UNC Tar Heels lose two more football players on Saturday

Posted by Andy Durham on October 10, 2010 at 12:20 am under College | 4 Comments to Read

Ed Hardin is working on the weekends…..

from www.news-record.com:

The University of North Carolina announced minutes before its football game against Clemson on Saturday that it had uncovered “three-year-old” information that convinced school officials to hold out another player. The program also declared another player ‘ineligible” for the rest of the season.

Devon Ramsay, a junior fullback who had played in all four previous games this year, did not play against Clemson as a result of previously undiscovered information in the ongoing NCAA investigation into possible extra benefits involving agents and possible academic misconduct.

UNC also announced that senior safety Jonathan Smith has been declared ineligible for the 2010 season. Athletics director Dick Baddour refused to say whether Smith’s situation involved academics or extra benefits.

“I caution against making judgments, as it will take time to process Devon’s situation, just as it has for other student-athletes,” Baddour said.

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  • Webster said,

    Lose, not loose

  • Institutional Control said,

    I wonder if the NCAA will go ahead and make them vacate the Rutgers and East Carolina wins now or later after the ultimate hammer drops in a year or so.

  • Bruce Mitchell said,

    A sportswriter who works on football Saturday at the biggest game in the state? Ed Hardin clearly has it in for the misunderstood UNC football program. Way to speak up, Andy.

  • Andy said,

    Good call Webster….When the clock was striking 12:20am, it looks like we started to loosen our standards…..The W’s and L’S and the O’s too, start to always look different at closing time….

    Send my regards to Daniel Webster and if you are any relation to that Thomas Webster kid, the LB over at Grimsley, he is a pretty tough little linebacker……