Reports are saying that Blake and Bosworth met with agent Wichard

Posted by Andy Durham on October 19, 2010 at 8:52 pm under College | 10 Comments to Read

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Brian Bosworth and another former Oklahoma player told Yahoo! Sports that former North Carolina assistant coach John Blake introduced them to agent Gary Wichard.

Blake’s relationship with Wichard is part of the focus of investigations by the University of North Carolina, the NCAA, the NFL Players Association and the North Carolina Secretary of State’s office.

Blake resigned from North Carolina’s staff Sept. 5 and has denied steering players to Wichard.

Blake was an assistant coach at Oklahoma in the mid-1980s, when Bosworth was an All-American linebacker.

In a story posted Tuesday, Bosworth told Yahoo! that Blake set up all his meetings with Wichard.

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  • ron said,

    And this is news because….

  • fbfan said,

    Ron it is news because it shows what a dirty program Butch Davis was running in Chapel Hill when he hired Blake, if you get any more info let us know.

  • ron said,

    Do we have any doubt that all programs are dirty? Get a clue. If you’ve been around sports you should know that. It’s even dirty at the recreation level.

  • fbfan said,

    That may be true but if you are cheating like the TarHeels were cheating you should have more to show for it than a runner-up finish in the Tire bowl every year and Butch Davis only has a 23-20 record since he has been in CH, that just shows us that Davis is not much of a coach and Blake was his main recruiter passing out the money.

  • mark said,

    And this is news because….
    Posted by ron

    why ron – it’s news because it happened almost 25 years ago. Don’t you see?

    And of course the fact this damning information is coming to light only now it’s obvious UNC administration should have known all about it. It’s obvious this has going on at UNC since the mid 80s.

  • Shannon said,

    RIP! Witch Hunters!

  • Institutional Control said,

    This is no witch hunt.
    Marvin called attention to himself and what his teammates were up to.
    No other program turned UNC in to the NCAA.
    Shannon Halloween is coming in less than 2 weeks so maybe you can find a witch then.

  • notJimMelvin said,

    another UNC player will sit out the year, it was announced today. That makes 6 total, with possibly more to come. Of course, everyone has at least 6 suspended players, cuz everyone is doing it

  • more smoke said,

    It’s news because Blake and the agent Wichard said they did not do this but it now appears they did. And they testified as such to the Secretary of State. Should UNC have known about this when they hired him? Hard to say.

    Ron, the NCAA rules are difficult. But everyone doesn’t cheat at this level. Do schools sometimes make an illegal contact? Sure. And most self report it. Do schools sometimes give a recruit a campus tour while at a camp? Sure. And it gets reported. But not many had players taking extra benefits. Don’t say every school cheats if you have not lived it.

  • ron said,

    This is laughable. Let’s just say this. If they aren’t cheating…then they probably don’t have a job. Hard to keep a job when you’re not landing 5 star players. We as fans want to see a good product right? I’ll just leave you with this. “If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying.”