For goodness sake: Was Blake on the take?

Posted by Andy Durham on October 1, 2010 at 11:11 am under College | 7 Comments to Read


CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Attorneys for former North Carolina assistant coach John Blake say there was nothing seedy about loans their client received from longtime friend and sports agent Gary Wichard, and there was never an arrangement to direct players to Wichard once they left for the NFL.

Florida-based attorney William H. Beaver II said Wichard was trying to help Blake, who encountered financial trouble after being fired as the head coach at Oklahoma a dozen years ago.

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  • gettin' ugly said,

    A 45K loan

    At least 6 wire transfers have been found between Wichard the agent and Blake the coach

    A credit card issed to Blake in his name and the name of the Agent’s company, Pro Tech Management.

    At least 2 unc players using that credit card.

    And that’s just what they have found so far.

  • Institutional Control said,

    When Blakes recruiting methods are exposed then UNC is toast. Good news is butter is sold at Harris-Teeter,Lowes Foods, Walmart and Food Lion.

  • heels said,

    You ABC fans so desperately want Carolina to fall. Sorry, not going to happen.
    By the way, “gettin’ ugly”, you might want to get your facts straight.
    1. The loan was from a bank, not from Whichard. No wire transfers since 2007. Whichard helped Blake out of a financial crisis.
    2. The credit card was issued when Blake worked for Whichard, but has since been cancelled.
    3. No players used a credit card.
    4. There is no “so far”. The NCAA knows all the facts, as does UNC, at this point. There is nothing on Blake other than being stupid enough to borrow money from an agent, even if it was his best friend.
    Feel free to continue wishing.

  • El Gordo Gringo said,

    While the timing on the loans could and should be one focus, the repayement would be interesting as well. If Winchard helped Blake receive these loans and they were being repayed during Blake’s time a UNC, then a conflict of interest occurred. UNC had repeatedly made poor decisions over the last several years….

    Signed unqualified or those players borderline academically.
    Hiring Blake
    Paying a tutor with Coach Davis’ money who also performs academic fraud.
    Giving access to the locker room to the “Rude Boyz”

    Shame is, if UNC was going to cheat, you’d think they could do it on both sides of the ball. But then again…..Blake only coached the defense. What’s funny is UNC fans would be connecting the same dots too if this were happening to Coach K and Duke Basketaball.

    I’m sure that the shenanigans ended this summer when the investigation began. How many academic causulties will we see in the spring once these morons have had to do it on their own for a semester?

  • institutional control said,

    If nothing else Butch recruited a buch of idiots that got him in trouble.
    Marvin Austin tweets and brags about all the fun he is having on trips paid for by agents.
    Shaun Draughn does not know the names of his professors.
    Chris Hawkins has a free run of the UNC football facilities,

    I hope Butch stays for 6-8 more years and gets UNC the death penalty like SMU.

    Wake up and smell the coffee hole fans. Butch has not been fired.
    Marvin is not kicked of the team.
    Greg Little is not kicked off the team.
    Why is this? They have LEVERAGE over the UNC athletic program.
    UNC is frightened about how much they will talk if they get canned.

  • yes it is gettin ugly said,

    I think the poster heels is in denial. The facts and proof are everywhere. UNC ran a clean program before Davis and look what has happened since he took over as head coach. By the way the credit card shows use of Marvin Austin using it for about 1800 $. UNC fans must be idoiots to really think they are running a clean program. Hey Heels what do you think about all the academic fraud going on now?

  • gettin' ugly said,

    Heels, may want to check your facts. Secretary of State of NC has 6 wire transfers since he has been at UNC. Copies of hotel bills are now on the internet using that card. loans were from a bank in Long Island, from Wichard’s acount at that bank. Quinn even came forward and said they bought him a watch. Oh, by the way, the NCAA turned down the appeals for the players. The suspensions stand at 4 and 6 games, stiffest penaties yet. Next I guess you’re going to tell me the academic cheating didn’t happen either.

    Keep drinking the Koolaid. I know it hurts but the UNC program is a fraud.

    BTW, please keep Butch. I could recruit against him. Talkinh with 2 other ACC coaches about the situation and they are licking their chops.

    The excuse that the agent was helping a friend out is laughable. Loaned al that money, acknowledged that none has been paid back, nor were ther any written agreements discussing repayment, yet they are loans. With the IRS now involved they’ll call this income.

    Let me have a little of what you’re smoking.

    The good news in all this is that unc fans will never be able to look at any other school and say a word. They cheated, and they cheated big.