UNC-NCAA football investigations update: Three Tar Heels history

Posted by Andy Durham on October 11, 2010 at 11:15 am under College | 14 Comments to Read

from www.wralsportsfan.com:

Chapel Hill, N.C. — The University of North Carolina on Monday kicked star defensive tackle Marvin Austin off the Tar Heel football team and ruled wide receiver Greg Little and defensive end Robert Quinn “permanently ineligible” because of gifts they received from agents.

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  • Institutional Control said,

    More to come on the biggest athletic scandal in ACC history.
    Southern Cal got off lighter than UNC will.
    LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL is going to be pinned on UNC.
    The NCAA might as well open up a satellite office in Chapel Hill.
    This is not a good time to be a tarhole fan.

  • Pay to Play said,

    College athletics, especially FB, have gotten out of hand. Win at all costs! As much as the university is making as well as the coaches, the players are getting used plain and simple. Show them the $$$$. This sucks for the players. hopefully, they can make it to the next level and get paid for it.

  • ABC said,

    How about some good tee-shirt slogans for future visiting team fans to wear to Kenan Stadium. How about
    “Kenan, the house that LT built and Butch tore down”
    “Will Tutor for Tuition”,
    “Famous Butch Davis quotes: I didn’t know, I am sorry”

    Anybody else got any good ones?

  • GCcoach said,

    I have a question for pay to play, even though I know it may be a drop in the bucket to big time college programs, do full scholarship players not get their education, room/board and books paid for? In addition to this, if they receive a Pell Grant they get to keep that money. When you add all this up they get paid well over 100,000.00 dollars over four years. Like I said, I know this is a drop in the bucket for the big schools, considering the average cost of a ticket is about 20 and each stadium now a days holds 80,000 and above.
    I think people need to remember what the players are really there for and that is an education, so that when they are done playing they can be productive members of society, not just another leach.

  • In the Know said,

    Institutional Control,
    You obviously have no clue what it takes to get the death penalty, much less very tough sanctions. UNC may get sanctioned, but it won’t hurt the program.
    Keep on dreaming, haters.

  • Masters in Sport Administration said,

    Negligent Supervision of the athletics department. Lack of Institutional Control will be the ruling against “the University of the People”. Ultimately, President Holden Thorp and Athletics Director Dick Baddour will be held accountable for what has gone on. Its unfortunate because this will give North Carolina a black eye for a really long time with the NCAA. I venture to say that this type of stuff is going on at many more schools not only in Chapel Hill. I don’t see how Butch has not be forced to resign or fired yet, yes in the middle of the season, because of the negative publicity. I compare it to the oil leak earlier this year, the reputation that UNC has had in the past, is gushing out every day that this goes on.

  • Tom said,

    GCCoach – The average price of a ticket is about 50 dollars. They do get everything paid for, but they are not allowed to have a job. They are normally looking for some spending money. At their age, I don’t think they realize how valuable an education is.

  • Institutional Control said,

    In the Know
    I did not say UNC would get the death penalty.
    They will be hit harder than Southern Cal.
    A school does not get the death penalty unless they do what UNC does WHILE ON PROBATION. UNC is not on probation YET since the NCAA has not finished their “review” as Butch likes to call it. After the NCAA places them on probation and if they do some of this stuff again then they could get the death penalty.

  • In the Know said,

    Institutional Control,
    So, Reggie Bush’s mother was put up in a house by USC boosters/agent and Bush recieved the equivalent of several hundred thousand dollars, and USC stonewalled the NCAA for a very long time.
    UNC has completely cooperated with the NCAA, probably to a fault, and has three players who accepted gifts which don’t total to very much money. Their academic support program is a model that other schools come to Chapel Hill to try to replicate. They do everything they can to warn/educate/threaten, etc. players about involvement with agents. The programs they have in place are exemplary. Some players decide to make stupid decisions, anyway. The Blake situation remains to be played out, but at this point neither the NCAA nor UNC have found evidence that he did anything improper on behalf of UNC.
    Yet, you think UNC will get a worse penalty than USC? Obviously, you could very well be right. I can tell you that the school does not think that will happen.

  • In the Know said,

    Institutional Control,
    One more point: The biggest athletic scandal in ACC history? Really?
    Bigger than FSU’s academic scandal a few years ago that involved over 50 athletes in numerous sports and included professors being complicit in the cheating?
    Bigger than Wake Forest basketball players throwing games in the late 50’s?
    Bigger than the N.C. State basketball probation under Norm Sloan for recruiting violations?

  • GCcoach said,

    I understand what your saying Tom but, speaking as an ex-college coach who did not make much money, when players on are full scholarship – getting room/board and books paid for then get 5,000 dollars pell money that they get to put in their pocket, what more do they need. They never have to pay for food, they get to eat three full meals a day plus a snack somewhere in there. I would think if all my bills were paid for that I could live on 5,000 dollars for 10 months.

  • Institutional Control said,

    Comparing this UNC thing to the scandals previously mentioned.
    FSU did have a big academic scandal which is SO FAR bigger than this one.
    Now that the NCAA is also investigating the UNC academic prong more could be found and other teams could come into play.
    Wake Forest basketball players accused of throwing games? Is this a reference to the Dixie Classic? If so, more publicity was given to UNC and NC State players for being ACCUSED of point shaving. Neither school was found guilty of such. However, UNC players Doug Moe and Larry Brown were not allowed to play in the NBA right after that. They both later played in the ABA.
    Norm Sloan Recruiting violations: One year NCAA ban for an assistant coach playing in a pickup game with David Thompson who had already signed a letter of intent to play at State. The NCAA called this an “illegal tryout”.This probably cost State a Final Four appearance if not a National Championship in 1973.
    This UNC football scandal involves: multiple players, agent contact, academic cheating, improper benefits to players from agents, boosters or both, a paid associate head coach/recruiting coordinator involved heavily with agent activity.
    The dots could soon be connected that players and recruits were paid by sources(agents,boosters,Coach Blake).
    This has gone National. The local media outlets do not do investigative reporting since many UNC alums advertise in them.Now please In the Know tell me this is not the largest scandal for ACC athletics ever.
    Excuse me Butch says it is only a “review”.

  • In the Know said,

    You are speculating and making assumptions, just like the media. Get back to me when the facts come out.

  • Delusional Heel Fan said,

    Everyone is doing it.
    We just happened to get caught.