Haywood Elite AAU Boys Basketball Tryouts

Posted by Andy Durham on October 25, 2010 at 2:13 pm under Amateur | 34 Comments to Read

There will be tryouts for Haywood Elite 12u AAU boys basketball team on Sunday
November 7th,2010 from 2:00pm – 4:00pm at Dudley High School. For information you
can contact Coach Seagraves or Coach Waddell.

Coach Seagraves:336-987-1829
Coach Waddell:336-362-6167

  • Coach said,

    This is the old Greensboro Warriors 11u team. This team is being formed by Brendan Haywood, a former Greensboro Warrior himself. This is a good look for him as well as the Dudley community. The tryouts are open for all boys that are trying to play division 1 AAU boys that are trying to play basketball. The tryouts are open to the entire state of North Carolina.



  • Game is Changing said,

    The coaches are looking for players that will make this team better. They have 3 really good players, but as any coach will tell you, spots aren’t promised. I saw this team several times last season and they have more than 1 or 2 spots. If your kid can play and you want to get him some really good coaching, take him to the tryouts.

  • Tom said,

    The tryouts are open to kids from the entire state of North Carolina and the team practices ate Dudley? What if you get one kid from the mountains and one from the coast. How do they make it to practice? Why wouldn’t you just take kids from Guilford County? Are you trying to build a powerhouse 12 year old team?

  • understand what is happening said,

    To Tom:
    This posting was simply about an AAU tryout for basketball. All AAU teams are open for any kid to tryout. Obviously if a kid is better than another, then that kid can make whatever specific team. AAU coaches only want the best possible team that they can put together regardless of where the kid comes from. They do not care about color, religion, income, where you live or where you are coming from in life. A lot of AAU teams will accept kids that cannot pay depending on their situation. Some of these kids or caretakers may do odd jobs during tournament to help off set the cost or participate in fundraisers. If a kid can come to practice and shows the willingness to learn, then it does not matter if they live next door or in Raleigh/Charlotte.

    I have a kid that plays on a “powerhouse” team and they have had players from Guilford, Forsyth, Rockingham, Alamance, Davidson, Randolph, Wake, Durham, and Orange Co over the years. It is a top team in NC and one of the top teams in the nation. Nearly all of these kids will play D1 basketball when they are finished. The experience of playing with “D1” talent on your team in every single practice will make all of these players better in the end. Thus, every AAU team tries to get the best possible players from wherever they can get those players because it will make everyone better in the end.

  • Tom said,

    I understand that the competition is great and you always want to play against the best players, but I don’t understand how a team can practice when players are from different areas of the state? Do they just get together for tournaments and run some basic offenses, defenses, out of bounds plays, etc…? Do they practice on the weekends when they don’t have tournaments? I guess I don’t understand the logistics.

  • Game is Changing said,

    Tom, the team will practice regardless of where players are coming from. You have to understand AAU basketball versus rec, middle school etc. The style is very different in that it is 90% transition. Not saying it is a good or bad thing, but it is what it is. Kids/Parents that have an interest in competing will make arrangements so that their child will make practices. The coach will also schedule practices so kids out of town can make it. And yes Tom, with the money being spent, trying to put together a “powerhouse” or compete versus the great teams is what coaches try to do. In the scheme of AAU, coaches strive to develop skills, but it is still the time and effort players put into their own game.

  • Tom said,

    Thanks for the info. I figured it would be 90% transition with some sort of motion offense. I imagine the defense is man to man with a lot of pressure. Also, a basic zone is also possible. The game has definitely changed since I played.

  • Coach said,

    This team is being put together to go out and compete with the rest of the country. Like what understand whats happening was saying, these young kids are being prepared for the future if they are serious about playing D1 basketball. Coach Seagraves and Coach Waddell are passionant about the game of bsketball and they do a tremendous job on developing great athletes as well as great young men. A couple of guys that they haave coached that are recieveing major D1 offers are Reggie Dillard of Greensboro,NC and Rodney Purvis of Raliegh,NC. Both of these young guys are extrodinary ball players. Rodney has offers from Duke,Baylor,Xavier,NC State just to name a few. Reggie has offers from VCU,Tulane and UNCG and is very high on Wake Forest,NC State,Virgina Tech, and UNC Charlotte offer list. SO there is no doubt in my mind that these two coaches are very successful in what they do.

  • keeping it real said,

    if your son plays the point dont take him to the try outs, mention above are great players but to say Seagraves and Waddell (Who don’t have clue) coached them is not the truth both coaches quit coaching the Warrios and both players went to play for CP3 and thats where they got there looks @ not with the warrios. I have a question what happen to other kids they made sure those two kids had a place to play but not the other kids. that doesnt sound like passionant to me. just look at the players how many kids did you guys cut that found other programs to play for. there is No loyalty at dudley and there will be none on this team. if another kid comes alone and is better then your kid he gets to play bottom line. thats not coaching to me….. people have hidden agendas on this team so be careful……

  • Game is Changing said,

    Keeping it real, Reggie got his foundation with the Warriors. The past has helped him prepare for the future. Seagraves does a nice job with the young kids. I wish the team and him well this year. I would agree that if your son plays the point, look else where unless they can really hold their own. They have very good guard play there already. Go Haywood Elite!!!

  • Andy said,

    Waddell and Seagraves are doing a good job. They both like basketball and they are trying to help the little kids…They have been doing the good thing for a long time…..


    what about the kids they cut ever year? do they help them found new teams to play for or just kick them out the gym? over the last three years how many kids have you cut that went to other teams that made it to the AAU tournament while last yeat your team went to the classic. Mike Harris RIP gave reggie is foundation not Seagaves. Mike gave Brain the team with reggie on the team already. Just facts its great what haywood is doing i just dont know how long it’s going to last. KEEPING IT REAL IS OUT!!!!!!!!

  • john said,

    I think coach Seagraves has been for the kids and the community since day one. Seagraves does a great job with the Warriors organization as well as Dudley High School.

  • Coach said,

    If you know what your talking about” keeping it real”, the only reason that the kids that played for the Warriors that year went to CP3 is because of the finacial stand point of it, and they didn’t quit coaching the Warriors, they started coaching another group of kids in the same organization. They could not afford to go to these elite tournaments to showcase these kids. Thats the only reason they went to CP3. Matter of fact, there are 5 five kids that are on that CP3 team that came from Seagraves team. If you want to go deeper than that, Coach Hunt sent his whole team there because of the same reason,MONEY. Now that they have a sponsor with the money that CP3 has they are able to do the same type of things and not give their kids up because they couldnt offer that opportunity. And if those guys didn’t have a clue, their program wouldn’t be as successful as it is. Other kids from that team are doing wonderful as well. If you knew what you were talking about you would know that all of those guys that they coached from that team are playing varsity bsdketball for thier perspective schools right now. Better than that, all of those guys played varsity thier freshemn year with the exception of maybe 3 or 4. So don’t try to bad mouth these two guys that are doing it out of the goodness of thier hearts and for the love of the game.” Keeping it real”, I’m reading over your comment and it sounds a bit personal. Did you have a son that played with those guys?

  • KEEP IT REAL said,


  • Andy said,

    From what we have seen and heard, Coach Seagraves and Coach Waddell have done a good job in the past and they will do a good job in the future….They are well thought of in the Dudley community and have helped a lot of kids….

    There are many options out there if a kid wants to play basketball and his parents will have to decide which way they want their child to go…

    I’m not a coach, but I know we have some very good talent in our area and we wish them all well and hope they will find the right place to play, with the right team that best fits their skill levels….

  • Andy said,

    Hey and another thought, if you have any questions, you can call the coaches. Their phone numbers are above…Call and find out for yourself what all is going on…..

  • child please said,

    These guys dont get paid 1 red nickel for coaching AAU basketball. Give them a break. You have to be in it for the love and to help the kids. Im sure these guys have much better things to do with their time than to volunteer coaching AAU basketball. Its not like they are coaching 16 or 17 and under and they have kids that are getting recruited. Some people just need to get a life. Let these guys continue to do their thing without all the hatred.

  • you must look around said,

    The bottomline is that not everyone will be happy when it comes to basketball. Only 5 players can start and usually only about 8 players will see significant playing time. If the team has over 11 players, then there is just not enough playing time available for everyone. I have been on both sides of this problem with my kids when they were 9u and 10u. I moved 1 of my kids due to 1 coach building the entire team around one player and he did not know how to coach skill sets while treating my kid like an 8th or 9th man. The team won early due to the atheletes on the team but always lost big in the semi finals of the states and AAU national events when playing teams that had a high bball IQ and skill set. I moved my other kid due to a coach that would not accept feedback or even consider the fact that he was wrong at anything. He did not understand how to coach skill sets and would sit on the beach with his mouth shut while the team was getting killed.

    After taking my kids to different organizations and finding the best match up of coaches for what my kids needed, everything changed. My kid that was treated like an 8th or 9th man is now top 5 (maybe top 2) in the entire state for their position and is without a doubt a future high D1 player. Their team has at least 6-7 D1 players and at least 10 future college players. The team that we left may have 1 or 2 college players remaining. My other kid has also found a fresh start and recently started against their old team and was the highlight of their team for the weekend. It was great to see the old coach look on with disbelief and the quiet look of “I clearly made a mistake” letting that kid leave.

    My only point with sharing these stories was simply that if you are not happy, then simply leave when the season ends. I have never called these coaches out in public or rolled their names out on a site such as greensborosports. I had my words with these coaches and made the decision to find a better situation. Every year I hear specific parents fusing and crying over their kids situation over and over but yet their continue to bring their kid back to a bad situation and a coach that they do not like. These coaches are basically just in a volunteer situation and they are humans just like us. If you do not like what they are doing (personally or as a coach), then go somewhere else. All parents should speak directly to a coach and find out what makes them tick, what their style is before allowing your kid to play for them and what they think about your kids ability compared to others. You may find that you could have avoided a bad situation at front.

    In the end – my situations with my kids all had happy and productive outcomes. #1 because I spent time helping my kids get better (coaches have limited time available), #2 we found coaches/organizations that had a better culture, #3 we found a coach that was actually focused on skill sets/bball IQ more than just being an athelete.

  • warrior love said,

    I find it quite interesting that the madness never stops, even with 12 year old kids..If you want to bring your son to the tryouts, bring them..this is an open tryout.

    Just to set the record straight, it takes money, a lot of money to run an AAU team, and quite frankly, the $200-$300 parent fee doesnt cut it…Sponsorship is the key to any successful organization..With sponsorship comes more “poli-tricks”, but it comes with the territory…

    To answer the question about the kids who got cut, most of them played for Coach Jimmy Florence with the Greensboro Gaters 11u last year; for those of you who do not know, Jimmy coached this team for two years before Coach Seagraves took over…

    This team has been together for 5 years, so quite naturally there are a core group of kids who have been together since day one; but in order to get better, you need to be able to go 8 or 9 deep, and that was not the case last year..

    And yes, we are looking for bigs…who isnt?

  • Andy said,

    What did we learn today? We learned that sports fans have varying opinions and we can learn a lot while studying and reading together……

  • Shannon Michael said,

    Let me start by saying that my son has been a member of the Warriors for the past three seasons. During his time on the team, he has played in over 100 games, I have missed two. Additionally, I attended most practices so I am writing from what I guess is a different perspective from most of the previous posts.

    Coach Seagraves, Coach Waddell and before that Coach Florence are all good and decent men who have given their time to work with a group kids from the Greensboro area who enjoy the game of basketball. Against pretty strongy headwinds and tremendous challenges, they have managed to field a competitive Division 1 AAU basketball team year in and year out. At the same time, they have been teaching the kids the game of basketball. The Warriors do not run just motion on offense or man to man on defense, Coach has taught them multiple sets, how to set picks, how to work a player open for a shot, how to press on defense, how to take a charge (although most officials do not know what a charge is, but that is a different post), how to play help side defense. Every practice, the Warriors are running drills, working on different aspects of the game, not just scrimmaging for 2 hours. And they practice at least twice a week, from December until July and play 10 + tournaments during that same time period. In other words, these coaches WORk and for nothing more than the sheer enjoyment of helping these kids. Now let me be clear, I like a lot of parents and fans do not always agree with the decisions the coach makes, the kids he has in the game, the defense we are playing or how many three’s the team is shooting, but let me tell you this, I respect these men. I cannot comment on Reggie Dillard and his situation when he was with the Warriors, but I do know this, Reggie is a fine player and an even better young man with wonderful parents and his younger brother has been and still is a member of the Warriors. To me that is a strong testament to these coaches that the parents would entrust a second son to them.

    Anyhow, as Warrior Love stated, it is an open tryout all are welcome. My son may or may not make the team this year, heck he may not even choose to tryout this year, trust me AAU DIvision 1 is a grind, but if your son and your family want to be a part of something special and a true family with all of the pros and cons that go with a family, come on out and give it a try. Coach Seagraves, Coach Waddell and Coach Jimmy Walden will be there and if you pay attention, you will be impressed with their dedication and what they re trying to accomplish.

  • BIG BOB said,

    Bottom Line

    Either you can play or you cannot! Parents that are looking for guaranteed spots are sending out wrong messages to to their kids. Trying to buy a kids way in is wrong! The kid needs to understand that the best one will play and the parent needs to understand that as well and stop blaming the coaches. If I were a coach I would never guarantee any kid a starting spot. If you are not willing to work for it to earn it, I would suggest that you find another place to play.



  • Coach said,

    This thread was posted just for information purposes of a team TRYOUT!!!!! Not for anyone to be on here taking shots. Either your child is going to try out or not. Its not that big of a deal. If you are not going to be positive do’nt say nothing at all. It’s amazing how everybody has something to say,but they’re not out here giving thier FREE time up to do anything for the youth.

  • Coach said,

    I also wanted to say that basketball is not the only sport that has a feeder program. LOok at Southeast in baseball, or Northeast in football. Feeder programs are a common thing. There are only 2 players that play for Dudley now that played for the Warriors under Seagraves, DJ Alston and Reggie Dillard. The other kids play for Page, Upper Room Christian Acdaemy(Railiegh,NC), Oak Ridge, and Northern Guilford. If it was a feeder program, wouldn’t Dudley have all these kids, not just 2 of them……

  • ol' bawl coach said,

    Been there, done that . . . .got the t-shirt and the hat . . . .Coach you said a mouthful,couldn’t said it any better ! More power to Coach Seagraves and Coach Wadell and any others who spend all those “free” hours with everybodies else’s kids. The rewards are far more greater than any amount of currency . . . . .but it would also be a big help !!!!!

  • Traded said,

    To all the haters, these coaches are far better than any around here. Find something good to say. Please!
    They not only develop players but black men with confidence. Everyone will not get the honor to play on
    this team. Too bad! Many are called, but few are chosen….There are other teams out there! Unfortunately,
    you will not get the experience we did. There are no perfect teams but this team is the one all the TALK is
    about. Guys! If people are talking, you are doing something right!!!!!!! Much love to Haywood Elite and the

  • THE TRUTH said,

    The Haywood Elite doesn’t want the best talent like they are leading everyone to believe. Some people in this area REALLY know the truth because coach Seagraves had a chance to put together a SMOKER in the 12u this season by combining with another team that has 4-5 elite players and it was about to be a really really special team at all positions. To compete in Hampton, a team will need HORSES to make the top 10 and the other team was willing to cut some good players to make it work to no avail. Also, EVERY KID WOULD HAVE TO COMPETE FOR MINUTES.

  • Mr.Basketball said,

    The AAU landscape has changed dramatically if you want to have chance at the Nationals. The truth to the matter is, NC sends TOOOO many teams to the Nationals in the younger age groups at the Div1 level. The states of Indiana, California,louisiana, Georgia,and Texas to name a few, come with a super squad to win at the Nationals along with adding players for the MIT and the Lebron James tournaments. Parents often wonder why their team fizzles out when they reach 11-13u with the same kids on the roster and they have trouble competing ? Look no further than your coach that probably has a son on the team that won’t start if you upgrade your talent . People are mis-lead because they always think that the coach really has their sons best interest at heart. The coach in most cases tell you all types of BS and is mostly looking out for his son not yours. Everybody elses son can be the 8th man except his son, you just have to figure it out. Hell would freeze over if 2 post players showed up an just happened to be better than the ones you currently have if the coach’s son is a post player. Im sure that most people that are involved in AAU know that this is true. Teams only get better when the son of the coach can play in front of your son or be given too many minutes that he doesn’t deserve. I always hear parents at the Nationals complaining after losing and wondering why they cannot get to the next level by adding those 2-4 players from the Prospects, Elite, or the Spiders (just an example). Parents need to pay attention if talented players show up and seem to be better than the coaches son or nephew, THAT”S WHY IT WONT AND DOESN”T WORK.

  • ur full of it said,

    of all the states you lisetd mr. basketball, NONE of them sent any type of super squad to aau nationals last season in the 11u age group, NONE. those states recruited, developed and competed at a high enough level to earn their respective medels. Hoosiers, ARC, Primtime, Celtics GA, TX, all took the time to recruit and develope their players for nationals. you on the other hand want something or someplayers handed to to you and your overhyped, under-acheived so-called elite basketball team out of concord. i should have known it was a matter of time before you would have the never to come hear spreading your arrogant rhetoric on this thread. your ‘mo’ is obvious because nobody else refers to their players around here as farm animals, your pathetic! so what if the warriors decided not to join up with your club, its one of the best decisions coach could have made! now your running around scard that the hype machine will once again fall short at nationals i see. dude your a joke and a sad excuse! and please stop posted under multiple names as if someone is trying to back up your ignorant postings!!!!!!!!

  • Coach Jimmy said,

    Thank you Shannon… I love each one of those players ever since I’ve been coaching them. And even though I
    am not coaching them now, I still will do anything I can for them and help them in any way. If I am at their
    School I will still check in, talk to their teacher, make sure they are still on task. Bring them lunch, whatever they need
    But I do have the 12u NC Gater Select team now. We are working hard to develop these kids so they can perform well at the
    Next level how ever high that may be for that player. I love coaching these kids! The parents are great and supportive
    . The origination is great. And I love to see how these kids work so hard, and then you see how they improve.
    It’s really fun to be apart of this. If this AAU basketball thing ever starts being about me as the coach, and
    Not the players on the court, then it will be time for me to hang up my whistle. And that goes for my high
    School team as well. I am an asst coach at Oak Ridge and to see how much these kids have grown and just
    Keep getting better and better, it’s a joy to see.

    Now as far as the comments I have been reading on here about the Haywood Elite…this is going to be a great team
    They really look good! I coached the core of the starters, and they look strong. I am proud of them. The coaches
    Are great. They are going to have this team ready to play each and every time. But the thing nobody mention
    Is this team will be successful because they also have great parent support. I had the pleasure of working with
    These parents. They are right there for you. Coach Seagraves will tell you, he couldn’t do it and be successful
    Without the parents he has. I know with our Gater Select family it takes all us to make the dream work for
    The player we love so dear…

  • True Wisdom said,

    Dang, dude what has happened to the Haywood Elite ? I see that you guys have dropped down to DIV 2 and I get a call that you lose 50-27 to a DIV 2 team Raleigh Elite. I guess Myrtle Beach (USBA) or DIV3 might be best for the team. STAY AWAY FROM HAMPTON.