JV Football Tonight for 10/7/10

Posted by Andy Durham on October 7, 2010 at 11:46 am under High School | 24 Comments to Read

Kickoffs set for 7pm, with the exception of the Page-Grimsley game, which is set to go at 6:30pm and we may some of these games backwards or forwards, if so, let us know and thanks…….

+++++Also Good Luck to all the teams, there are some real good matchups on the slate for this evening….+++++

Grimsley at Page(5-0)
High Point Central(4-1) at Northwest Guilford(6-0)
Eastern Guilford at Northern Guilford
Ragsdale at Southwest Guilford
Smith at Western Guilford
Southern Guilford at Southwestern Randolph
Southern Alamance at Southeast Guilford
Northeast Guilford at Asheboro
WS Atkins at High Point Andrews

Dudley [OPEN]

  • JV Football said,

    That HPC JV NWG JV game looks to be a good one…..Will the NW JV streak continue or will HPC end it tonight?

  • John said,

    Dear Grimsley Swirlies:

    Pack a lunch for the JV game (and varsity game). You’ve got some long nights ahead of you.

  • Page Guy said,

    Ill be posting Page/Grimsley JV updates tonight. Kickoff is at 6 30.

  • page guy said,

    Page with an early interception by jalen gavin.

    KJ Marony scores 2 plays later. He carries for pages first two plays. 7-0

  • page guy said,

    Grimsley goes 3 and out. Page scores on the first play on offense. Jordan Putnam to WR Morrison. Deep pass. 14-0 page early. 8:40 left in 1st

  • Page Guy said,

    Page up 14-0 with 8:40 left. Putman to Morrison on a deep pass after a whirlie 3.and out

  • joe barile said,

    Page up 31-0 at the end of the 1st.
    Page defense has 2 ints, fumble recovery, and a safety.

    Putnam with 2 td passes, Kj marony and clyde compton both with rushing tds.

  • joe barile said,

    Putnam to morrison on another long fade. 38-0.
    Putnam with 3 tds now.

  • joe barile said,

    The pirates get their second safety of the night. 40-0 Page.

  • joe barile said,

    Putnam with the keeper scores as time expires. 46-0 at the half.

    4 total for Jordan in the 1st half.

  • joe barile said,

    Page decided it was grimsley turn to score. They tried for 2 and the pirates said nope only 6.

  • joe barile said,

    Page puts in the 3rd string defensive players and grimsley scores again. 46-14. Clock has been continusly running the whole 2 half. 3:20 left in the 4th.

  • Page Fan said,

    I don’t think Putnam had an incomplete pass all night. Page didn’t punt once in the first half. Page put on quite a show in the first half. Amazing talent by offense and defense. Something to watch for sure.

  • fan said,

    NW 27 HPC 0 26 WINS 1 LOST SINCE 2008

  • Hornet Fan said,

    WG 32 Smith 31 in a thriller!

  • Football Fan said,

    Ragsdale 32 Southwest 0
    Great game by RHS offense and defense! Go Tigers

  • John said,

    Hey Page Fan, does Page have everyone eligible for the Grimsley game tomorrow night? I was at the bonfire tonight and the students were chanting “Free Drew Rogers.” Have you heard anything about him?

  • Joe Barile said,


    RB Drew Rogers is out for this game for disciplinary reasons.

  • John said,

    ouch! Does that mean Hooker gets the start?

  • Joe Barile said,

    No, Thuc Phan.

  • Andy said,

    Joe’s right, it should be a heavy dose of Tuc Phan and QB James Summers will carry a load as he always does and Hooker will be ready to spell Tuc at RB….

    Page has a very solid receiving corp with DJ Caldwell, Courtney Suggs, Orlando “Junior” Hatfield, Carter Green and Dylan Sykes……

    Pirates can score some points and the Whirlie defense will be busy, but they know that and I think the Whirlies know what to expect…..James Summers will be the best player on the field and that has never been a mystery to anyone….

  • John said,

    I knew Thuc Phan would get some carries, but Drew Rogers has been the workhorse back of the Page running game. I think Hooker will need to get the ball a fair amount. He’s impressed me when he’s played. But you’re right, Summers will call his own number a good bit.

    Phan has great speed but Rogers was more of a slasher with the ball, very hard to bring down. Tough break.

  • Joe Barile said,

    Don’t get me wrong, Hooker will get his share of carries.. but you asked me who was starting. Now I could be wrong, but usually it would be the senior in this situation, which is Phan. Playing Phantasy football tonight!!!!

  • ad4deacs said,

    Phantasy football. Good one Joe.