Cornerback Burney will be back for W&M

Posted by Andy Durham on October 26, 2010 at 8:28 pm under College | 12 Comments to Read


University of North Carolina senior cornerback Kendric Burney, a preseason All-ACC first-team pick, has been cleared to play and will make his 2010 debut Saturday against William & Mary.

Burney was suspended by the NCAA for six games for accepting $1,333 in agent benefits that included trips to California, Atlanta and Las Vegas.

He served out that suspension and missed an additional game while the university honor court considered his case.

He is the latest Tar Heel to return to a defense depleted by injury and investigations.

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  • Dick Baddour said,

    Integrity is paramount!

  • El Gordo Gringo said,

    What I find very interesting here is that it is being reported that the reason this Class was such a problem is that it was a core communications course. COMM 120, 140, 160 and 170 are the core courses at UNC. All require term papers and all papers are worth at least 10% of the grade. In most cases, the % of grade is much higher. The grade being reported is a change from a C to a C-. Thus, at best, a 76 to at worst, a 70.

    It is mathamatically impossible to receive a zero on a term paper worth….at the least 10% of your grade and receive any grade higher than a D+ if you started at the highest C grade. UNC cannot mathamatically defend their decision to make Burney elgible. However, I guess the “lack of honor court” can overrule….the rules.

    This is to say the very least…. a sham.

  • Not an ABC Fan said,

    Do you not have anything better to do with your time than to try to determine the grading weights in a UNC course? The university has already suspended more than one player for the entire season based on the FACTS. Also, he was cleared to play by the NCAA, not just UNC!
    That chip on your shoulder must be awfully heavy.

  • Burney said,

    Back up ABC, if you are talking about Burney, he told his local newspaper he could return and UNC blessed it however the NCAA sat him last week, not UNC. Get it right.

    But we gotta get him back on that field as quick as possible. That is paramount.

  • Not an ABC Fan said,

    By the way, it’s mathematically.
    This entire matter has demonstrated that the depth of obsession and hatred so many people have of Carolina is quite pathetic. Downright clinical.

  • Not an ABC Fan said,

    He was cleared by the NCAA yesterday, not just by UNC. Do you really think the NCAA would be approving him to play if there was something inappropriate going on?

  • El Gordo Gringo said,

    Actually, I have a communications degree from UNC. That is why I understand the core cirriculum and its requirements so well. This is a bunch of garbage and you guys know it.

  • Not an ABC fan said,

    If you have a beef, it should be with the NCAA. UNC hasn’t allowed him to take another course mid-semester or anything untoward. He had received a waiver from the NCAA to only take 3 hours this semester, because that is all he needed to graduate. By having his grade lowered in the course in question, he is not eligible to graduate. Therefore, the NCAA waiver he had obtained and only taking 3 hours this semester didn’t work. For some reason, the NCAA reaffirmed his waiver and told him he could take the course he needed next semester.
    You are trying your best to find that UNC has done something inappropriate, and that is simply not the case here. Everyone is convinced that UNC is pulling a fast one. The fact that the NCAA is telling him it is ok to play now should be all you need to know.

  • Rob said,

    Tarheels hate facts. NCAA hates lies. Its a perfect coupling.

  • Not an ABC fan said,

    Now there’s an intelligent comment. What are you even trying to say about this particular topic?
    Since you are a resident of the Tar Heel state, try spelling it correctly.

  • Rob said,

    Only an inbred Tarheel would resort to a spelling contest during a time of crisis.

    You are correct, I did spell Tarheel wrong….it is spelled C-H-E-A-T-E-R. Guess the addition on the CH was prophetic.

  • Dennis Green said,

    You are who we thought they ncsu were!

    While we are discussing flaudulent systems, someone please explain to this forum how it isn`t against a compliance dept or administration dept to allow kids not to have ANY repercussions at all for Jake Vermiglio/JR Sweezy/Markus Kuhn/George Bryan not to have been withheld/suspended not nothing for getting busted with Ephedrine Injectables, 6 grams of Marjiuana, drug paraphernalia, ect. This is a completely bufuddling.

    I still not sure why the ncaa didn`t pursue or get involved with this. I can rationalize why state didn`t get involve”4 starters” on wolfpack club premises you get the point.

    But the real point I`m attempting to make is if these drugs were gave to these student athletes( limited funds) that in the ncaa eyes would be receiving of extra benefits in the form real drugs, how irresponsible.

    Lets use the apples versus oranges theory and which is which.

    This was JR Sweezy 2nd brush we the law within a month. How can a kid assault a 65 year old bus driver? It`s called roid rage!

    I`m not sure if nc is the apples or the oranges, but I can assure you this has to be far the worser or the 2 evils.