Letters from UNC to NCAA: We tell Hawkins to stay away

Posted by Andy Durham on October 23, 2010 at 10:38 am under College | 6 Comments to Read

from www.wralsportsfan.com:

In correspondence from the University of North Carolina athletic department to the NCAA released Friday, athletic director Dick Baddour wrote to the NCAA compliance department Oct. 4 to detail what he called “minimal benefits” to student athletes.

In the letters, Baddour identified Christopher Hawkins as the person who acted as “a prospective agent” and as “a financial adviser ” to student-athletes.

Baddour wrote to Hawkins on the same day to ask him to disassociate himself from the athletics program for at least five years.

Hawkins, who was a student-athlete at North Carolina earlier this decade, transferred from the university prior to his senior season and now lives in Durham.

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  • sefan said,

    If Baddour thinks $13,000 per player is minimal benefits. Then he should send $500K to Andy Durham C/O greensborosports.com.

  • institutional control said,

    More UNC spin. Austin received over $50k that was not reported. UNC did not appeal Austin’s suspension due to the fact that his actual amount of benefits would become public knowledge. UNC is just trying to maintain damge control.
    Cheat,Lie, Spin. Now that’s the REAL Carolina way!

  • Not an ABC fan said,

    Institutional Control,
    Nice agenda you continue to have. You need to stop getting all of your information from PackPride. You have no clue what the facts are.
    You will be disappointed in the end.

  • Institutional Control said,

    And you need to stop getting all of your information from IC.
    I now call IC Institutional Control since that is the only thing associated with UNC that has any. By the way Packpride and Statefansnation both are breaking real news on this situation before the local media. I wonder why this is true. Oh, thats right, UNC fans can’t handle the truth. The local media outlets protect them,in particular the News and Observer. Remember which school has the NCAA on their campus as we speak.The NCAA is not there to pat UNC on the back in case your delusional fanbase does not realize it.

  • Not an ABC fan said,

    Sorry, pal, but I don’t get information from message boards. Now you are really showing your allegiance with the tried and true “media conspiracy” that always favors Carolina. That goes along with the age-old “the refs are controlled by Carolina.” It’s just always one big conspiracy to keep you guys down, right?
    Continue hating Carolina more than you like your own team in Raleigh. You guys are really going to go through the roof when this ends the way that it will.

  • Institutional Control said,

    Who is the NCAA investigating?
    Why are they investigating?
    How many times have they been to the UNC campus?
    Why have National news outlets and message boards beaten local media outlets with new stories about this scandal since its inception?
    Name at least one football player from any of the 11 other ACC schools that has been suspended by the NCAA this season.
    Name ANY football program that has had an agent/runner as an associate head coach besides UNC.
    You do not address these questions at all because UNC fans CANNOT HANDLE THE TRUTH.
    The pristine “Carolina Way” is a myth.
    Most UNC fans are in denial.
    The hammer is coming from the NCAA.