fact: Smith gave up more points to HPC than they did their other 5 opponents combined, been saying it and will continue top say it, the two best teams in Guilford County.

  • Football Fever said,

    Great Job Garrison Herndon playing for Ragsdale tonight! Nice TD pass and great ball handling. Congrats to Ragsdale on another win!

  • mark said,

    Ragsdale had a couple miscues tonight but it didn’t slow them down. They shut down Parkland all night other than one big hairston run in the third. Already up 33-0 then.

    Great to see Robert Pompey knocking heads again and D-onovan Smith looked better than ever. 166 yards and a TD. All 80 yards on the first drive on three carries. Breaking several tackles on a 55 yard TD. Eleazer, Brown, Briley all ran well. Brown had 2 TDs, Eleazer 1 and Briley caught the Herndon Td pass. Pete Romer caught a TD pass from Heavner. Avery washington returned an INT for a TD on the first play of the 2nd half.

    after a slow start to the season on offense Ragsdale has scored 38, 52 and 47 the last three weeks. Getting better every week and just about everybody healthy. Norwood and staff doing a good job again this year

  • Andy said,

    Yes I do wish 97.1 WQMG would bring back the “Shout Outs” after the Thursday and Friday night football games…..

    It sounded like Marty “The One Man Party” Freeman on the PA at the Smith-Dudleyk game tonight, maybe not, but the Claude Manzi Stadium was loud this evening and how about a “Shout Out” to Coach Rodney Brewington and his Smith Golden Eagles…..That was a well played game and a BIG win for the Eagles tonight…..

    Smith is (6-0) and they are now one of the two teams to beat in the Metro 4-A and would say the other is the Page Pirates…..Smith and Page are the two in the long term hunt for the title now…..Good job Grimsley on the win and now the Whirlies have Western up next and all the sudden the WG game is a winable game for the Whirlies…..Grimsley could enter the Page game at (2-0) in the Metro….

    In the Piedmont Athletic Conference, I would say it is Ragsdale 1, HP Central 2 and Northwest 3 and there is not all that much space between the three now that conference action is under way….

    The conference races are going to be fun with Smith, Page and now Grimsley ready to mix it up and Ragsdale, Central and NWG set to do the same in battle for the conference title and even the Southern Guilford vs. Northeast Guilford game is going to be major now that the SG Storm has their game together with 63 on the board tonight…..

    The fun has just begun and next week it will get even better…..

  • smithfan said,

    northwest is really looking like the team they thought they woulkd be. watch out those white collar boys at nw aint bad!!! good job vikings and golden eagles

  • sandman84 said,

    heh,hehe,heh,heh, . . . .keep on sleepin o n the whirlwind,u might be surprised . . heh, heh, heh, . . . . . .

  • wow western said,

    yea suprised how bad they are!!!

  • Damon said,

    If you check the NCPREPs congrats to Michael Fields, Jr……you’ll see that I warned of a possible SEG let down. However, I didn’t think they would lose. SEG lost to Grimsley last year. It was a disappointing loss in a disappointing season. So if you suited for Grimsley, you had to believe you had a shot. You had to think that if you could keep the game close or take a lead, SEG would get nervous.

    Hopefully, tonight’s loss is a wake up call. I still think the Falcons can make some noise in Conference. The offensive line play has been good. Seth Stone and company have the potentialto be one of the best O-lines that SEG has had in some years. However, in order to make that happen, you have to be able impose your will regardless of the situation. Look at Dudley’s State Championship teams. The whole world knew Dudley was going to run the ball. No one in the State of NC managed to stop it.

    Congrats to the Golden Eagles of Smith. Make the celebration a long one!!

  • Damon said,

    New DBs,

    The DB play wasn’t the greatest in the world, bu the defense didn’t continuously turn the ball over. The defense wasn’t responsible for the safety either. The defense gives up 14 pts and the offense turns the ball over continuously and you complain about the defense. The whole team played terrible. How many points were we favored by? This one wasn’t even suppose to be close. How about you win as a team and you lose as a team! It took a complete team let down to lose that game.

  • Really 35-0 said,

    Where is the Panther love – didn’t see this one coming. Great job Smith!

  • New DBs said,

    @ Damon if youre watching the games you know that the only way people score on SE is through the air …Iknow one of the DBs is your lil brother or something but youre only as strong as youre weakest link …Yeah they lost as a team but u gotta take a look at the facts ….Sorry if this offends you but they need better play out of those Dbs or get someone in there who can ….Its not all on the Dbs , Fields put it on the carpet twice yeah and 2or 3 interceptions is not going to help you either…

  • ross said,

    Congrats to the Eagles on the big win , you looked good out there and your coach deserved that Gatorade shower. I’m a Panther fan but I like what this Smith team is doing .
    Just get the PA announcer to throw out that screeching Eagle… man that sound was killing me.

  • Damon said,

    New DBs,

    They could be the worst DBs in the world. The facts are 5 Turnovers. My lil brother playing DB has nothing to do with my position. I don’t know any defense other than the SuperBowl Ravens and maybe this year’s Steelers that can withstand that.

    #22 is my little brother.