Can they carve up Farve or will he be able to dodge the on-coming tacklers?

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The headlines for tonight’s Vikings-Jets contest are still mostly about the game, because the game is about as good as it gets. A good portion of the country will tune in Monday night wondering whether the only grandfather behind center in the NFL can pull out another miracle against time while facing a defense that can’t wait to get its hands on him.

But they’ll also be wondering about something else.

They’ll be wondering if it’s all true.

The voice mails that are downright creepy. The pictures that are downright obscene.

The scandal, if true, will never let you look at Favre in a Wranglers commercial the same way again.

Stop now if this is all sounding like something we’ve been through before. We are, after all, fast approaching the one year anniversary of the night Tiger Woods drove his Escalade into a fire hydrant and his secret world came crashing down around him.

That was shocking, almost beyond belief. This is just, well, disgusting.

Assuming, of course, that it’s even true.

The website Deadspin certainly thinks it is, and the people who run it better hope so. They paid cash—and lots of it, apparently—for evidence that allegedly shows Favre had an infatuation with a woman who worked at Jets games that went far beyond the “Look at her, she’s hot” thing that most athletes tend to engage in when an attractive woman passes by.

Favre was quarterbacking New York at the time and a voice that sounds suspiciously like his is heard on the voice mails that Deadspin obtained, inviting game hostess Jenn Sterger to visit him in his room. That alone would be inappropriate behavior for a married man, but it gets worse.

Much worse.

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