High school football numbers in 2009/2010

Posted by Andy Durham on October 18, 2010 at 1:44 pm under High School | 5 Comments to Read

We were looking at the overall numbers yesterday and we had a few numbers on Ragsdale with their record at (13-1) last year and already at (8-1) this year for a mark of (21-2)….The only two losses for Ragsdale came at the hands of Dudley….In the playoffs last year and game two this season….

Northern Guilford has just three losses in the past two years, two to Dudley and the other to Anson County in the playoffs last season……

Dudley is in there with four losses over the past two seasons, with losses to Ragsdale and AC Reynolds(Asheville) last year and to Durham Hillside and Smith this season……

We have some other teams that are close, but based on the teams that have deep in the playoffs since 2009, that is how it looks up near the top of the mountain and those are some interesting numbers…..

Combined 2009/2010:
Northern Guilford(19-3)
High Point Central(15-6)

  • PageJV said,

    Page JV. vs. Smith – 50 – 28 Page wins. First string taken out first part of 2nd half…

  • stay on subject said,

    Another Page JV thread. Wonderful

  • PageJV said,

    To Posted by Stay on the Subject

    The Page JV game was cancelled last week and just posting the score. Glad you were excited to see the win posted.

  • inknown said,

    its jv not varsity…..page varsity aint beat smith…so stop all that talkn

  • spectator said,

    Maybe not this year, but looks like the next few years, maybe so inknown…Not sure where your comments are coming from. We will see what 2011 and 2012 will bring between the two teams.