After talk from Dolphins’ Ronnie Brown, things could be looking up at Miami middle school

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One of those must-reads from and Yahoo! Sports….A must read and positive outlook for the future for our friends in Miami…..

In the past year, Deerfield Beach Middle School has been consumed by media attention because of two horrific incidents of violence. In October 2009, a 15-year-old boy was burned over 75 percent of his body when he was sprayed with rubbing alcohol and lit on fire off-campus by another student who later referred to the victim as one of his best friends. In March, a 15-year-old girl suffered permanent brain damage after being brutally beaten outside of the school by a student from another school who allegedly received a disparaging text message from her about his deceased brother. During the attack, the victim’s head was stomped on by steel-toed shoes. Blood marked the spot where the incident happened.

“All this has been so negative to our school, for Ronnie Brown to come to our school was so amazing,” 15-year-old Nick Mark said. “It was like Christmas for me, man. It inspired me. It will get through [to the students] because it will tell them that it’s not too late. You can still jump back, look at Ronnie Brown. … The kids can relate to that because he had a hard time when he was a kid just like me. I don’t have that [many] friends here. I have two or three and I don’t get that good grades, so I can relate to that. What Ronnie said really inspired me.”

CLICK HERE to read on and please do read on, you will be glad you did…..Much can be learned today from this article….

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