Friday Night Scoring Desk – October 15, 2010

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10:37 PM – Update #12
Andy Durham will be on line shortly12:12AM for updates and game details.

Ragsdale (8-1) – 24
Northwest Guilford (6-3) – 21

McMichael (3-5) – 6
Northern Guilford (7-1) – 49

Eastern Guilford (1-7) – 14
Rockingham County (4-4) – 18

FINAL (Update from News & Record)
Burlington Cummings – 28
Reidsville – 7

High Point Central (6-2) – 41
WS Parkland (2-7) – 20

Smith (9-0) – 27
Page (6-2) – 18

Eastern Guilford (1-7) – 14
Rockingham County (4-4) – 18

Dudley (6-2)- 24
Southeast Guilford (5-4) – 10

Northeast Guilford (4-3) – 43
Southern Guilford (5-3) – 30

Southern Alamance (2-6) – 41
Western Guilford (2-7) – 23

Glenn (1-7) – 46
Southwest Guilford (4-4) – 54

High Point Andrews (5-3) – 45
Trinity (0-8) – 15

FINAL (Update from News & Record)
Burlington Cummings – 28
Reidsville – 7

Davie County 21
West Forsyth 17

Grimsley (1-7)

  • Coach Turk said,

    Northeast 21
    Southern Guilford 14

  • Coach Turk said,

    Cummings 14
    Reidsville 0

  • joker said,

    open week 13
    grimsley 0

  • Coach Turk said,

    Cumming 28
    Reidsville 0

  • Coach Turk said,

    Northeast Guilford 35
    Southern Guilford 21

  • New Metro Champs said,

    Smith 27
    Page 12

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    I left midway through the third quarter….PUZZLED and disgusted!

    How does Thuc Phan go from being the game MVP in last week’s rivalry game to only touching the ball (maybe) THREE TIMES BEFORE 1/2TIME????????????

    This is in NO way disrespecting anyone but I promise you, if I see that between Drew and Thuc, they handled the ball a total of ten times before I left, I will make a PUBLIC APOLOGY.

    We cannot (now or EVER) be a winning team if our receivers aren’t getting the opportunity to HANDLE THE BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just my opinion.

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    @ joker–


    That hurt ALMOST as bad as tonight’s heart breaker.

  • Coach Turk said,

    Cummings 28
    Reidsville 7

  • sefan said,

    Congrats to Dudley. They shut down our running game almost completely and this week’s nightmares for our Dline will go to #1 on the Panther’s side. That kid had to have 250 yds and 40 touches tonight.

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    @ sefan–

    Can you at least warm up my crow in the microwave before I eat it?

    Thanks! Lol!!!!

    My Pirate ship has sailed tonight…….off into the wild blue yonder……..


  • sefan said,

    I feel your pain. My falcon doesn’t taste too good either.

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    I can’t take anything away from Smith tonight. That #7 handled the ball like a pro. I saw that his 1/4back made sure he got the ball…over and over and over and over and ov………..

    At the same time, I won’t take anything away from our defense. I was proud of them. Sure, they had some slip ups but I’m hoping as they build, they’ll grow.

    I’m still puzzled,though….I wonder if anyone can explain tonight’s game so I can understand why Thuc didn’t handle the ball? He wasn’t sick, hurt or anything like that.

    **scratching my head**

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    Man O Man….

    It looks like that Ragsdale game was all it was slated to be.

  • abomb said,

    @ joker
    your wack

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    Reidsville lost tonight?


    I guess there were a lot of upsets tonight.

  • pirate fan said,

    summers cant hit the open man on the deep ball. been overthrowin all year. no exception tonight.

    ebron the real deal. Sims for real. tall. strong. accurate. jordan got the ball and he delivered.

    page offense play callin horrible. u got to get tuc and drew the ball. summers is good but he aint superman. he aint mike vick yet. page is one man team.

  • dubgparent said,

    Western took out Josh Thompson at half time, and put in Freshman Proehl. He started showing some light until a fumble (which really wasn’t a fumble, he was down)

    Either way, Austin Proehl has some big potential.

  • John said,

    Smith just had too many horses. Page could not find an answer to Eric Ebron. The only way to prevent that kid from making big plays was to get pressure on the QB. The defense could not do that, much to the credit of Smith’s offensive line. I was certian that Page’s lack of size would catch up with them. Page has tons of heart, especially on defense, but heart won’t get you past a 6 foot, 280 LB offensive tackle. Ebron was as good as advertised. If UNC gets this kid, it will be a great addition.

    Page’s offense was totally discombobulated tonight. They just never got in a rhythm. Summers had no time to throw, and when he did have time, he overthrew his receivers by 10 yards. He fumbled once, threw a pick and the center did him no favors with several bad passes from center. Page’s offensive line had a terrible night.

    I must say that Coach Gillespie did Page no favors with his playcalling. His entire offense in the first half consisted of Summers on QB keepers or running Drew Rogers in between the tackles. Rogers is a great running back and it was nice to get him back tonight. But those plays were not working. Very rarely did Gillespie put the ball in Phan’s hands. Phan had precious few carries and not once did Gillespie try to get the ball to Phan out in space. Gillespie was way too conservative, and his clock management was awful. In the fourth quarter, down 27-12, Page recovered a fumble with just under five minutes to play. Gillespie called running plays, let the clock run too long between plays and showed absolutely no sense of urgency. Smith beat Page up front, but Gillespie coached a miserable game. He was completely outcoached.

    On another topic, Smith showed an absolute lack of class by entering the field on the Page side of the stadium. They interrupted the Page Marching Band at halftime by entering the end zone for stretching exercises (Page’s end zone, I might add). #4 on Smith had a real mouth on him. Finally, despite plenty of seats on the visitor side, Smith fans made themselves at home in the Page student section and would not move even after Rusty Lee implored them to. No class. It was like hosting the Miami Hurricanes. Smith is undefeated and a good football team, but when it comes to sportsmanship, they suck.

  • go tigers said,

    NWG played hard tonight. The team is much improved and has fought Ragsdale hard for a few years now. Adding the passing to the offense has given you some nice balance to the offense. Tonight’s game was clean for the most part. Hard fought game. Congrats to NWG on a great effort.


    dear page,

    concentrate your defense on the run between the tackles in 2 weeks.


  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    @ John–

    Great game summary!

    I might add—as far as Smith’s coach is concerned, sure they’re winning and that’s good for the young men yet I can’t help but wonder if they’re taking the class (or lack thereof) from their coach.

    It seems that all the immoral things I’ve heard are somewhat true. It’s a bitter shame that Smith kids can’t relish in their victories with out them being overshadowed by the lack of class and somewhat shady dealings handed out courtesy of their coach.

    I guess the coaching staff feels as if a winning season is a winning season–to heck with what everyone thinks of his character.


  • @underdogs unite said,

    I’d put my money on the former Page coach and not Coach Brewington for the lack of class.

    Some adults never grow up.

  • John said,

    By the way, we had to leave with about a minute 32 left; how did Page score their last TD?

  • Emily said,

    Punt Return

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    In response–

    I honestly don’t know too much about the former Page coach. I’ve concentrated on only two teams in my life (bedside the NFL).

    One -The Iowa Hawkeyes of the early nineties. (My twin brother played there).

    Two–The Page Pirates–That’s where my son plays.

    So, I cannot say how classless he was perceived to be. On the other hand–I can attest to how Smith’s players were allowed to act.You can’t blame that on the kids because I was always taught to lead by example.

    No gripes, though. The game is over. Let’s put our heads (and hearts back together in preparation for next week’s game.

    Another thought–I noticed an abundance of Police Officers (on and off duty) at tonight’s game along with contracted security. I’ve NEVER seen that much security at a HS football game before. Almost made me feel all warm and fuzzy until I thought–who’s policing my neighborhood if 1/2the force is policing the Page/Smith game.

    I can only imagine how many officers were at the Dudley/Smith game.

  • John said,

    Underdog, I don’t want to get too ahead of things but how do you think Page matches up against Dudley?

    And what was up with Gillespie’s playcalling tonight?

  • Emily said,

    The Cummings/Reidsville score is 28-7.

  • Page fan said,

    Now page played a good game but is it me or they could not stop that #44 I think that little kid had 4 sacks. He had alot of fight in are team going to block him?????

  • pirate fan said,

    Congrats Smith on your win tonight. Very disappointed with the lack of sportsmanship though. I mean you finally start winning, and you have to be arrogant? Here’s Smith’s forecast: Undefeated regular season, host to Charlotte or Fayetteville school, BIG loss. Welcome to 4-A, Smith!!! Not even performances like tonight will win you states. Now on to Page. It seems like Page will always be second to someone else. The Pirates can never beat the leader (Smith this year), and continues to struggle against Ragsdale. I think Page has what it takes to beat Dudley and win its remaining games, but with Coach G’s time management/offensive playcalling, it wouldn’t be hard to go 1-2 (Southern Alamance is a W. Period). Very disappointed tonight.

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    @ John–


    I honestly can’t call it. I only hope that our receivers have the opportunity to get the ball in their hands. If they do, we could probably have half of a chance.

    Just my opinion…..

    Gillespie’s play calling? ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! You know, I made some comments in the past about our QB but in hindsight, I can’t blame him–he’sonly doing what his coach tells him.

    Coupled with the fact that there were several scouts out tonight just as there were at the Ragsdale game. (in which we lost).

    Do ya think….? Nah, never mind.

  • Wow said,

    Page got there @#$#@ @#$ Kicked.

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    **pressing my newly installed “IGNORE” key**

  • mark said,

    Ragsdale – NWG

    Spectacular football game. I can’t believe there are no comments on here about it. I would have been on here a lot sooner if I could have got my wife to go to sleep.

    Very hard fought game. #10 for NWG is a helluva player. Ragsdale was down 14-6 at the half they really came back, toughened up and toughed out a huge win in the second half.

    NWG got the ball to start the third and Ragsdale held them to 3 and out then scored in 3 plays and made the two point conversion to tie it up. Those two series were the keys in the ball game IMO. To NWG credit they came back after another three and out and on third down from their six found Baxter (#10) who hit the corner and busted it 94 yards for the TD.

    But Ragsdale wouldn’t quit. Heavner found his receivers when he needed them – Briley, Shouse and Stewart and Barry Brown ran tough all night and got a TD to tie it early in the fourth. Ragsdale D played so much better in the second half. Boykin, Anderson, Walker and Norwood really know how to make half time adjustments.

    Brad Davis came through with his third FG from 34 yards out with about six minutes left to secure the win. He’s the player of the game for me. Of course Barry Brown with the tying TD and over 130 yards rushing his hard to pass over.

    NWG fought back – converted some big third and fourth downs but a couple holding penalties kept them out of FG range and Ragsdale finally got the stop.

    Karson Redfern with a big punt with 33 seconds left and then the hit and fumble kept NWG from getting one more shot. Other than the late fumble and interception and the couple of holding penalties it was a very clean, well played game by both teams.

    You really have to love how well these Tiger team is playing after losing so many starters from last years team. They are getting lots of contributions from kids that would probably be on JV in most years. 8-1, 4-0 and just two more games to go to wrap up another conference title.

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    @ mark–

    The Ragsdale QB just does NOT quit! I watched his play action against us a few weeks ago and as you know, Ragsdale pulled it off with no time left on the clock. That kid stayed calm and cool and led his team with finesseeven when they were down. His demeanor (on the field) coupled with his smooth and suave way of playing will take him far. It’s not too many kids (his age) that can keep their head in the game like he does.

    A true quarter back.

  • mark said,

    I agree. There are times when he short arms a throw or pulls it down to run when he could hang in there – even sometimes people want to see Herndon in there ( he can sling the ball but he’ll get his chance next year). But Luke is a winner. He truly does lead his team down the field. You can tell he has a lot of confidence and his offense has confidence in him as well.

  • witness said,

    mycah gaylord ran possessed tonight.. he put dudley on his back and said I GOT THIS… he probably had atleast 300 yards 35+ carries… if it wasnt for all the dudley turnovers… the scored could have been worst. i hope that they are starting to get on track a bit over there headed into crunch time of the season.. defense played great all night!!! whole lotta hitting going on…. the panthers held the #1 rusher in the state to prbably around 65 yards at best.. and he had to fight for those yards… good win against a good and tough team…. that game was won in the trenches!!!! panther pride!!! OVER AND OUT!!!

  • Perry Saunders said,

    For the people that are barking ” Smith players were being class-less ” are going way over – board. Page players were talking trash themselves heading out on the field towards the Smith players as well. Should Smith have came over to Page sidelines before the game like that…..NO ! But should have Page’s Page ran to the center of the field talking trash at the Smith players who were near the endzone before the start of the game….NO ! I wasn’t pulling for anyone at this game, just there to enjoy a great game. I was sitting at the 50 yard line of Page’s homeside at the very top, in front of the booth. I set beside a off-duty police officer ( who son is in Page’s Band ), A teacher from Mendenhall Middle along with other Page fans in that section. And nobody in that group took Offense to Smith, at all. So if they didn’t, why are ya’ll ? To generalized a group of young men and their Coaches like that is SAD….. If you knew what that Head Coach has done for this season to help those men/players off the field as well as on. You wouldn’t be saying these things. I work with 2 of the assisting coaches at my job ( Harris Teeter Distribution Ct. ) and those Men are good men and role models in my book.

    Before somebody say ” This guy must be a Smith Eagle Fan “.. Wrong !!! I pull for Dudley…. But my Wife is a Page H.S. Alumni of 1995.

    I have seen Charlotte Butler, Independence, Richmond County, Reidsville and others do things that could be lable Unsportsmanlike……But football is a game of emotions…..controled and yes sometimes uncontroled. But I don’t let stuff like that get me out of wack.

    Question ? When fans “Boo” at the Ref’s or Another Team…. Class-Less !!!

  • EagleFan1 said,

    To John, and Underdogs Unit…
    You all are some of the biggest babies I’ve EVER seen on a message board. I tell ya, it doens’t matter what our kids do, you all are ALWAYS going to TRY to find something to bring down Smith kids, Smith coaches, or Smith community. Why can’t our kids work hard in the classroom? Why can’t our kids work hard on the field? Why can’t our kids be coached by a GREAT coaching staff?…I mean really dude, its football. No MATTER what you all say or do. you’re not going to knock us down.

    John, did you ever consider that becasue of the set up of the stadium and the parking lot, that was the ONLY way for kids to come into the stadium? Did you ever consider that Page does NOT have a Field House, so to keep our kids from getting sick, they needed to go inside as cold as it was tonight? But being that they went inside, and YET again, the setup of the stadium, those were the ONLY way to access the gym and the parking lot. Maybe if the stadium was more friendly for the visiting team, EVERYTHING that you’re whinning about Smith being classless would NOT have happen. I’ve NEVER seen this mess before. You guys get on these message boards week after week after week, and ALWAYS try to speak negative about Smith.

    You all dont know half the work that not just Smith Coaches, but any coach in a good program puts into preparing their kids for 11 weeks minimual. So really, Get off the message boards, and GET A LIFE!

  • football said,

    I agree with you on the Ragsdale quarterback. I have had a opportunity to watch him a few times. A lot of QBs can really “sling” the ball. But watch his demeanor and poise and how he runs the game. Watch him make his reads and the majority of the time hit the open man. Watch his footwork, watch is ability to really “sling it” when needed, watch how he can avoid the rush and most importantly watch his leadership. That is true quarterback with all the tools. Anyone who does not want him on the field every play of the game is not very smart.

  • EageFan1 said,

    I was expecting to see a real show from Sims and Summers last night. I heard a lot of hype about Summers as a QB. He is a great athlete – but maybe a better RB than a QB. His passes were either overthrown on long passes or over speed on the short ones. I saw him on defense too.

  • EagleFan1 said,

    Second comment by a different eagle fan than first….

  • SEGMS parent said,

    Whats up with the #1 rusher in the state getting the ball like 10 times…..Talkin bout the SEG Dudley game…That kid #1 got the ball at least 35 times ..If they they fed Fields like that they would have a different record… To me honestly it seems like the coach is scared to ride the horse that brought them there….Not saying Fields is the only 1 who gets it done but he does have over 1500 yards and 20+ tds…Kudos to Dudley for playing a hard fought game but SEG coaching dtaff should take a page from these other coaoches play book and(like Elijah Jordan @Smith and Micah Gaylord@Dudley)and run the horse… Ive been to every game this year for Southeast and Im tired of seeing the look on these kids face at the end of the game..When Mike Fields gets the ball over 20 times SEG wins when he doesnt they lose Period….I see week after week SE losing games because of the everbody plays mentality..They need to play the best players on offense and defense all the good schools do it .Im not from here but this is High School football..I live in the district and Im seriously considering sending my son to another school when he gets to high school not just because of Football but because of what i see over there as settling for mediocrity..and from what i hear is as a parent you cant even talk to the coach or he”ll bench your kid… But good luck to the SEG Defense for keeping them in it the whole game (a much improved defense week to week )but when u dont play to win your not going to win…..I see Mike Fields dad at the game cheering on the team, I dont know how he does it when his son is being treated like hes an average or below average player…Has this school always been like this….Play to win these kids deserve it….

  • When will we learn said,

    We were out played and out coached tonight. NW was ahead at the half and it should have stayed that way but the coaches for Ragsdale made adjustments to our offense and our defense, where we on the other hand just came out and ran the same predictable plays. NW is a better team than what was shown last night but still having a great season. We just wish we would have mixed it up a little bit and gave ourselves a chance. We agree with the poster talking about #5 for Ragsdale, he picked our defense apart and had at least 20 minutes to throw the ball on every play.

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    @ EagleFan1–

    You’re 1st paragraph—-WRONG!!!!! Not a baby and even then, I can recall my parents proudly commenting down through the years how peaceful I was as an infant. Rarely cried. Also–I can only recall mentioning Smith once this week so your week after week comment……well, sorry bud, you’re 0-2.

    Page’s stadium is set up the same each week. Smith’s team was the only team that decided to enter the field as they did unless, someone pulled a fast one over me and changed the stadium right before my eyes.

    No, I personally don’t know 1/2 about Smith’s coaches but the other 1/2 doesn’t sounds as if they’re morally efficient.

    Lastly–after under going vicious cycles of chemotherapy and beating breast cancer I have a life–and quite frankly, I’m enjoying it to the fullest.

    BTW—I “fight like a girl” because I am one!!!!


  • FAN said,

    Hands down the Junior QB Pawlowski out played the Senior Heavner in this one. Pawlowski was making incredible throws in the fourth quarter only to be called back for holding penalties. Two TD’S for Pawlowski in this one and 198 yds passing. Holding penalties killed the late game drive for NW. Coach Woodruff did a great job calling plays in this one but very difficult to overcome the yellow flag lat in the game.

  • football said,

    Have to disagree. Heavner picking apart the defense and running the game with no turnovers makes me think he got the best of it. Particularly when you look at the scoreboard, Heavner is my pick.

  • Great Game said,

    The NW Ragsdale game was a good one to watch lastnight. Big crowd big plays for both teams.A normally dominating ground game was limited last night for NW with the absence of #34 Not much up the middle for NW and Ragsdale was ready ever time for the for the sweeps on the corner. Both QB’s played well the difference being Hevner had plenty of time and was hitting the slants and the short passes.AS far as the play calling NW seemed a little predictable at times and faced several 3 and 4 down situations with 15 and 18 yds to go for the first. Ragsdale was able to put pressure on Palowski in obvious passing situations.Penalties didn’t help NW at time but was not the deciding factor. All in all a great game. You will definitely see both of these teams in the playoffs. Good luck to both teams going forward.

  • mark said,

    Pawlowski did a great job but hands down is a bit much. He did make some great throws. But that hat 94 yard TD to Baxter is all Baxter and poor Ragsdale defense. It was bad enough Ragsdale let him get a first down, but Ragsdale lost outside containment and Baxter took it straight down the sideline on a simple pass to the flat.

    Heavner wins. And he makes his throws and runs when the game is on the line. No other QB in Guilford County is better when the game is on the line.

  • sefan said,

    SEGMS I agree that our running game was not working last night. This game was won in the trenches. Our Oline and Dline was outplayed by Dudley’s. It would also be nice if we missed in a pass once in a while but that is not Fritz’s MO. I disagree with the panther fan who said the score would have been worse. If you were at the game you would have seen we were in this game until we fumbled on the 4. We were also driving at the end of the game when we opened up the passing game.

    To Smith fans I say when you beat Page you don’t get a fair shake. You get a wow the refs suck or you better not yell for your team if you beat Page. Fans have a right to sit where ever they want and should still be allowed to cheer for their team. If you can’t handle it then maybe you should point four fingers back at yourself.


    My QB pick is Pawlowski no question. The kid was under pressure all night long and made some big plays. Two Td’s and the 1 pick was late in the 4th on 4th down and had to keep the ball in play to try to make a completion. Good as a punt. Normally the kid would throw it away but gave his receiver a chance to make a play. Pawlowski maintains his passer rating of 115 with 10 Td’s and only 2 picks after nine games.

  • qbs said,

    my qp pick is Heavner. The kid made plays all night long, just as it seems he has done all season. Had a TD called back because of an illegal shift???? Another long possible TD had a receiver chased down on the 5. He put Ragsdale in position each time to score. He finished the game with 186 yds on 15-19 passing and guess what??? No picks or turnovers. As a post said earlier and I agree, no quarterback in Guilford County, maybe even the State, is better when the game is on the line. Just check is record over the last two years.

  • Ragsdale 4A Champs said,

    Way to go Tigers! We were counting on NW’s predictability and it paid off. Run up the middle, sweep to the side. You all broke them down and now we are heading into the last 2 games and the conference is ours, AGAIN!

    Luke was awesome last night. All the hype about him is TRUE! Don’t believe us, come watch and see. NW found out first hand how good he is. 4A Conference Champs 2010.

  • SmithParent said,

    To be a team you need to act like one, I heard Page QB was blaming everyone but himself last night and yelling at all the Page players…Seems like tearing people down on the field doesn’t exactly motivate kids to win.

  • sportsmom said,

    I agree with you we were in the game until the fumble on the 4, but our Oline and Dline did a good job. The Defense was great last night at stopping the pass, due to getting to the QB and putting pressure on him. Our backfield did a much better job. The Oline was working hard, and played a great game also. This was a very exciting game, we just couldn’t take advantage of the turnovers that went our way. Dudley just out coached us, and out sized us. Congrats to a fine team. Also, all the remarks about Smith is a little misleading. They are a tough football team, and play hard. There is always a little trash talking on the field, by all teams. Smith has just backed it up!! I’m just glad we have an off week to heal, and regroup. We need to play the last 2 games like THE BEASTS we are!!!!!!

  • Jay said,

    @SEGMS: Maybe you should go back to school with your son so you can learn how to spell. Nobody in the SE bleachers was complaining when they were running for 500-600 yards a game. Fields averaged about 2 yards a carry last night. So those extra 15 carries you wanted would have gotten SE about another 30 yards. Earlier in the year, people were on this board complaining that Fields would get worn out with all the carries he was getting. As far as the comment that if you try to talk to the coach he will bench your kid….that might be the dumbest comment in this thread. That program has more parents involved than a lot of other programs, and many of those parents involved have sons that do not play a whole lot.

    @ SE FAN: I was at the game last night with my friend who is a SE alum. They did try to throw the ball in the first and second half. #8 missed wide open receivers on 3-4 passes, including a wide open slant on a big third down at midfield in the second half. They were moving the ball at the end of the game because Dudley was in a prevent D.

    I played in a program up in Maryland where the fans and parents did the same things as SE fans on this board do. If we were winning, the coaches were not doing enough of what was making us successful. f we were losing, the coaches sucked because they did not throw the ball enough. These coaches watch film and game plan all week, you people show up on Friday, watch a game that you only partially understand the X’s and O’s of, and rip everyone. People wonder why high school sports have become such a toxic environment.

  • NWG said,

    Folks, we have a lot of talent in our area and it was a pleasure to watch the percise passing of Luke Heavner and Matt Pawlowski. They both will be playing Saturday football in the coming years. The game was exciting to watch and made for a very entertaining evening. There is a bunch of talent in our area and hundreds of schools out there looking at these kids so lets stop the trash talking and enjoy these games and matchups. Congratulation to Ragdsale on a great team win and NW has nothing to be ashamed of, they played hard and came up short. Great coaching on both sides of the field. Both coach’s have some pretty good sophomore’s playing for them as we saw last night.

  • SE parent said,

    you are wrong about the parents approaching the head coach & the coach not playing their kid…that’s a known fact at SEHS. Now about fields avg 2 yds/carries yes, that is true last night due to limited carries. Every team we played give the rb at least 20+ carries a game. We have a great fb but he has way more carries than our RB. Fields would have got the job done if he had the opportunity. You can’t wait til the end up the game to start passing the ball you have to make the defense respect our passing Game in order for us run the ball… This is the same crap that happened in the grimsley game.

  • sefan said,

    Mr X and Os, maybe you missed the wide open touchdown PASS. Oh yeah our only touchdown of the game. I yield to your vast Northern knowledge of the game however. I’m not saying we should abondon the running game but when it ain’t working you need to sweep or pass to open up the run up the middle. I’m sorry sportsmom but when #1 get the ball on 99% of the plays for big, positive plays right up the gut you are not having a good game. Kisses and hugs and trophies for everyone!

  • sportsmom said,

    The only yardage we got was right up the gut. We tried to sweep and pull, that’s when we lost in the backfield. I agree we need to pass so our running will improve. Since our rushing yardage is about 350-400 yards a game, with #2 getting the most carries, maybe we should have had him running up the gut more!! Hugs and kisses back at ya. All the kids played their hearts out, and I’m PROUD of them all.

  • Jay said,

    Wow, let me guess

    SE Fan is # 8’s mom. You people that were whining and complaining in the stands last night make me sick. And last time I checked, Maryland is south of the Mason-Dixon line genius. I don’t want to drag my friend and his younger brother into this ( his brother plays at SE), but he tells me the people the whine and complain about Fritz are parents of backups that think their kid is better than they are. Please, show me your facts. I love when people say they have facts but have no examples to back it up. And my friend’s brother hardly plays and he says that the coaching staff puts the best players on the field. His parents and family love that staff just for making their son a more responsible and discipled kid.

  • not involved said,

    That is disciplined Jay, not discipled…Maybe you should go back to school too for spelling…

  • Damon said,


    You are so off! I have had two brothers go through that program. I wasn’t at the game last night, but I do agree that 10 touches is not enough for Fields. Also, anything over 25 is just stupid in a smash mouth system. SEG doesn’t pass enough. All of Guilford County knows that. The only time I’ve seen them try to open it up is two years ago when my brother was a senior. Fritz installed the spread.

  • SEGFan said,

    Bottom line you need a strong passing and running game to get any respect for your team. I have heard time and time again and seen time and time again running for SEG and hardly any passing. FRUSTRATING!

  • give it a break said,

    Fan, are you crazy? I read all the internet hype on Pawlowski. I was looking forward to watching him play. Pawlowski is a pretty good QB but he can’t hold Heavner’s jock. Not that Heavner can’t improve. Matt threw a simple out pattern in 1 on 1 coverage and the LBer missed a tackle, the safety was out of position, and the play went for 92 yards. Then he threw a deep ball after scrambling all over and he throws it up on a broken play and a DB missed an assignment and it goes for 53 yards (good job finding the man). How many yards did he have after that? 30? 40 maybe. How many on the last 2 drives when his team needed it? Don’t get me wrong. The kid played well. He makes NWG a better team. But some parents read these stats and these QB ratings on here and try to determine who is the best QB based on that. It’s not all about stats. there is one stat that matters. It’s who gets the W.

    And the reason you had flags thrown is because the Ragsdale D-line was having a party in your backfield.

    For once instead of blaming the refs can’t you just say it was a good game between 2 good teams and leave it at that? Both teams played well.

  • fbfan said,

    Drew Adams from High Point Central threw for 444yds last night, pretty good night for this QB.

  • 10s not enough said,

    The games that SEG had 500 yrds guess who had more than 20 carries .Mike Fields im sorry if u dont like it but hes thebest RB on that team …i have a son on the team and the Smith,Dudley and Grimsley game Fields got the ball way less than the Fb ….Jay sounds like ur brothers not getting the playing time he wants and your mad ..Maybe you have a good relationship with Fritz so ask him to give the ball to his horse if he wants to win …..

  • GIVE ME A BREAK said,

    GIVE ME A BREAK. Pawlowski’s 53 yard pass was Perfect and hit his receiver in stride. The ball traveled 55 yards in the air from where he threw it. Don’t believe me go to WXII, WFMY, DIGTRIAD and check it out. No other QB ever threw a dink pass that went for a bunch of yards? GIVE ME A BREAK. Say what you will and disrespect this kids ability but he still has the best Passer Rating in the area and yes that takes into account attempts, completions, yards, TD’S and my favorite INTERCEPTIONS. How many picks does your QB have?

  • Stats said,

    Let me put this Pawlowski/Heavner comparison to rest after nine games played:

    Sr. Heavner 98-159 58% 1350 yards 10 tds 6 picks passer rating 89 (8.5 yards per attempt)
    Jr. Pawlowski 62-105 59% 1010 yards 10 tds 2 picks passer rating 117 (9.6 yards per attempt)

    The numbers tell the story, no need to say how great your QB is unless you can back it up with the facts.

  • Stats made a mistake said,

    Hey stats you made a mistake:
    Heavner has 169 attempts (7.9 yards per attempt)

  • hey stats said,

    Here’s a stat for you.

    Ragsdale is 8-1 and 21-2 the last 2 years with Heavner.

  • fan said,

    Nice switch to team stats, thanks to the running backs and defense they have a good record. See y’all in the playoffs, by the way, you haven’t won conference yet, still have HPC to play.

  • Witness said,


    Your friend apparently doesn ‘t know the kids at SE, the best players are not on the field or on the side line. They are the stands (wonder why that is). I watched every practice last year and seen first hand a kid do everything he was asked to do and did it better than the others. He got in on a few plays during the season and when senior night came he stood on the side line all night. Why? Because the parent had questioned the coaches earlier in the year about his son not playing. THAT IS JUST WRONG!! That said, now for Mike Fields. He is a great kid and a very good football player, but please even the best can only do some much when the other teams key on him. The coaches had to give the ball to the other players, sad thing was they still ran the same plays but with different runners. As far as the sweeps not working, five of Mike’s carries were sweeps four were for losses. No matter what play they did with him Dudley had his number. I know for a fact that the visiting coaches know the SE play before they get set. SE coaches need to change their blueprint and come up with a passing offense that will open up the run.

    And yes the only TD for SE was from a pass, in the first half. The out come of the game might have been different if after SE stopped Dudley on the opening drive of the second half, had come out passing.

    SE has been a running team since the school opened some 48 years ago. I have watched them play for over 30 years, for once it would be a welcome change to see a mix of run and pass from a SE team. Either way I still come back year after year to support the players and coaches regardless of the good and bad decisions they make.

  • Andy said,

    One thing is for certain, the fans have a passion for their teams and their high school football….

    All the coaches, dads, moms, friends, students, players, playas, aunts, uncles, cousins and long lost realatives are on this one…..The fans that want to see their program and team do well, we’re hearing from, the fans, I guess they are satisfied or they just don’t care…..

    High Point Central had 444 yards passing on Friday night…..Adams had right at 381-385 from what I heard and Grant completed a pass to Monk for a TD as well……

    I put up a few numbers on Ragsdale yesterday with their record at (13-1) last year and already at (8-1) this year for a mark of (21-1)….What is it, a 16-game season????? The only two losses for Ragsdale came at the hands of Dudley….Playoffs last year and game two this season….

    Northern Guilford with three losses in the past two years, two to Dudley and the other to Anson County in the playoffs last year……

    Dudley with four losses over the past two seasons, with losses to Ragsdale and AC Reynolds(Asheville) last year and to Durham Hillside and Smith this season……

    We have some other teams that are close, but based on the teams that have deep in the playoffs since 2009, that is how it looks up near the top of the mountain and those are some interesting numbers…..

  • give it a break said,

    Pawlowski is a good QB. Just felt Heavner looked a little better. Heavner is a year older and had time to throw, Give Pawlowski another year, a little more time and he may surpass Heavner. Nobody is dissing anyone. They’re both good players. I just don’t feel stats tell the whole story. Other things factor in like style of offense, players that surround you, coaches, defensive performance (if you get down in a game you have to throw more where if you are up you tend to run teh clock more, especially late). Heck, the best athlets in the bunch are probably Willis (Ga. Tech), Hairston (ECU) and Summers and they’re stats can’t hold a candle to either kid.

    Imagine how tough the job will be for the coaches to pick all-conference. I wouldn’t want that job. Picking between Adams at HPC, Pawlowski at NWG, Heavner at RHS, maybe Willis at SWG, maybe Hairston at Parkland. Some very good talent there.

    Nobody has won conference. And life will go with or without it. These teams may see each other again, especially when you consider budgets and travel costs. NWG is much improved Fan. Easy to see that. They’re a good team. Maybe NWG wins next time. They showed they have the talent.

  • FalconFan said,

    Coach Fritz is a great coach period. People may disagree with his decisions as coach when we are losing but i don’t hear any complaining with we win. And Mike Fields can’t get the ball everytime when the opposing teams defense obviously was keying on him all night you have no other choice than giving the ball to another RB. Another thing if your a parent of a SE player and are unhappy with their playing time or you want to complain about a coaches decisions simply don’t allow your child to play or send them to another school.

  • NW Ragsdale said,

    Both teams have great young QB’s. Heavner and Pawlowski are both studs nuff said!

  • chek said,

    Coach Fritz a great coach ,,U cant b serious . I know kids that can draw up plays better than that .. If somethings not working u gotta scrap it or come back to it later ..This guy runs the same plays over and over …Great little league coach at best…He must be your uncle or something…The players make him look good if any thing…Because in tight games u gotta coach,figure out what it takes to move the ball..If a player isnt getting it done u gotta get him out of there….But on to the next one …..i hope during the bye this week he”ll figure out how to not lose to 2-7 western

  • Andy said,

    Coach Fritz and SEG do a very good job with the talent on hand….They have developed a run-oriented offense to serve them based on their personel and that seems to work best for them….The SEG coaches have always put their heart and soul into what they are doing and when they win, all is good and when they lose, then you’ll hear some grumbling and that is the nature of sports….I think they still have a shot to get into the playoffs if they beat Western, so SEG is still on the map…..Dudley is a very tough team and the Panthers have started to get some of their key players back from injury, so they are on an up right now…..SEG played Smith as tough as anybody has this season and they were with Dudley most of the way….

    I remember the SEG Falcon team from a few years ago that went down to Eastern Randolph and nearly took out Scott Riddle and the Wildcats in the second half of that playoff game and then ER went on to win the State Championship……SEG had Justin Venable, Ben Areno, and several other guys that are still playing college ball and doing well this year….Luke Stewart was the QB and they Falcons were playing so tough ball….Damon King’s brother was the top RB and must have rushed for right at 2,500 yards that season…..

    SEG plays a good brand of football and it is even better when they are winning and they will win more games……

    The QB toss-up for the All Conference is a good one with Heavner, Pawlowski, and Adams…..I’ve got think all three will make All-Conference and the slots will be filled by team and not by position…..With each team, Ragsdale, NWG and HPC having a certain number of representatives on the All-Conference team, with Adams, Heavner and Pawlowski all three getting on there….

    The Player of the Year for the Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference will be intresting and that honor is obviously still up for grabs…….Again is it Pawlowski, Adams or Heavner and does it got the member of the first place team at the end of the season????? Very good discussion and one of the three, Adams, Heavner or Pawlowski, got left the All-Conferecne team, that would seem to be an injustice…….Willis missing time will hurt his chances some, but he should still get All-Conference, but maybe not fall in line for the running for POY……

  • sefan said,

    You make some good points. We forget somethings that Will is a sophomore. He is a very good athlete who started playing football in middle school. He is getting better with the footwork and will be able to complete more passes in the coming years.

    By the way for the rest of the guess my motive crowd, I do not have a son on the team. I am also not a alum of SEHS. I am an interested fan who has lived in the SE area for many years.

  • 2010-2011 said,

    Where’s that person who tried to say EG would win 8 games. Tell them wildcats its time to foucus on next year

  • topfin29 said,

    Congrats to Smith. You have accomplished a lot this now try acting like you’ve won a game before. I’ve been aound teams that are annual contenders and none of them act like that. Remember how you acted this year next year when you’re 19 seniors graduate and your sorry JV moves up. (by the way I’ve seen Allen and Jackson play (no help coming from there) To the former coach from Page that’s now at Smith, there’s a reason you’re not a Page anymore, we haven’t forgotten. Good luck the reast of the year but please try throwing a little class in the mix and maybe you’ll get the respect you so desperately want. 2010 Smith Eagles, remember them because you’ll forget them next year.