Wichard gave Blake gifts

Posted by Andy Durham on October 4, 2010 at 5:54 pm under College | 5 Comments to Read

Who got what and what got who?????

from www.charlotteobserver.com:

Lawyers for former North Carolina associate head coach John Blake said this afternoon that agent Gary Wichard provided “gifts” to Blake to pay for Blake’s son’s private school tuition while Blake was coaching at North Carolina.

William Beaver, Blake’s Orlando-based lawyer, said in a teleconference call with reporters today that Wichard gave Blake money for the tuition on one occasion in 2008 and twice more in 2009. Beaver said Wichard is the godfather of Blake’s son.

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  • silence is best said,

    This gets deeper and funnier by the day. The more they all talk the bigger story they weave.

  • John S. said,

    I heard Bill Dooley took money but he spent it all on breakfast and biscuits down at Bojangles in Carrboro.

  • Bruce Mitchell said,

    So Andy, clowning aside, do you believe UNC should now fire Butch Davis?

  • Andy said,

    If the team is winning, then you keep the coach for the rest of the year….Most feel that there is no way he will be around after the season is over….

    If Heels go on a long losing skid and the evidence keeps rolling in against Coach Davis then you can use that as a reason/excuse to release him during the season….No matter what happens and however this all ends up, it will hurt recruiting, it already has, but if you can play some decent football and keep winning games this year, you can push the inevitable to end of the season and still get something out of this current 2010 season….

    I say you keep him if the wins continue, but if the distractions become too great, then you have to let him go….The wins help the players and that success builds their confidence each week and that special blend of confidence will help them immensely in games with N.C State and Duke, cause they know the fans of the enemy have been talking about them and the Heels will have something important to prove and they want to do that under their current leader Butch Davis….

    If you fire him while they are up it will bring them down, if you fire him at the end of the year, after much of this is being put to rest, at least as it relates to the players, then you can move on in the off-season…..

    The team will not play better if and when Davis is gone, but they might just keep playing a little harder while he is still there, since most of the players came in under his watch….

    A long and detailed explanation, but it seems like I operate and live in a think-tank….

  • Heel said,

    He’s not going anywhere. It would have already happened, because UNC and the NCAA know all the details. As image conscious as UNC is, they would have fired him immediately.
    Just read the story Lee Pace wrote on Carolinablue.com yesterday, which is the UNC run athletic website. That would have never happened if they were not 100% certain he is staying.