HS Football this week

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JV Final from last night(Monday 10/18/2010)
Page 50
Smith 28


Varsity games for this week:
Grimsley(1-7) at Smith(9-0)
Northern Guilford(7-1) at Rockingham County(4-4)
Page(6-2) at Southern Alamance(2-6)
Northwest Guilford(6-3) at WS Parkland(2-7)
Western Guilford(2-7) at Dudley(6-2)
Southwestern Randolph(6-2) at Northeast Guilford(4-3)
Glenn(1-7) at High Point Central(6-2)
Western Alamance(6-2) at Eastern Guilford(1-7)
Southern Guilford(5-3) at North Forsyth(3-5)
Southwest Guilford(4-4) at East Forsyth(4-4)
High Point Andrews(5-3) at Randleman(4-3)

Ragsdale(8-1) [OPEN]
Southeast Guilford(5-4) [OPEN]

  • HS Football said,

    Grimsley(1-7) at Smith(9-0)——–Smith

    Northern Guilford(7-1) at Rockingham County(4-4)——-Northern

    Page(6-2) at Southern Alamance(2-6)——Page

    Northwest Guilford(6-3) at WS Parkland(2-7)————-NW Guilford

    Western Guilford(2-7) at Dudley(6-2)——–Dudley

    Southwestern Randolph(6-2) at Northeast Guilford(4-3)———–NEG

    Glenn(1-7) at High Point Central(6-2)——-HP Central

    Western Alamance(6-2) at Eastern Guilford(1-7)———W.Alamance

    Southern Guilford(5-3) at North Forsyth(3-5)———–Southern

    Southwest Guilford(4-4) at East Forsyth(4-4)———-E.Forsyth

    High Point Andrews(5-3) at Randleman(4-3)————-HP Andrews

  • hopeful said,

    who do you think will win HP Central vs Ragsdale? and reasons why?

  • Andy said,

    Ragsdale has the edge with both running and passing on offense….Central has a passing game, but no running game….If Ragsdale focuses on the Bison’ passing game, then the Tigers have HPC’ number…..Central needs to find a running game somewhere before they get to Jamestown, so they can take some of the pressure off of Adams and Grant……

    Tigers have Heavner to Shouse, Briley, Stewart, Pete Romer and Eric Romer and at RB, they get yards from Smith, Brown and Eleazor……The Tigers have a load of weapons and it is hard to just focus on one…..Brad Davis is another big weapon, at least his field goals were at NWG…..

    HP Central needs to find some of that Tiger-type balance……Both teams very talented, but early edge belongs to Ragsdale in a very strong fashion…..

  • FAN said,

    Lets say Ragdsdale wins Conf, Could they end up playing NWG or HPC in say the second round of the playoffs? Just wondering since we all have to play in our area before we head south.

  • HS Football said,

    Ragsdale could see HPC in the playoffs but there is no way they see NW Guilford until next year in the regular season. NW Guilford next to Grimsley is the largest school as far as enrollment numbers in Guilford County. NW will be in the 4AA bracket once the playoffs start. The only other team that has a chance to go 4AA in Guilford county would be Page. They are always borderline 4A or 4AA.

  • Fan 2 said,

    Guilford County ADM’s – This is info based on the Day 20 Report

    Dudley – 1484
    Grimsley – 1750
    HP Central – 1502
    NW Guiford – 1912
    Page – 1847
    Ragsdale – 1411
    Smith – 1419
    SE Guilford – 1308
    SW Guilford – 1404
    Western Guilford 1307

  • enrollment said,

    Fan, I think HS Football is correct. NWG is big 4A. Ragsdale is small 4A, and not even that big. If they re-districted today Ragsdale would probably be 3AA again. NWG has upwards of 1800 students while ragsdale has around 1400 tops. Page, Grimsley, NWG are your bigger schools. SEG, Ragsdale, Dudley, HPC are the smaller 4A schools. Not sure where Smith falls.

  • HS Football said,

    Wow really looks like Grimsley’s numbers are down from what they use to be. Looks like even NW’s numbers are down from last year. I think Page will be borderline again this season I’m thinking they go Big 4A again this season. With the new POD system in place maybe NWG and Page will see each other in an early round game!

  • BisonHerd said,


    I agree Ragsdale the edge in the rushing game but I strongly disagree that the tigers have an edge over the bison in the passing game. I saw a earlier debate about whose better between Heavner and Polowaski(sp) and their stats were presented, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Drew Adams stats were better than both of theirs.

    Ragsdale’s offensive strength is definitely their balanced attack, but I would take Derek Grant, Lashon Monk & crew over Ragsdale’s group of recievers any day of the week. We have just as many weapons in the passing game as those guys.

    I also wouldn’t say that HPC doesn’t have any running game, we are capable of running the ball, of course we don’t emphasize it as much as say a team like Ragsdale but we are good enough to keep teams honest.

    The Ragsdale-HPC game is gonna be one heck of a season-finale for a chance at the Piedmont-Triad 4A title. Ragsdale is 8-1 and definitely for now in the driver’s seat, but both HPC losses against two good teams were in the waning seconds and plays of both games, they stand at 6-2 but very well could be 8-0 right now.

  • Andy said,

    BisonHerd you bring up some very good points. I think the overall edge goes to Ragsdale with the combination of running and passing and Ragsdale has more choices at receiver, but the truth tells us that Grant is one of the best receivers in the entire NCHSAA. Monk gives the Bison another option and he is a good one, so HPC does have quality receivers, they just don’t have quite as many as the Tigers do and the lack of the running game could end up haunting the Bison if Ragsdale is able to get in Drew Adams’ face with the pass rush….It all comes down to how much time the Bison O-line can give Drew back there…..

    With the three tailbacks, Ragsdale still has more balance on offense….

    Another thing that should movtivate HP Central is the fact that if they can top Ragsdale, then they will force a three-way TIE up at the top of the conference standings…..A tall order in Jamestown, but it can be done with a perfect game plan by the Bison, no room for error or second guessing….You second guess yourself against Ragsdale and you will be dead meat……

    Has the makings for another “Alcoa Can’t Wait” type ending…..

  • oppenheimerfund said,

    hello Everyone. It is good to be back in the County. Hey Fan2, where did you get the ADM’s?

  • go tigers said,

    Adams and Grant are as good as there is around here. Adams may have the edge. He sure had a great game last week. Should be a good game when HPC and Ragsdale play.

  • qb rating said,

    I am still going to take Luke Heavner with me into any hard fought game. The guy is just a winner, that is all there is about it. That in my mind is what gives hime the edge in any comparison. He has a will to win the it hard to find. That is why he is the most valuable in my view.

  • FAN said,

    We will leave NW out of this one since Heavner and Adams are Seniors and will battle it out in a few weeks. I have to go with a toss up in this game. Both QB’s are good but it will come down to who doesn’t throw the interception. Both QB’S have 5 to 6 picks so far this year. Will need the perfect game in this one to win. If these two QB’S had not thrown so many picks there passer ratings would be in the high 130’s to 140’s but that is why they have passer ratings. I know, these QB’S are great leaders, have heart, and all that but when you look at the Ratings, Sims is currently tops overall followed by Cunningham. Check out Max Prep.

  • Numbers do lie.. said,

    Those numbers have gotta be inflated. I know for a fact that Smith and Ragsdale do not have 1400 students attending school. Smith has been in and around 1150-1250 for the past few years and Ragsdale has been around 1200-1300. These schools could and probably should be classified as large 3A schools. Imagine if both of those football teams were playing 3A this year…they’ed both be vying for state championship honors!

  • Tom said,

    I am fairly certain the schools report these numbers. Why would they inflate them?

  • Numbers do lie... said,


    These numbers are used to every schools advantage.

    What typically happens is at the beginning of the year Schools project how many students should be enrolled based on numbers of incoming Freshmen from feeder schools, transfer students from other schools/districts, and students that live in their district and did not complete the previous schoolyear but are age-eligible to complete high school. Schools then hire teachers for the upcoming year based on a ratio of students to teachers. The schools are then awarded money to pay for positions based on this enrollment number.

    During the first 20days of school attendace is paramount and all counselors, social workers, SROs, APs, and support staff members become “Truancy Agents” in an effort to find each one of those missing students that can add to thier total of students enrolled. They must have those students physically enroll and be present in school for that first 20 days for attendance numbers/enrollment purposes.

    At the end of the 20 days and average enrollment is done and if the attendance at a school reflects less than what they anticipated Teaching positions and Support positions must be cut based on that Teacher:Student ratio. If there are more students than orginally anticipated then positions can be added and more teachers may be hired. Money for athletics is appropriated similarly.

    That is why these numbers could potentially be inflated. They may show an enrollment of 1500 students and have only 1350 students attending school on a regualr basis.

  • Andy said,

    Some hot early round playoff games that could really light it up would be Smith-Ragsdale, Smith-High Point Central in a rematch, Page-Ragsdale if Page ends up small 4-A, the Dudley-Smith game again, or even High Point Central at Dudley like we had in Round Two last year or maybe Page at NWG or NWG at Page with a big gate coming in on that one…..

    Some possibilities to chew on at lunchtime…

  • Brian said,

    With Smith, you also have to include the students that attend the academy because they participate in sports at Smith. Also included in every Guilford County high school’s numbers are students that attend the Early and Middle Colleges, because those students participate in the sports programs at their home school.

  • pirate fan said,

    If NW and Page wins both of their remaining games, they would probably meet in the playoffs. NW is definitely 4-AA and count on Page being 4-AA also. This would make them the “conference champs” (highest 4-AA team in conference) and give them a top-8 seed. I like both to host a first round game and meet in the second round if both advance(never guaranteed in 4-AA ever)

  • Playoffs!!! said,

    NW vs PAGE would be a great match up in the playoffs! I imagine this game would bring a huge crowd! Can’t wait!! Hopefully the new Pod System will make this happen.

  • sefan said,

    Wow chiming in really late on this one. I”m quite sure Andy is holding off on his picks until he sees mine so here goes:
    Smith (don’t go limp on these guys Smith)
    Dudley (Gaylordville)
    SWR (hehehe)
    HPC (for bad luck)

    Hows that for some upsets…I bet Andy is shaking after those. He certainly cannot stand another 6 and 4 week.