Guilford County HS Football Poll as we move into Week #10

Posted by Andy Durham on October 21, 2010 at 10:29 am under High School | 17 Comments to Read

Guilford County HS Football Poll

1) Smith(9-0)
2) Northern Guilford(7-1)
3) Ragsdale(8-1)
4) TIE Page(6-2)/Dudley(6-2)
6) Northwest Guilford(6-3)
7) High Point Central(6-2)
8] Northeast Guilford(4-3)
9) Southeast Guilford(5-4)
10) Southern Guilford(5-3)
11) High Point Andrews(5-3)
12) Southwest Guilford(5-3)
13) Western Guilford(2-7)
14) Eastern Guilford(1-7)
15) Grimsley(1-7)

  • HS Football said,

    Hey Andy,

    NW Guilford is 6-3

    NW 3 L’s

    Smith 35-7
    Northern Guilford-25-24

  • Andy said,

    More numbers work to be done here….


    When changing numbers must change all of those numbers….

    Thanks again.

  • HS Football said,

    1) Smith(9-0)
    2) Northern Guilford (7-1)
    3) Ragsdale (8-1)
    4) Page (6-2)
    5) NW Guilford (6-3)
    6) HP Central (6-2)
    7) Dudley (6-2)
    8) HP Andrews (5-3)
    9) NE Guilford (4-3)
    10) Southern (5-3)
    11) SW Guilford (5-3)
    12) SE Guilford (5-4)
    13) Western (2-7)
    14) Eastern (1-7)
    15) Grimsley (1-7)

  • Witness said,

    hs football,

    how do you put NW GUILFORD ahead of 2 teams with better records????

  • Andy said,

    Might look a little crazy, but NWG beat HP Central and you have to still have the Vikings over the Bison and Page and Dudley both have recorded better marks(records) percentage-wise than NWG….

    Dudley-Page game next Friday night should settle all of this…..Ragsdale-HP Central contest in two weeks will also help to settle the tight races…..When we get all teams on the same pattern, with all of the Bye(Open) weeks out of the way, that will help too…..Northern remains one slot above Ragsdale in poll due to difference in outcome of game with like opponent(Dudley)…..Dudley over Northern 15-14 and Dudley over Ragsdale 12-0, but has two losses and that is why they are lower than them in the poll….SWG lost to HP Andrews 15-3 and that is why the Raiders rank ahead of the Cowboys…..NEG just beat Southern Guilford last Friday night and that moved the Rams up in the poll….SEG defeated Southern and that is why they are still ahead of them in the poll…..Eastern and Grimsley are both (1-7), but EG lost to Northern 14-12 and just played Rockingham County to an 18-14 score last Friday night, so that gives them a slight edge over Grimsley…..

    Any thoughts on the poll and the current rankings?????

    Let’s hear it from you…..This is a good place for your opinion to be heard and if you have a good beef, we might just make some changes on the spot……

    Room for improvement and rooms to rent, just 50 cents….(Roger Miller has made a comeback.)

  • HS Football said,


    I think NW and Central are better overall teams than Dudley. (just my opinion) I gave NW the notch over Central for beating them in their game a couple weeks ago.

    Kinda like college football take a look at the College Football top 25 poll. Oklahoma State and Missouri both have better records than 8 teams ahead of them but are ranked behind them. Why…..Because it’s just a poll not overall standings.

  • to HS Ftball said,

    If you’re logic is correct then NW would be #2 or #3 depending on what you do with Page because Dudley beat both Northern and Ragsdale.

  • Andy said,

    You still have to take into account the total losses for consideration when you hit the breakdown point….Our criteria is fairly sound, when you look at Northern and Ragsdale just one loss each, Dudley and Page at 2 losses each and now NWG with three losses, and we still have to look at the head-to-head with NWG and HPC and NWG still has that edge…..

    What do others think, feel and say?

  • sefan said,

    This is the way it will end up at the end of the season:
    EG & Grims (tie)

  • Bisonherd said,

    1) Smith (9-0)
    2) Nothern Guilford (7-1)
    3) Ragsdale (8-1)
    4) NW Guilford (6-3)
    5) HP Central (6-2)
    6) TIE Page (6-2) Dudley (6-2)
    8) HP Andrews (5-3)
    9) Southwest Guilford (5-3)
    10) Southest Guilford (5-4)
    11) Southern Guilford (5-3)
    12. Northeast Guilford (4-3)
    13. Western Guilford (2-7)
    14. Eastern Guilford (1-7)
    15. Grimsley (1-7)

  • LOL said,

    No way NW Guilford is a better team than Dudley, if they played Dudley schedule (NW )they would be 3 and 6. They already lost to Smith, Northern,Ragsdale plus you throw Hillside in the mix plus Page that’s already five L’s right there.HP Central should drop below Dudley and Page be real people.

  • witness said,


    couldnt have said it ANY better

  • Eaglez #1 said,


    Mad cause yall ain’t on top no more!! Move over there’s a new sheriff in Gboro and datz them Golden Eaglez baby!

    LOL……..28-0 Nuff Said!!!!

  • mark said,

    Here’s how I would do it. Dudley and Ragsdale are basically 2 and 2a. Dudley has two losses but they did beat Ragsdale. I give Ragsdale the nod because they have been playing better as the season winds down. Dudley gets the nod over Northern for the head to head, plus I think Dudley is better.

    Interesting to note – other than Dudley’s loss to Hillside – all the losses in the top seven schools below are to each other. 8-12 (Andrews, SWG, SEG, NEG, SG) are all so close you could swap them all around.

    1) Smith(9-0)
    2) Ragsdale (8-1)
    3) Dudley (6-2)
    4)Northern Guilford (7-1)
    5) Page (6-2)
    6) NW Guilford (6-3)
    7) HP Central (6-2)
    8) HP Andrews (5-3)
    9) NE Guilford (4-3)
    10) Southern (5-3)
    11) SW Guilford (5-3)
    12) SE Guilford (5-4)
    13) Western (2-7)
    14) Eastern (1-7)
    15) Grimsley (1-7)

  • DudleyPowerHouse said,


    Why you think LOL is mad, he is just speaking the truth, I personally think if NWG is schedule is softer than ours at this point and if they had our schedule they wouldnt be even in the top 10 ,we wouldnt be talking about NWG, another thing Eagle yall did beat us up in that that game, we were banged up , no excuses, but I tell you what Dudley is warming up, keep talking because I got a funny feeling, someone might meet again, and as I said before nobody wants to play Dudley twice in the same year( especally at the Tarp) so if I was you I wouldnt be so high on yourself, im happy for Smith for what they are doing this year, as your Coach said this isnt a changing of the guard, so keep talking and gasing yourself up….because we cruising right along, these kids have regrouped after the two losses, thats all they have lost were tied with Page for the 2 spot in the conference. We lost to a monster team Hillside and we lost to Smith, I guess some people forgot about “07” when we lost 3 games and still won the state championship. With all the injuries we are battling through we still only lost to 1 Greensboro team. We not killing anybody with style points but last time I checked if you keep fighting and the end result is a win, thats all that matter.

  • program said,

    Eaglez, everyone is happy for Smith. Good to see the program have a good year. But that’s my point; a good YEAR. Do it for 10 years like some others and then you can say there is a new sheriff in town. Winning for a year is just a year. Winning for 10 years is a PROGRAM.

  • DudleyPowerHouse said,

    Its like this, Smith is a good football team, some of the Eagle fans know that this is the only year for them, these seniors on this team played together for 3 years , so the are experienced, whats going to happen when they leave? They will be back to the same Smith that we have been knowing…..The thing is that Dudley been doing for the past 9 years, we been the the state championship 4 times in the past 8 years and the other four years we were a game away or two away. Smith got alot work to do before they start talking smack, im sorry the Smith fans, because the players are doing the playing and the fans are doing the talking, and you know what JUST TALKING get you…