A word from the President: East Carolina Pirate Club

Posted by Andy Durham on October 15, 2010 at 12:58 pm under College | 3 Comments to Read

Hello fellow Pirates!

I want to thank everyone who has attended our football viewing parties this season.
We have had a terrific turnout! This past Saturday, the Southern Mississippi
game, had a restaurant full of Pirates. I do know some fans were not able to stay
because of seating issues, but it is always nice to see numerous Pirates coming
together to watch the Pirates play.

I would like to clarify many issues with game viewings I have heard throughout the
years as the current President of the Triad Counties Pirate Club. I want to make
sure you all are aware of how a game viewing is brought together. First, we have
established a place where we, the Triad Counties Pirate Club Representatives, are
able to hold rep meetings. Then, we establish a relationship with the
owners/managers and find if they are willing to work with us for all Representative
meetings and games viewings. Football has obviously been the sport of choice for
fans to come watch. A key factor for us, after many trials with other venues, is
to find someone who is a Pirate themselves. Last year, we joined forces with
Buffalo Wings and Rings to become our official ECU Athletic venue. The co-owners
and many staff are ECU Pirate fans. The restaurant is an official Pirate
Supporting Pirates establishment. The staff has done a tremendous job to
accommodate us and have made every effort to show all games. This being said, ECU,
Triad Co. Pirate Club, and the restaurant do not have control over how or even if
the games will be televised. No matter if it is on a major television station,
webcast, or pay per view. This is beyond our control. The official control is
through Conference USA contracts with television rights.

There have been many complaints regarding this past weekend’s game viewing. I, as
well as the Triad Counties Representatives have tried to establish an official
place where Pirate fans can come together to watch, or mingle with other Pirates in
a fun friendly environment. Please be considerate to the venue’s staff and others
when coming to a game viewing event. If at any time you have a complaint or
concern regarding the game viewing, please voice this to one of the Representatives
at that time verses the restaurant’s staff. They are there to provide service to
you whereas we are there to provide Pirate fun. We will consult with the manager
if necessary. There may be a chance we cannot get the game on a television. But
believe me all those involved are trying every means available to show a game at
that moment. Buffalo Wings and Rings will make every effort they can to get a game
on as many televisions. As far as other places to watch ECU games, there are
many in the area. Each chapter in the state establishes an official site for game
viewings and other activities. This will be a place that the local “ECU staff” is
available. The Triad Counties Pirate Club has established Buffalo Wings and Rings
as the official site for this area.

I do hope everyone will join us for the upcoming events. Remember, at each event
we are trying to raise money for our Ron Pugh Endowment. Every penny we raise will
go to this fund which is for ECU Pirate Club. If anyone has any questions,
comments, suggestions, or concern please feel free to contact myself or any of the
Triad Counties Representatives. We will be happy to hear from you.


Kristen Oliver

Thanks for supporting the East Carolina University Pirates and the Triad Counties
Pirate Club.


  • sefan said,

    Sounds like once a drunk, obnoxous ECU fan always a drunk, obnoxious ECU fan. I guess that are trampling the shrubbery at Buffalo Wings. How hard is it to get thrown out of a wings joint?

    The only thing that will get beaten down this weekend is ECU. GO PACK!!!

  • se grad said,


    Your comments are always off the mark and ill advised. Please change your screen name so you will not embarrass any more SE grads or fans.

  • sefan said,

    Now how can I ALWAYS be off the mark? Maybe I’ll change my name to…ecufan or uncfan. How about kissmyfanny?