Phenom Hoop Report with Reed Lucas(GDS) and another Dominique Byrd, plus Cousins from Graham

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More from Rick Lewis, coming out of the Phenom 150 Basketball Camp, at Forsyth Country Day last weekend and today we have Reed Lucas from the Greensboro Day School, Justin Cousins from Graham and another Dominique Byrd, this one coming in from Fuquay Varina and our old Dominique Bryd, was at Dudley High School and Skip McCall always called him, the “Bird Man”…..

October 20th, 2010

Phenom Quote of the Day: “The best way to predict the future is to create

Phenom Hoop Report Philosophy: “Balanced, thorough, and detailed evaluations
based upon the 3 P’s philosophy of Performance, Production, and Potential.”

Phenom Hoop Report Part II

Player: 6’5 Roderick Howell

Hometown: Rock Hill, SC

High School: Rock Hill

Class: 2013

Phenom Hoop Report: MM

6’5 Roderick Howell has all the physical and athletic tools to become a MM
prospect. He is athletic and extremely active on both ends of the court. He
battled hard on both days and has a hustle factor to his game. If he can
develop a consistent outside shot and continues to improve and work hard, he
could become a major target of many A10, CAA, and other mid majors. In
addition, he has good skills and a solid all around player.

Player: 6’6 Ryan Outar

Hometown: Charlotte (Host family)

High School: Charlotte Day Prep

Class: 2013

Phenom Hoop Report: LM+/MM-

Ryan Outar is a transfer into the Charlotte Day Prep who did the majority of
his work on the interior. He was extremely active around the basket and
battled hard during the 2 day event. He is very athletic and agile and has a
smoothness and ability to score.

Player: 6’0 Andre Harris

Hometown: Dayton, OH

High School: Career Tech

Class: 2011

Phenom Hoop Report: LM-/D2

While Harris may be a bubble player for division I schools, but if someone
is looking for an outstanding young man with high quality characteristics,
you won’t find a better young man than Harris. When the camp started, Harris
personally came over and introduced himself and thanked us for giving him
this opportunity. During the game, he was running the show at the PG
position, he was constantly talking on defense and giving instruction on the
offensive end, but more importantly he was giving his teammates
encouragement while he was on the bench. There was not a player at the camp
that was more enthusiastic than Harris, and to top it all off, the kid can
play. Somewhere down the line, you like to see young men like a Harris get
an opportunity. Quality young man!

Player: 6’7 Dominique Byrd

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

High School: Fuquay Varina

Class: 2011

Phenom Hoop Report: LM+

The 3rd year Byrd has attended the NC Phenom 150 Camp and each year, he is
the camp’s “workhorse.” He is a strong and powerful PF that plays with a
passion and purpose in the paint. He uses his physical strength to his
advantage and with his strength and power has the ability to move taller
players out of the lane. In addition, he has a good vertical and has the
ability to throw down some thunderous “wow factor” dunks. He is clearly a
player under the radar and schools in the Big South and Southern Conference
should definitely check him out. In addition, he is a great character young

Player: 6’6 Deojunique Flippin

Hometown: Apex, NC

High School: Holly Springs

Class: 2013

Phenom Hoop Report: MM

One of the 30 kids from the Garner Road AAU program that attended the camp
and Flippin is a player to keep a close eye on in the mid major level. We
are talking about a 6’6 athletic PF/WF that is oozing with athletic ability.
He has the power and strength to be a PF, but also has the ball handling and
slashing ability to become a WF. Flippin also illustrated his ability to be
a nice mid range jump shooter. Flippin played extremely hard on both ends of
the court and with continued growth and development, could be a MM+ player
by the time he is a senior.

Player: 6’2 Justin Cousins

Hometown: Burlington, NC

High School: Graham

Class: 2012

Phenom Hoop Report: LM+/MM-

Justin Cousins is a strong and powerful scoring PG that loves to attack the
basket. He has a tremendous competitive spirit on the court and plays
extremely hard. He is constantly pushing the ball up the court and looking
to drive and slash to the basket every opportunity and has a solid outside
shooting stroke to keep defenses honest. He will need to become more of a
facilitator while running the show, but he currently has the size and
physical strengths to be a solid PG at the next level.

Player: 6’3 Jalen Jones

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

High School: Knightdale

Class: 2014

Phenom Hoop Report: MM

Jalen Jones is another North Carolina freshman to put in your memory bank or
SIM CARD. Currently, he is a 6’3 athletic W/G, but has good ball handling
skills to transition into the PG position down the road. His father is Tuck
Jones of the NC Pro Am and I’m sure the younger Jones will be surrounded by
good instruction and the opportunity to play against older and better
competition which will only make him better. Jones has a huge upside.

Player: 6’4 Reed Lucas

Hometown: Greensboro, NC

High School: Greensboro Day

Class: 2013

Phenom Hoop Report: LM

Lucas transferred in from NW Guilford and reclassed to Greensboro Day. Lucas
is an extremely talented shooter and can flat fill it up from the 3 point
line. He is a tough hardnosed player, but lacks the speed and athleticism,
but more than makes up for it on fundamentals and basketball IQ.

Player: 6’2 Willie Mangum

Hometown: Richmond, VA

High School: John Marshall

Class: 2012

Phenom Hoop Report: LM+

Willie Mangum played with the Team Loaded 16U team last summer and one thing
is for certain, most of the kids playing for Team Loaded and from the
Richmond, VA area always plays extremely hard. Mangum is a “tough as nails”
prospect that is a streaky shooter. Once he gets on a roll, he can put
points up on the board quickly, and I mean quickly! Mangum has good ball
handling skills and could transition into a PG if he simply bought into it.
Right now, he is scoring guard that thinks “shoot first, pass second.” If he
could reverse that thinking, he could develop into a MM prospect.

Player: 6’3 Grayson Gunner

Hometown: Lexington, VA

High School: The Miller School

Class: 2013

Phenom Hoop Report: LM+

Grayson Gunner transferred into The Miller School and reclassed. He has
added bulk, strength and an “all around skill set” to his game. At 6’3, he
is a legit combo guard that has excellent ball handling skills. However, he
doesn’t possess the overall athleticism to be a pure PG, but does have the
shooting touch to become solid 2G at lower tier level. Gunner is another
“tough as nails” prospect that does all the little things on the court that
rarely gets noticed, but seldom makes a mistake.

Player: 6’5 Dylan Green

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC

High School: Forsyth Country Day

Class: 2012

Phenom Hoop Report: LM+

Dylan Green transferred to FCDS from California and without question, Green
has the body and athleticism to be a MM player. He has a solid outside
shooting touch, but needs to improve and tighten up his handles. He does an
excellent job driving to the basket and finished well around the basket. He
has tremendous hops and if he can put it all together, he could elevate his
status from a lower tier to a middle tier level.

Player: 6’1 Wykevin Bazemore

Hometown: Kelford, NC

High School: Bertie

Class: 2011

Phenom Hoop Report: LM-

His older brother plays at ODU, and the Bazemore definitely knows how to
compete and play hard. At 6’1, he does a little bit of everything on the
court. It is his hustle and savvy that is most impressive. He will get in
with the bigger boys and mix it up and is not afraid to use his athleticism
and jumping ability to grab rebounds over taller opponents. Currently, he is
a combo guard but could easily be a great utility player at a lower tier

Player: 5’11 Carlin Bremner

Hometown: Huntersville, NC

High School: North Mecklenburg

Class: 2011

Phenom Hoop Report: LM

While many scouting services may have Bremner as a bubble player between a
low division I and division II level, I firmly believe Bremner can and will
be a very solid LM prospect. At 5’11 and 180 pounds, Bremner has the
strength and muscle along with a sneaky athleticism. He has extremely tight
handles and is very good in transition utilizing his patented pull up
jumper. He has really good elevation on his jump shot and is very good at
creating separation from his defender. He plays for Coach Duane Lewis of
North Mecklenburg and last year, he was All Conference in the toughest
conference in the state. He played against the best players in the state and
came out on top in many situations. In addition, he is a hardnosed tough as
nails competitor.

Player: 6’5 Brandon Hooks

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

High School: Middle Creek

Class: 2012

Phenom Hoop Report: LM+/MM-

Hooks has the body and the athleticism to become a MM prospect and is a
complete “warrior” on the court. He plays with a tremendous passion, heart
and desire that are refreshing to the game today. He is active on the boards
and has the ability to step out and play on the perimeter, but will need to
be more consistent from the perimeter to elevate his game to the MM status.
One thing for sure, he competes and will give 100% effort each time he steps
on the court.

Player: 6’4 Alex Biggerstaff

Hometown: Burnsville, NC

High School: Mountain Heritage

Class: 2012

Phenom Hoop Report: LM

While Biggerstaff may be a little thin at 6’4, he definitely knows how to
put the ball in the basket. He has an excellent shooting touch and is
fundamentally sound and has excellent basketball IQ. He has the ability to
put the ball on the floor and utilize his pull up jumper. In addition, he
has sneaky athleticism and does possess really good hops. His only drawback
currently, his is size of strength and muscle. If he dedicated himself to
the weight room, there is no reason why he couldn’t be a realist LM

Player: 5’11 William Carpenter

Hometown: Sylva, NC

High School: Smoky Mountain

Class: 2012

Phenom Hoop Report: LM

During the summer, I watched Carpenter go up against the talented Oak Ridge
Military team. While Smoky Mountain was completely overmatched on paper, the
game was tied at halftime and one of the main reasons was the play of
Carpenter along with his teammate Jackson Simmons. While ORM eventually went
on to win by 18, Carpenter ended up with 27 points against a very skilled
and talented team. This weekend, he displayed solid ball handling skills as
a PG. He has tight handles and good court vision and a consistent outside
jumper. With 2 years remaining with continued work and improvement, I
strongly feel he can become a LM prospect.

  • what about the girls said,

    All of the information from this camp has been very interesting reading. We all know about the high D1 players such as PJ Harrison (previous Dudley), Jacob Lawson (OMRA) and the Deuce Bello/Quincy Miller (Westchester) players in the area but it was really good hearing about a lot of the mid to low major players also. Most of the kids obviously are not high D1 but a lot of them will still get their college education paid for by that same basketball.

    Question to you Andy – Do you have similar information from anyone concerning the girls? I have daughters so it would interesting to me to know where some of the local girls are currently projected (already signed or level being prospected) and I would really like to know about some of the young talent up and coming or to look out for this year. I try to see a number of middle and high school girls teams play each year.

    Are there any girls in the 8th, 9th or 10th grade that people locately should be watching ? Maybe you could touch base with some of the locate school coaches in middle and high school and ask them for a short list of “watch out for these girls list”. Maybe you could also reach out to some of the locate AAU programs such as the Greensboro Galaxy, Gators, Phoenix, Winston Salem Steelers, Mid State Magic, or whom ever and get some names of interest.

  • Andy said,

    We know a lot about the older girls with McNeil, Drayton, Lovette, Jenkins, Samantha Coffer, Amanda Coffer, McIvor, Garris, the kid from Western Guilford, and others, but the new kid at Page, Paris Keys, is the young one to watch from what we are hearing….I mentioned here down below, but Brittany Drew ought to be ready to have a breakout year this season, in her senior year…..

    We will do more research and formulate a plan on the girls…..

    New coach at Dudley, Western Guilford(Shawna Polk), others with new coaches….

    Greensboro Day School will have the best girls team they have ever had in the history of the school….

    Oak Ridge with Delaney Rudd at the helm will be very good….Delaney has done a great job putting this team(ORMA) together….

  • james watts said,

    I also hear Page has two girls from dudley. Kala and imoni. I understand imoni didn’t get to play last year as a Freshman due to discliplinary issues..but i hear she is desiree drayton jr and a beast on the boards and a top-notch defender. With imoni and the keys girl, Page should be good.

  • Andy said,

    Page still has the guard(Brittany Drew) that has played with Miranda and Desiree for years on the Galaxy and it should be a good all-around year going in early with imoni and you have Yahni at ORMA….

    Yahni from Finland and a good one at that……

  • Bulldog said,

    Watched most of the Adidas Phenom and left impressed with the following: Andrew White, Denizel Ingram, Terry Henderson, VA kid rouser, Carlin Brimmer, TJ Warren, Braxton Cotton, brandon hooks, william magnum, and most of the Garner Road kids did real well…
    Some surprizes were Alex Biggerstaff, DyAngelo Washington, and William Carpenter…Carpenter looked real impressive with ball and he sure can score…
    The new big man for Forysth country day is getting better….