Post-Game Interview with Smith’s Rodney Brewington

Posted by Don Moore on October 23, 2010 at 10:28 am under High School, Video | 3 Comments to Read

Dennis White interviews Ben L Smith Head Football Coach Rodney Brewington. Smith win over Grimsley gives them a 10 Win Record with No Losses.

  • yankeeclipper8 said,

    Dennis does a great job, but somebody needs to help him out and talk to him about the fact he doesn’t have to say “Coach” four or five times in every question. Unbelievable…he needs to listen to himself and work on his style a little bit. Just constructive criticism, not being negative.

  • Joe Barile said,


    Dennis does a good job with his interviews. The questions are spot on. Although the way he words the questions might be a bit distracting. He makes up for it with good volume, questions, material, and knowledge.

    Keep it up Dennis.

  • yankeeclipper8 said,

    Joe Brile, thanks for your comments. Seems we are saying the same thing basically. I said “Dennis does a great job”. Just gave some constructive criticism. Hope he or you didn’t take it any other way.