Wildest Fall Football Finish: This finale was freaky!

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This had to be the wildest finish of the year in college football, maybe in all of football and if you saw the ending on Saturday night on CBS, you have to agree with me…..This was crazy with a capital “K”…..Krrrrrrazy….(This was even wilder than the Auburn-Clemson ending a few weeks back.)

Tennessee held off the LSU Tigers on a goal-line stand, to give the Tigers their first loss of the season and then after a quick review, it was determined that the Tennessee Volunteers, had too many men on the field on the final play, which turned out to be a botched snap by the LSU quarterback…..Tennessee had too many men on the field, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many men…..15 men on the field, on defense, by some counts. What looked like a Tennesse win at the end, turned out to be an LSU Bengal Tiger victory, when the final play was re-run and the back crossed the goal-line and LSU claims an 16-14 victory….

This was one CRAZY FINSIH and if you missed it, here’s the re-cap or the rerun if you will, from the Louisiana State University Athletics web site and do you agree?

LSU-Tennesse, the “Wildest Fall Football Finish”, of the season?????

BATON ROUGE — After a wild finish where the outcome changed with zeros on the Tiger Stadium clock, the 12th-ranked LSU football (5-0, 3-0 SEC) team left undefeated with a 16-14 victory over Tennessee (2-3, 0-2 SEC).

Late in the fourth quarter, Tennessee looked to add to its 14-10 lead when they moved into Tigers territory. However, the Vols elected to go for a fourth-and-1 from the LSU 31 and Tauren Poole’s run went for no gain. The Tigers took over with 5:41 to play.

LSU, which interchanged quarterbacks throughout the game, went with pass-oriented backup Jarrett Lee for most of the game’s final drive. Lee converted a third-and-13 pass to wide receiver Terrence Toliver for 14 yards to the Tennessee 34. After a delay penalty with 1:22 to play, Lee’s fourth-and-14 pass from the 38 was caught by Toliver for 21 yards to the Tennessee 17.

A 7-yard catch by Deangelo Peterson setup second-and-3 with 54 seconds remaining. Tennessee called timeout to setup its defense, and LSU spread the field to setup a Stevan Ridley run to the first-down marker. On first-and-goal, Tennessee was then flagged for pass interference on wide receiver Rueben Randle with 36 seconds left.

From the 2, the Tigers came out in a “heavy” formation with multiple tight ends. Lee faked a handoff and looked for tight end Chase Clement on the right side, but he was covered and Lee threw the ball out of the endzone.

Starting quarterback Jordan Jefferson re-entered and attempted a run around the right end that was stopped at the 1-yard line with 28 seconds to play. LSU elected to change personnel and spread the field, but time was running under 10 seconds by the time the Tigers were lined up. With three seconds on the clock, center T-Bob Hebert snapped the ball to Jefferson, who missed the ball, and it was recovered by Tennessee at the 19-yard line. The Volunteers erupted onto the field only to learn that they had 13 players on the previous play.

Once the field was cleared and the teams returned to the sidelines, the game came down to a final play. On an untimed down with the clock at 0:00, Jefferson tossed a sweep to Ridley who muscled Tennessee defensive end Corey Miller into the endzone and changed the Tigers fortune for the better.

CLICK HERE to read all and to catch the video highlights of the ending and of the game…..

  • 77 Hornet said,

    As far as the UT LSU game goes, I didn’t think you could add a penalty during a review from the booth. I thought it had to be called on the field. Any officials want to weigh in on this?

  • UNC Student said,

    Not the first time I’ve seen a penalty added as a result of a review. I do believe that LSU is easily the one of the worst undefeated ranked teams in the nation. But as a Tar Heel, I hope the Tigers win a lot more games. All of a sudden, that 24-30 loss doesn’t look so bad.