High School Football This Week

Posted by Andy Durham on October 5, 2010 at 10:09 am under High School | 48 Comments to Read

Page(5-1) at Grimsley(1-6)
Northwest Guilford(5-2) at High Point Central(5-1)
Northern Guilford(5-1) at Eastern Guilford(1-5)
Southwest Guilford(3-3) at Ragsdale(6-1)
Western Guilford(2-5) at Smith(7-0)
Southwestern Randolph(5-1) at Southern Guilford(4-2)
Southeast Guilford(4-3) at Southern Alamance(1-5)
Asheboro(2-4) at Northeast Guilford(2-3)
High Point Andrews(3-3) at WS Atkins(0-5)


  • HS Football said,

    Page(5-1) at Grimsley(1-6)——-Page

    Northwest Guilford(5-2) at High Point Central(5-1)—–NW Guilford

    Northern Guilford(5-1) at Eastern Guilford(1-5)—–Northern

    Southwest Guilford(3-3) at Ragsdale(6-1)——Ragsdale

    Western Guilford(2-5) at Smith(7-0)—–Smith

    Southwestern Randolph(5-1) at Southern Guilford(4-2)———Southern

    Southeast Guilford(4-3) at Southern Alamance(1-5)——-SEG

    Asheboro(2-4) at Northeast Guilford(2-3)————NEG

    High Point Andrews(3-3) at WS Atkins(0-5)———-HP Andrews

  • For Real said,

    Northern over Eastern? Really??

  • Manbearpig said,

    NWG vs HPC is the big game in the county follwed by SWR vs SG

  • HS Football said,

    The NW @ HPC game is huge. It’s homecoming for the Bison and Simeon Stadium will be rocking Friday Night!

  • here's lking at cha said,

    Soo, tell me . . . does Page score 60 against the ‘birds ?

  • HPC said,

    NW @ HPC Matchup – Adams to Grant all night long while NW tries to grind it out on the ground. Not sure their running backs can withstand the pounding every week but they stick with it, everyone knows it’s coming, just have to stop the ground game.

  • sefan said,

    SWR (upset of the week)

  • b.chatman said,

    if you think swr will beat sg your foolish..just saying

  • sefan2 said,


  • HPC BISON said,

    The Bison roll all over the Vikings! HPC wins big on homecoming night!

  • Bison beware said,

    NW is a much improved team this year. Don’t take them lighlty or game over early. The running game is awsome and they just keep throwing fresh RB’s at you.

  • observation said,

    NW SHOULD beat HPC on Friday. SHOULD have beat them last year. NW ran all over HPC a couple years ago when they had a group of studs playing defense. Adams to Grant will be the only thing HPC has going for them. it was the only thing HPC had going for them last year. Grant can play. Adams doesnt have to do much with him out there. The question is, can the vikings stop him? Huge conference game.
    Prediction- NW 30-21

  • sefan???? said,

    Did you really pick EG over NG…………………………………………………………………..

  • Yeah Really!!! said,

    YEAH he did!!!!!!! Cause Nothern aint got nothing!!! and Eastern is starting to pick it up and find themselves!! You better watch out for them boys down in Gibsonville this week wearing the all black!!

  • sefan said,

    If you notice that was one on my minions. sefan2 NOT sefan

  • SEFan3 said,

    NW wins in a thriller
    the rest are pretty obvious!

  • sefan2 said,


    you have taught me well up to this p0int, i just thought it was time to go out on my own now and pick one that was a little over the top, but is with my heart. Can we agree to disagree? I just thought you would want the extra win under the sefan brand, just trying to help you realize, that the boys in Gibsonville have a real shot this week.

  • lets go EG said,

    Game of the week needs to be in Gibsonville this Friday night!!!!!

  • sefan said,

    Grasshopper2 aka sefan2,3, etc.,
    You have learned well that one must go with your heart and take a risk if gain is to be made on the great one…Andy. Good luck to Eastern Gibsonville High School in their quest over the yankees from the north.

    I need to also remind all my followers that the Guilford County Page Consiracy Club (GCPCC humm has a ring to it…may be the name for the next golf tourney) will be meeting this week at Hables Hearth on High Point Road. We will be joined by the refs for their next game and we will be paying for their lunch out of our vast coffers. Our second agenda item will be causing their demise by signing a petition to have Underdogs Unite!!! sing the national anthem at their next home game.

  • I kNow said,

    EG whoop b doo. yall get yall first W against Morehead who has been shutout 4 of its 6 games and yall think yall can beat anyone. Wear all black wear what ever, i bet we NG beats yall 60-7.

    Page(5-1) at Grimsley(1-6)——-Page

    Northwest Guilford(5-2) at High Point Central(5-1)—–NW Guilford

    Northern Guilford(5-1) at Eastern Guilford(1-5)—–Northern

    Southwest Guilford(3-3) at Ragsdale(6-1)——Ragsdale

    Western Guilford(2-5) at Smith(7-0)—–Smith

    Southwestern Randolph(5-1) at Southern Guilford(4-2)———Southern

    Southeast Guilford(4-3) at Southern Alamance(1-5)——-SEG

    Asheboro(2-4) at Northeast Guilford(2-3)————Aseboro

    High Point Andrews(3-3) at WS Atkins(0-5)———-HP Andrew

  • 60-7? said,

    I kNow just wait till saturday itll be I didnt kNow!!!!!!

  • Ng Player said,

    I don’t know who is picking EG over us, but they are just dumb. All we keep hearing about is a load of junk about a “black out”. Wow real intimidating guys. Do you think black jerseys, and fans wearing black clothes will really throw our game off?

    Second off, all we’ve heard over here is how you guys are going to play “dirty”, (holding, blocking in the back, punching, kicking, biting, etc.) I guess that’s all yall know over there in gibsonville, is how to be hood rats and fight. Go ahead and play dirty all yall want, but I guarantee that we’ll have the last laugh.

    We will win friday night, that aint a prediction, it’s a guarantee.
    Here’s another guarantee for you EG punks: WE WILL RUN THE SCORE UP ON YOU…and embarrass not only yall’s team, but yall’s community.

    I’ll leave you with this…ya’ll are scared. Ya’ll aint got a chance…and when we bring our house to Gibsonville Friday, it ain’t gonna be pretty!

  • EGPRIDE said,

    Bring your little bucket of dirt over to gibsonville and it will get shoved down ur d.. Throat. Got that.

  • Underdog said,

    I guarntee you this NG player, if that bucket of dirt gets off your bus, you better have a winch to pull you out, because I’m going to bury you in it. See, down here on the eastern part of the county (farm Country), we take pride in our fields, not running up the score on opponents… WE have CLASS… What number are you anyways? I will escort you to EG’s nice new library and get you a dictionary so you can look up sportsmanship, that is, if you can read. NG is not a team, they have two players, Maurice Harris and number 7. Without those two players, you guys are worthless. Onside kicking against NE when NG was beating them pretty good is stupid, wreckless, and dirty.

    By the way, you’re house isn’t pretty anyway. It’s amazing how one bucket of dirt can motivate a team.

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    @ sefan–

    With all this name jacking, we must be blog FAMOUS!!!!! I’ll be headed to the Page/Grimesly game in my shades and deeply undercover as to avoid detection! Lol!!!!

    Now, if I can only get the fame to roll over to the AD to sing the NA….

    (I STILL have NOT lost hope)

    BTW—November 5th is s-l-o-w-l-y working it’s way to us!!

  • Ng Player said,

    Wow I know one of your player’s did not type that “Underdog” they’re all probably too dumb to know how to work a computer…and go ahead and talk trash, yeah we hear you.

    Just wait till friday fellas, yall won’t have nothing to say then…

  • Child Please!! said,

    Ng Player,

    I am surprised that Coach Roscoe put up one of his freshman on the JV to post something on this sight. In the grand scheme of things what have you actually done over there at Northern? I will give you a conference championship or two, but what have you done when the big boys come to play? We could ask Anson County or better yet we could ask Dudley what happened? You Choke come tournament time. Two years, talken trash, playing dirty running up the score and zero state titles!

    So in the long run it does not matter how many games you win in regular season, if you can not get to the big game and WIN, then you are NOTHING!!

  • EG 4 Life said,

    Pleeeeeeease Loosemore is GOD compared to roscoe.

  • EG Alum said,

    leave GOD out of this discussion. it’s not life or death, it’s high school football, and if GOD was officiating he would be throwing lots of yellow flags and ejecting many participants.

  • high school football fan said,

    Come on guys give it a break. just because northern is good dont mean yall are gonna hand in to eastern. cause alot of your players are b******. So i think everybody should just shut up about it and handle this friday night under the lights.

  • grimsley alum said,

    praise roscoe…. worlds greatest recruiter.

  • grimsley alum said,

    PRAISE ROSCOE……. hes the greatest recruiter ever..

  • Andy said,

    Don’t let the heat of the game cause you to loose your focus on the game…..

  • Cory McDaniel (EG) said,

    Why does everybody like to run there mouths. When your not that good. Its just like several people have said, you get in a tight situation and choke, so what makes you think that EG cant run northern in there own bucket of dirt. Everybody knows teams get lucky, but sometimes that one lucky game will boost confidence and and make the team play better, so however it happens the other team couldnt do anything to stop it. Yea i go to eastern but i dont really care about the whole recruiting deal in the past years. Its over and done with. All that shows is bad sportsmanship on northrens part and ruined things for other sports related events at other schools. But enough said, lets see what happens friday night.

  • Andy said,

    We’ve been down some of the same old roads before, let’s just let the game on Friday decide it all….

    Just ran into a former Eastern Guilford coach and he said he is looking forward to Friday night’s game, should be a good one and let’s enjoy it and not try and cut each other’s throats out before the game even begins…..

    Good call by Cory from EG!

  • Cory McDaniel said,

    Its Cory but thanks man

  • Andy said,

    Got you straight Cory and I hope the game on the field can live up to all the hype and energy from this blog/posting…..

    Good luck to both teams and I know from follwing both us these schools that there are great kids and excellent coaches at both Eastern and Northern…..

    Get in some solid practices this afternoon and let the game speak for itself on Friday night…..

    Looks like you guys are ready to get it on today, but Friday at 7:30 when that whistle blows, bring it then and to the winner goes “The Bucket”…..

  • Trustme said,

    @ grimsley alum
    I really hope you were being sarcastic when you said “roscoe is the greatest recruiter ever” since when does PUBLIC HIGHSCHOOLS recruit players? Is roscoe not getting any talent from Northern’s middle school team…. Probably not considering EG Middle beat them of a score 36 to 0. So of course Roscoe has to recruit, which is dirty and should not be a part of highschool football! At first my money was on Northern but after all this trash talking, Northern doesn’t deserve to win. GO EGHS.

  • grimsley alum said,

    yes i was kidding

  • EGHS said,

    For one just because a school might have fights does not make them hood rats…. I am sure that every school has fights, so does that make every school hood rats? No I dont think it does, so dont go calling people names. Another thing what is the point of talking trash on the computer when you can just take it out on the field, I mean cause Eastern or Northern I am sure does not really care what you have to say about them all that matters is them points on that scoreboard. So good luck to both teams, but lets pull it through like we did last friday wildcats, and also both teams lets play fair:)


  • one of the "HOOD RATS" from EGHS said,

    First off if you want to see what a hood rat we can come and show you. But just for your information we are not hood rats actually, but its okay we know some people just get alittle scared and start saying things that they dont know at the time, but will regret later, but it is okay we will ingore the ignorance. BLACK OUT TOMORROW FELLASSSS!! Lets some them BIRDS… what these wildscats are all about. Go EGHS!!

  • Nature Boy Ric Flair said,

    Hood Rat
    — n
    slang , derogatory ( US ) a young promiscuous woman from an impoverished urban area

    1. any of several longwinged, American goatsuckers of the genus Chordeiles, related to the whippoorwill, esp. C. minor, having variegated black, white, and buff plumage

    The HoodRats vs. the Goatsuckers…Sounds like a pro wrestling match.
    Who’s gonna walk that aisle????? WHOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Nighthawk supporter said,

    I am pretty shocked about the remarks posted all this hating on Coach Roscoe & the Nighthawk football team. There is defintely some all star players on both teams I’m pretty sure but I admire what Roscoe have done with these kids and help them get to places that there are in. Before Roscoe I remember several players attending Northeast and then Grimsley….not sure why but it did happen. Let all be civilize about this and remember you are not hurting Johnny Roscoe with these remarks, your hurting the innocent kids and making it hard for them when have to face other students in the community off the field!!

  • i know said,

    If talking was a sport we all would be national champs. Quit talking hard over the internet and talk with pads. No team is better then the other until the clock hit 0:00 all the way across. A upset can happen any day. The better team wins.

  • EGHS said,

    I have to say props to “i know” no team is better than the other till one team beats the other! GO WILDCATS

  • Mick Foley said,

    Nature Boy,

    You have no room to talk. Especially, after I just whooped your *** on TNA tonight.

    Last Man Standing

  • Spencer Smith said,

    I love me some HOOD RATS!!!!!!

  • HoodRat Lover said,