HS Football Tonight 10/15/10

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Smith at Page on AM950 radio and at wpetam950.com and scoring updates every five mintues on the Ragsdale at Northwest Guilford game, plus the scores from the games below will updated and posted throughout the night here at Greensborosports.com…..Big night and what will turn out to be a determining night, for high school football this season in our area…..The Burlington Cummings(7-1) at Reidsville(7-0) game is also drawing a lot of attention, for this evening and we will look toward our partners, at WFMY/DigTriad.com and Friday Football Fever(Brian Formica and Brian Hall), for updates on that game……

Here’s the lineup for this evening……

Smith(8-0) at Page(6-1) [PAGE]
Ragsdale(7-1) at Northwest Guilford(6-2) [RAGSDALE]
Northeast Guilford(3-3) at Southern Guilford(5-2) [NEG]
Dudley(5-2) at Southeast Guilford(5-3) [DUDLEY]
Southern Alamance(1-6) at Western Guilford(2-6) [WESTERN]
High Point Central(5-2) at WS Parkland(2-6) [CENTRAL]
McMichael(3-4) at Northern Guilford(6-1) [NORTHERN]
Eastern Guilford(1-6) at Rockingham County(3-4) [EASTERN]
Glenn(1-6) at Southwest Guilford(3-4) [GLENN]
Trinity(0-7) at High Point Andrews(4-3) [ANDREWS]

Grimsley(1-7) [OPEN]

*****Thoughts on the games……Smith has given up 61 points in their last two games, but conversely they have scored 74….The Golden Eagles have run the win streak to 8 games this season and I have picked them to win all 8 of those, but the lean tonight goes to Page at home and the Pirates need to win the BIG GAME…Smith won the big one, when they topped Dudley 28-0 a couple of weeks ago, but they have not been quite the same since, with the 61 points allowed over the 2-week period being the glaring note….Page will have to be able to defend the “Big Play”, as Smith has lived and not yet died, by the “Big Play” this season…The defenses will be the key, with both teams proving they can put points up on the board…..Should make for a great game and again, the defenses will be the key….Watch for Tuc Phan, Elijah Jordan, James Summers, Jeff Sims, Eric Ebron, Orlando Hatfield, Duke McCoy, Shaun Workinger, Demari Boswell, Ed Britt, Quinton Able, Aaron Bethea, and the O-lines in this game…..The kickers may also grab the spotlight late in this contest…..Tons of talent on the field and the “BIG GAME” is here…..As we noted earlier, Smith has given up a load of points in recent weeks and will that catch up with the Eagles tonight? The Phan-Jordan matchup and the Sims-Summers matchup will be compelling and the return of Drew Rogers for Page, could be the X-Factor…..Rogers and Tuc combo could be a difference maker and Ebron’s possible penetration into the Pirates’ backfield might be the straw that stirs the up the mixture….Many sub-plots in this one and you’ll have to get there early to secure your seat…..

Had a lot of good stuff written up here on NWG-Ragsdale and the computer just ate it up, but I will try and go back and re-create where I was coming from…..We were hearing yesterday, that NWG will be without the services of their solid runningback Dalton Dillon in the game this evening and that could be a big factor, as the Vikings have had done such a good job this season, having the balance in the backfield with Dillon and Reid Baxter…Dillon suffered an high ankle sprain in the High Point Central game last week and ended up having to leave that game on crutches…..His absence will be a factor in the game tonight and it will keep Baxter very busy and cause the Matt Pawlowski to Chris Eley combo to take what they have been doing to another level…..

The thing Ragsdale has to do, is get their hands on the football….NWG used ball possesion/ball control at HP Central and they kept the ball 11:30 in the 4th quarter….If Ragsdale can get it, they have Luke Heavner at QB and he is known by many as “Cool Hand Luke” and the Tigers do have depth at tailback with D’onovan Smith, Barry Brown and Marquez Eleazor all back there at one time or another….The Tigers have a large group of potential receivers in Deshaun Shouse, Anthony Stewart, Justin Briley, Pete Romer, and Eric Romer…..It looks like Ragsdale has a little more diversity on offense and without Dillon back there for NWG, the edge goes to the Tigers, if and when they can get their hands on the ball….

If Ragsdale wins here tonight, and High Point Central goes over to Jamestown and takes out the Tigers in the last game of the regular season, we still have a three-way tie up at the top of the conference with Ragsdale, NWG and HPC…..The same thing can happen in the Metro, if Page beats Smith tonight and then later on Dudley tops Page and the three teams win out the rest of the way, then the tie would be with Page, Smith and Dudley…..

With Dudley at Southeast Guilford, you have a Dudley team that has had two weeks to prepare and two weeks to get healthy again….Not everyone will be back for the Panthers, but they should be getting some of their men back on board…Dudley hung in against the Smith Golden Eagle run, but got burned by the Eagles’ passing game and Smith’s “Big Play” capability….SEG loves to run and they can run it all night long, if they get the chance with Mike Fields, Marques Haynesworth and Phil Petty….Dudley is very tough against the run, with their big men up front on the defensive line and neither team here is very keen on the pass on offense….A running war, and Dudley will need all they can get from Mycah Gaylord and let’s hope for Dudley’s sake, that Demetrious Dick is back in the fold at QB/RB……And come to think of it, you know something that I might try????? Line up Gaylord and Dick at split backs and have Hayes at QB and use Dick and Gaylord as a one-two punch and Dick doesn’t have to worry about making handoffs, he can focus on taking handoffs….This is all contingent on Dick being back from his injury that he suffered in the Smith game…..Split Dick and Gaylord and run them till their tongues hand out…..(An old theory from a previous week’s post….) Dudley’s defense will have to win this one for them, and that seems to be the re-occuring theme of the week, here on Friday the 15th….

One more game capsule and we will need to get back to our miner’s capsule….NEG at Southern shows the Rams’ triple option with both McCanns and Johnny King and QB Kyle Martin on the run……Southern has the double-option of QB Jamie Cunningham and RB Malik Mosley, so it would appear that NEG has more juice for this key conference game….The Storm also has Austen Thompson, who can give you necessary help at WR/DB, but the early indicators would show that the NEG Rams have the edge with more weapons on offense….Cunningham has a storehouse of receivers to go along with Thompson, but they have to establish themselves as game-changers and the Rams do have that luxury already, with King and Jacob McCann……QB Martin will be the key for NEG, as he has to have a tight leash on the Ram running game…….

*****More talk on these and other games throughout the afternoon, as we take a break, I feel like we have written a book and it is time to let you turn the pages……*****

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    **looking into my crystal ball**

    I predict Smith’s first upset of the year.

    **reading my tarot cards**

    Final score: 21-14 Page!!!

  • What's up weith the tapes said,

    What the deal with Smith and given up the wrong play tapes at the end of each game and why is there always a reason for their inabilty to produce current ones and not some from last season. Seems that everytime its time to turn one over either its a blank oneor the tape starts after the down or even heard talk of one being from last year. things that make you go hmmm

  • Andy said,

    This is starting to sound like that old movie from the 70’s, The Valachi Tapes/Files……

  • Andy said,

    Maybe that was The Valachi Tapes and The Rockford Files……As long as the Page Drummer from 2008 doesn’t resurface, we will make it throught the night…..

  • nothing fishy said,

    Internet rumor. We don’t know if that is true about Smith and tapes. The coaches involved will deal with it.

  • Andy said,

    As they say in the made-for-TV movies, these are the type things that Urban Legends are made from…….

    Urban Legend has it that………..

  • ross said,

    May be a new look in the Dudley backfield with the return of Demetrious McCorkle
    I’ve always liked the way this kid runs , combining speed with power . Been waiting to see him turn the corner and dip that shoulder and drag the pile. Seems like he energizes the team and pumps up the crowd. The Panthers really need that old spark off the bench to get things cranking from the wildcat quarterback again.
    That’s my urban legend/rumor/whatever.