JV Football Tonight Finals 10/21/2010

Posted by Andy Durham on October 21, 2010 at 9:55 pm under High School | 23 Comments to Read

Northwest Guilford 46
WS Parkland 30


Eastern Guilford 33
Western Alamance 28

Western Guilford 21
Dudley 14


Page 62
Southern Alamance 26


Smith 21
Grimsley 8

High Point Central 21
Glenn 8


North Forsyth 12
Southern Guilford 6

  • Rick said,

    I’ve personally seen film of Heath Justice (EGHS JV QB), and he is quite the athlete. He throws the ball as good as any varsity level QB in this area. He makes good decisions in the pocket and he has excellent break-away speed. You can tell he’s a good leader, because all of his teammates look to him when they’re down. I saw him pass for 227 yards tonight (21 for 32 through the air) with 3 touchdowns, and rush for 85 yards with 2 more touchdowns. This is one of those players that you don’t see but once every 10 years….He could become the triad’s next “big thing” in a year or two, like Keenan Allen was for Northern. I look forward to watching this kid play the next 3 years, and hopefully see him play some big games in college soon!

  • Question said,

    Do you really think he is the top qb in the area though?

  • Andy said,

    We are starting to see a very good list of JV Football QB’s in Guilford County this year…

    We’ve been hearing about Jordan Putnam(Page HS), Austin Proehl(Western Guilford) and now we can add Heath Justice to the list…..A very good grouping of young quarterbacks…..Do we have others that we may have left out….I saw some real fast RB’s from Smith tonight and Grimsley has some hard runners too….

  • 77 Hornet said,

    WG now stands at 6-3 with one game left at SE. Watch out sefan, here we come!

  • sefan said,

    Come on down Hornet.

  • No doubt said,

    Top JV QB in area is Putnam at Page – no doubt.

  • NW JV said,

    NW JV get the W last night. I think the final was

    NW JV- 46
    Parkland JV- 30

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    I’d love to see a (JV) Page vs. NWG football game.

  • NW vs Page said,

    Won’t get to see that JV NW Page game…..But there’s a good chance we might get to see varsity NW vs Page in the playoffs this year! That would be a good one as well

  • Page Fan said,

    Who else has Western’s JV’s lost to besides Page and NW?

  • 77 Hornet said,

    WG lost to Ragsdale by a TD.

  • mark said,


  • the same result said,

    if page jv was to play nw it would be the same result a lost like the rest of the teams they played . if you only beat parkland jv by 16 page would beat them by 50. page jv starters havent played a whole game this year. if the coaches would have left them in the whole game they would have scored a 100 points at least 3 times on teams. that # 5 #27 # 80 and that defense and i think the best jv qb in guilford county #12 or jordam putnam is sick. that kid can throw the ft ball. you got 2 more chances to watch him , the kid is good.

  • The same result! said,

    The same result,

    Have you been to a NW JV game this year? When NW was up 40 to 16 last night they put in 3rd, 4th, and 5th string kids. So next time you have a thought…..Just let it go!


    why does these great nw jv teams never turn into great varsity teams. they are playing the same kids , right? Only a year or two older.

  • What U Talking About??? said,

    To “the same result” – What in the world are u talking about?! It’s 1 thing to support your team, but at least do your homework! NW JV is undefeated just like Page. Also, just like Page, they went undefeated last year! Do you not think that NW took out their starters in the Parkland game & every game they’ve played so far this season?! It’s so easy to use words like “if” & “would have” on this message board, but it’s about REALITY!! Believe me, my son has numerous friends on Page’s JV & for the last 2 years these kids from both schools have been hankering to play each other! Not gonna happen however. We would love for NW varsity to suit up against Page in the playoffs! 2 quality, tough teams which makes for a great game! Quit assuming you know anything about a team, especially when you haven’t even seen them play & feel the need to put them down! NW kids are doing what every team is out there trying to do on Thurs. & Fri. nights… win games! Jordan Putnam by the way, is an outstanding QB, athlete & young man! I hope Jordan & his teammates finish up undefeated! GO VIKINGS!

  • Page Watcher said,

    I think if you can compare some scores of both teams vs same opponents you might get an idea. I do know that the Page 1st string and Putnam normally only make it to half – then they are out. Only think Putnam played nearly one full game and that was against Davie County where Page needed a strong passing game to score the points. I am sure both teams are good -their record certainly supports that. Congrats to both teams on their winning streak – that takes each player on the team to make it happen.

  • WHAT? said,

    Football Lover,

    What are you talking about? Are you not watching any High School football this year! NW played last week for 1st place in conference with Ragsdale. They only lost by a field goal. NW JV went unbeaten last season…..This year their Varsity is 6-3. Looks like its starting to transition into the Varsity team.

  • NW #1 FAN said,

    FOOTBALL-LOVER While I won’t refer to our current varsity team as “great”, I will say that w/ 2 games left, which should be wins for NW, our varsity will probably be a top seed in the playoffs! What u are seeing @ NW, is an up & coming program loaded w/ youth, talent & determination. Coach Woodruff is in his 4th year @ NW. He & his staff have turned this program around & made NW a football school! We don’t have to have a storied history like Page & Dudley to qualify us as a competitive program. Something special is taking place at that school that outsiders may not recognize like NW fans do. I don’t try to project the future too much, but NW is real deal football w/ talent abounding for several years to come!! Talk to any opposing coach that’s played us & see if they don’t have a “new found” respect for the Vikings!! Here’s an open invitation for you to witness what we have to offer for yourself! NW @ Parkland tonight. E. Forsyth @ NW next Friday. 7:30pm “Be there, ALOHA”!!

  • ankersaway said,

    To: NW #1 FAN,
    Can’t disagree about the NW program as being very good this year but being a “top seed” I will question..unless of course NW can drop a non-conf loss going into the playoffs then things could change..here is the skinny on NW w/ 2 games remaining.
    #39 Northwest Guilford (6-3) 124.1 (#25 of 98 in 4A)
    FAIR rating (59/9) + (262.5/74) = 10.103 (#35 in 4A)
    Conf.: Piedmont Triad 4A (3-1)
    Seed Group: 1st-10%, 2nd-63%, 3rd-18%, Other-10%
    Str-of-sched 0.732, #50 toughest overall, #41 in 4A
    Clinched a playoff berth

    Good Luck

  • Wrongscore said,

    Just wanted to mention that the final of the EG-WA game was

    WA 19
    EG 18

    Not sure who reported in the 33-28 score but WA won the game.

  • fotball-lover said,

    nw varsity will not beat northern for the next 2 years. and they are 3a!!!!

  • really rick? said,

    you said you have seen film, but how many EG jv games have you seen in person? the quarterback in question is the one of the best jv players EG has, but to say he throws it better than most area varsity qb’s, you’re way off. and to compare him to k. allen, come on. last time i checked, the EG jv’s were winless. he is good and has a bright future. but if he was as good as you say, either the jv’s would have several wins or he would be the EG varsity qb by now. let’s be real!