Greensboro Day School basketball and soccer news

Posted by Andy Durham on October 10, 2010 at 5:02 pm under College, High School | 10 Comments to Read

Boy’s soccer on Monday, with the Page Pirates vs. the Greensboro Day School Bengals, at the American Hebrew Academy, on Jefferson Road at Hobbs Road…..

Greensboro Day School’s home game and game time is 6pm, on Monday evening….

Bengal basketball news has former Greensboro Day School guard, Jay Lewis, joining the N.C. State Wolfpack basketball team as a walk-on…..Lewis has three years eligibility remaining and he should give the Pack a nice boost and help add some depth to their roster….Ryan Harrow, Lorenzo Brown, and CJ. Leslie are there now in Raleigh, but how long will players with that type of talent be around? Sr. Tracy Smith is back and that is a big plus and he should be ready for a huge year….Can you imagine if J.J. Hickson would have stuck around for 3-4 yrs. and the type of player he migh have turned into….With the Cleveland Cavaliers, he is now one of their main men around the basket and could carry a double-double this season, in the NBA…..

Also in boy’s basketball for the Greensboro Day School Bengals, C/F Jordan Robertson(Class of 2011) has committed to The Citadel……(The last Citadel Bulldog from GDS that I remember, was G Julian London, but there probably were others)…..

C/F Jaleel Roberts is set to sign within the next couple of weeks with either Drexel, College of Charleston, East Carolina, UNC Asheville, or Western Carolina….More details on this, at the first part of the week….(We had reported earlier that Roberts was committing sooner, but it will take a couple of more weeks to work out all the details and decide on his destination.)

  • UNCG ALUM said,

    Wow, 3 area kids that have game and UNCG, A&T, HPU and Elon missed out! This is horrible, especially when they recruit out of the state and bring in kids that are not as good. Frustrating. Out of state tutition and recruits can’t play. These area kids are going to schools in their conferences. Go figure.

  • Coach Brown said,

    Greensboro Day will be the team to beat this year with those three big men and the two guards Rose and Terry.

    Day School and Oak Ridge in a five game series?

    Greensboro beats Oak Ridge three games to two and it would be very entertaining. Coaching would be the difference. The veteran coach at Greensboro would have the upper hand over the younger fellow at Oak Ridge.

    Experience wins out every time. If he were still here, Coach Wooden would tell you that is the deciding factor every time.

    I don’t see many of the younger coaches with the advantage around the area.

  • what - coach brown ?? said,

    To Coach Brown – I you must have posted your comments to create some heavy hits and comments on this site but you must be smoking something illegal to make such a statement comparing OMRA to GDS. If this was a discussion of teams on a scale of 1-10 with 5 being the average team, then GDS would rate a 7 and OMRA would rate a 8.5. The coaching scale would be about equal with 2 completely different styles of play. GDS plays a control half court game and OMRA plays a fast break/pressure style. If both teams can exeucute what their coaches want, then OMRA would be beat the current GDS team 8 out of 10 games. GDS will average about 45 pts per game but OMRA will average about 65 pts per game. The GDS players would have a harder time getting quality shots in their offense. OMRA would get a lot more easy pts off the break and get more quality shots within the half court because they can get to their spots ahead of the GDS defense.

    It would be great to see GDS against a team such as OMRA but it will not happen. People once always said that Dudley was afraid to play GDS each year because they did not want to get exposured for their lack of defense and team play compared to GDS. Well, it appears that hammer and label is starting to hit GDS who is afraid of OMRA because they do not want to get exposure for their lack of speed, atheletes and style of play.

    The bottomline is if you have the “horses” to run, then you should put those horses on the track. If you don’t have the horse, then don’t run with the big boys in your town. That is why GDS is not playing OMRA – it does not have the horses to run with the big boys such as OMRA, Christ School, etc..

  • go appy said,

    @ what – coach brown??

    Have you seen GDS play the last 3-4 years?? I mean have you actually been to a game and watched them? I have a friend whose son graduated last year from GDS. They pressed full court for just about the whole game. Up and down up and down. Where do you come off saying that they are a half court control the tempo team. That is the most ridiculous statement I have heard. I keep hearing people say this about GDS. I dont know how they used to play, but I do know how they have played the last few years. I have never seen a program play with such consistent intensity and pressure game after game. I am not saying they would win or lose against Oak Ridge, but I do know that they dont walk the ball up the court and sit back in a zone like you are suggesting.

    And by the way. congrats to Jordan. I wish him the best except when he faces ASU!!

  • Coach Brown said,

    I know what they both did in Charlotte last year. A friend of mine, a well-traveled coach in the NBA has seen them too and he told me as he has so many times in the past. Go with the veteran coach. My friend has seen many games in many years and he knows the sport. He has told me time after time that in all his moves over the years, he still knows quality basketball when he sees it and he has seen these teams and he feels they are both very talented but he looks at the long track record of the older coach and feels he will have his team in contention this season. Not sure of the Oak Ridge affiliation, but feel they can contend but with the Greensboro Day School it is a given that they will play for or be in the State Final Four for private schools.

    Would love to see these two teams play and I would rather see this game at the end of the season so both have a chance to develop their respective rotations. If they could arrange an early season scrimmage with these two, I feel that would be beneficial to both programs.

    My friend and I have seen much more basketball than most of you, so please do not take what we are telling you for granted. All of our advice will help the local coaches and their teams this year.

    Trust Coach Brown and enjoy your upcoming basketball seasons. Have some NBA work to tend to, will be back with you guys soon.

  • coach brown check your glass said,

    Coach Brown – you need to double check your glasses. GDS does play a control half court style. Yes – they do a lot of pressure full court but the type of players that they have had the past few years do not know how to run through the ball and they are just a step slow. For 2 years in a row, GDS has only had 1 quality guard with the level of quickness to play the full court pressure properly. The kid that graduated last year had good quickest but the coach rarely used his quickness on the offensive end. I was often ftustrated as a GDS fan watching the lack of quickness by GDS and how little the coach would attack the gaps. GDS will basically a “half court” offensive team that mostly shot jump shots and tried to feed the post. GDS does seem to know how to play affective attack basketball. When their jump shots are falling, then they can look good but if not, they will usually lose against quality teams because they do not play an attack style of basketball that is found in places such as Christ School, OMRA, Westchester, etc.

  • Coach Brown said,

    I think my staff in Charlotte can make this game happen with the Day School and Oak Ridge if the two sides will allow us to intervene.

    We can come to Greensboro if necessary.

  • never happen said,

    That will never happen. GSD and Oak Ridge was suppose to play twice last year. GDS backed out and there coach blamed it on the adminstration. GDS will never play ORMA is ashame, but thats politics and not in Washington. This is guilford county.

  • Jerry T. said,

    Coach Brown,

    I appreciate what you and your people are trying to do. I remember your staff when they were in San Antonio with the Spurs.

  • Bball Fan said,

    GDS plays Christ School and Oak Hill this year. both are FAR better than oak ridge……….just sayin.