HS Football Saturday morning rewind

Posted by Andy Durham on October 16, 2010 at 11:26 am under High School | 4 Comments to Read

It was a wild Friday night for our local teams with their crazy games and Smith has emerged at “The Team” in the Metro 4-A Conference, if they were there already and the Golden Eagles QB Jeff Sims, is starting to move toward the top, as a strong candidate for the area’s Player of the Year honors and his temmate Eric Ebron, is not too far behind in that journey/category……

Sims and Ebron were unreal last night, with the “Big Plays” continuing to be the “Big Story”, for Smith this season…..Sims is rolling like a gunslinger back there at quarterback and there isn’t too much that his “Big Target”, Ebron, can’t haul in….Ebron is playing football like basketball, as he goes up and brings in those receptions and he can really, “get up there”….

Smith is loaded with talent, as you have to add in Elijah Jordan, Duke McCoy, Quinton Able, Demari Boswell, and Codie Davis to their list of can’t miss players….Nice job Smith to move to (9-0) and Smith continues to prove that they can win the “Big Game”….Wins now over Page, Dudley, High Point Central, and NWG……

Ragsdale-Smith is starting to look like a good matchup in the playoffs, if we can all get that far this year….Sure not a first-round type game, but maybe a meeting in round two, or three…..What was that Al Davis(from the Oakland Raiders) cry, a few years back, “Just Win Baby”…..That’s what Ragsdale continues to do under the leadership of their senior QB Luke Heavner…..Just two losses in the past two seasons and last year it was Ragsdale at (12-1) and this year so far the mark stands at (8-1)….(20-2) with Heavner at the helm over the past two seasons…..Ragsdale is consistant and they really do it right, over there in Jamestown….

Big kudos to Northwest Guilford, for the fight they put up last night, out there near Summerfield and with Matt Pawlowski, Reid Baxter and others, this team will only get better and they have tasted the “Big Game” success, with their win over High Point Central last week and they can still tie for the Conference Title, if Central can upset Ragsdale in Jamestown, on Nov 5…..

Dudley did not get Demetrious Dick back, but it sounds like they have seen the return of another Demetrious, in Demetrious McCorkle….McCorkle is back in the backfield for the Panthers and he will give Mycah Gaylord some help back there, but from the way it sounds coming out of last night’s game, Gaylord did not need much help at SEG….It sounds like Gaylord was on his game and when he started running at Forest Oaks, he never looked back and he led the Panthers to the win over the Falcons……Dudley at Page on October 29, is looking a lot more interesting now, with the return of McCorkle and the Pirates need to win one of those “Big Games”…..Page at SEG, the following week(Nov. 5), so it will be a busy finish for the Pirates, as they travel to Southern Alamance next Friday night and it sounds like the SA Patriots can score some points, after their win at Western Guilford, from last night….

We will have more on the other games, later on today and that will include NEG at Southern Guilford and the Rams win over the Storm on Friday….I need to read up on that game a little bit, before I start rattling off about it……

That’s it for now….Feel free to join in on the conversation…..

  • Emily said,

    FF (fun fact) for the day:

    Reidsville’s last loss (prior to last night) was against Cummings, 4 years ago. That same year Cummings won the State Championship. We may just see Cummings do it again.

  • Zac murry said,

    Page will get help when they play their next two games because of their friends in zebra stripes.

  • witness said,

    demetrius mccorkle hasnt returned quite yet for the panthers… the announcer at southeast called his name by mistake.. he has started running again and is getting ready for his return this season.. look 4 him towards the end of the season making a big impact going into the playoffs

  • Andy said,

    Thanks for the word on Demetrious….Looks like we had a false start on a couple of fronts…..

    Good luck to him on his return….He is a good kid and a very good football player.