Butch Davis on Brown, Jones, Burney, Houston, Yates and others in 2010

Posted by Andy Durham on October 21, 2010 at 1:00 pm under College | 8 Comments to Read

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  • Institutional Control said,

    This UNC football controversey has lasted almost 100 days.
    When is the UNC Board of Governors going to call for an INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION like they did with Jimmy V 20 years ago?
    Wait I know why.
    43 Members serve on the UNC System BOG. Here is the breakdown on which UNC Universities attended.
    UNC-Chapel Hill 21 members
    NC State 5 members
    ECU 5 members
    App St 4 ”
    NC Central 3 ”
    NC A&T 2 ”
    Eliz City St 1 ”
    UNCG 1 ”
    UNC-Pembroke 1 ”
    The following Universities are not represented AT ALL on the BOG:
    Western Carolina
    Winston-Salem St.
    UNC school of The Arts

  • Get over it! said,

    After 100 days your still trying to compare this situation to your debacle 20 years ago, dude get a life. Since Lee Folwler said what you apparently quoted him saying about worst santions than usc, I just heard Kirk Herbstreit quoted verbatim:

    “Ive been privy to a lot of inside information that I don`t think I`m really at liberty to speak about from talking to some of the folks @unc, but I think when the internal and ncaa investigation is over and they have a chance to stand at a podium and tell their side of the story- the real story, instead of speculation by a lot of the media and at this point a lot of the facts aren`t necessarily out there-when people hear the facts, I`ll be shocked if Butch Davis loses his job. In fact, I think they`d be very smart to hold onto him and be thankful that he`s been a anchor during this very difficult time and hope as an athletic dept. and university they can learn from the mistakes and try to get better off the field. There are some things that, when you read you`d think there`s a tutor with a line of players outside her door writing papers and that`s the furthest from the truth. When all this comes out, I think people will realize what the deal is, I think if they were to dismiss Butch it`d be a huge mistake.”

    Let the spin machine begin. Sounds to me like your PR machine is beginning to malfunction in pack nation!

  • Pack fan said,

    who cares anymore? They cheated- they got caught- they got suspended. Enough already. I hope that people aren’t stupid enough to think that EVERY college football team in the nation has done this or something like it. Yes it is fun to see UNC squirm, but I am really tired of hearing about it.

  • Pirate Mania said,

    It seem the pack nation has been more consumed with this process than the hole fans.

    You guys have painted this picture with your little red brushes and know you are beginning to run out of paint.

    If you would have less consumed with what was going on in Chapel Hill and trying to steal their recruiting class and concentrated on the game in Greenville you may have not embarrassed yourselves to alittle old CUSA Team.

    I overheard some wolves calling for TOB head last weekend. Take care of your own backyard puppies.

  • Tim said,

    So now you pack fans are getting tired of this, can it be because the facts are beginning to surface.

    I hope you guys had fun with this once in a lifetime experience because all you know that this will probably be the last time you can make all this up and have the media trying to spin this at unc`s expense.

    Get back to your investigation packpride, your evidence is looking weaker by the day!

  • Pack fan said,

    the fact is they cheated and go caught. the fact is they knowingly hired a crook and got caught. there is no spin to that. carolina can keep their Greg Littles and Marvin Austins and all their little Butch Davis UMiami thug wannabes. I got tired of watching all that during Amato’s tenure, so you can knock it off with all that stealing carolina’s recruits.

    As for EZU, I will tip my cap and say they flat out beat the Pack- no excuses. The only bad thing is that we have to listen to all the Pie-rat fans crow about it for however long because that is the only thing they seem to live for (beating NC State). Way to shoot for the stars Pie-rat fans. I will add that as good as ECU played and as poorly as NC State played, it did take OT for you to win…just saying 😉

  • ESPN announcer said,

    Well if Kirk Herbstreet said it we just need to shut this thing down and take him at his word. I’m sure he knows all.

    4 guys from State sell some tennis shoes and you want to compare that to 3 guys getting thousands (Austin confiormed over 20K and that’s all they will confirm) in agent bennies and 6 kids cheating? And that’s just so far. Hope those boys enjoyed the watches and diamond ear rings they confirmed receiving. Nothing like a little bling.

    Burney is still sitting out because he couldn’t pass 1 class and he was cheating in that one. he already had an exemption from the NCAA to not take a full load. Now he tries to add a class in mid-semester to stay eligible. When the unc professor got wind of it he said no deal. The Athletic Department was going to let him do it. Hey, anything to win.

  • Institutional Control said,

    To the get over its and other delusional hole fans:
    1.There is a poster on the Appfan site that goes by Herbstrietsucks—enough said.
    2.There are 12 schools in the ACC. On whose campus does the NCAA currently have investigators?
    3.There are 15 State Universities in this state. Again,which one has had frequent visits by the NCAA?
    4.USC sanctions or worse are coming so get ready to have trouble staying with the likes of The Citadel, William and Mary or McNeese State(we know that Butch was too chicken$*&T to play App even with his paid recruits).