Money trail between agent, ex-UNC coach

Posted by Andy Durham on September 30, 2010 at 11:43 am under College | 2 Comments to Read

from and Yahoo! Sports:

In an interview with Yahoo! Sports in August, sports agent Gary Wichard denied any impropriety between himself and former UNC assistant football coach John Blake. He also denied that Blake was ever previously employed by Pro Tect Management, despite a brochure obtained by Yahoo! Sports which listed Blake as the vice president of football operations for the agency and described his duties. But Wichard insisted that while the two have shared a 25-year friendship, there has been no financial relationship between the two.

“I don’t get involved with him bringing me players or anything like that,” Wichard said. “It has not happened. … Would John Blake say something positive to a kid about me if he was asked? I would think so. He has seen my work over the years, just like I would say something positive about him in terms of what he can do as a coach.”

But three sources said documents show the relationship between Wichard and Blake also extended into the financial realm several times over the past three years. Those instances included:

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  • Institutional Control said,

    This is far worse than USC and Reggie Bush from afew years ago.

  • El Gordo Gringo said,

    Ed Hardin and Caulton Tutor have both written that Davis should resign….or if not….be fired. Hardin is calling for an investigation…..I’m assuming an independent one.

    UNC fans claiming academic/arthletic integrity will no longer anger others, it will just make them laugh.