High School Football This Week

Posted by Andy Durham on October 26, 2010 at 11:27 am under High School | 6 Comments to Read

Key games coming up this week with just two weeks left in the regular season and remember that with the playoffs coming up, some of our teams will be 4-AA and some 4-A and others will be 3-AA and still others might be 3-A and even 2-A….

All teams will also be able to drop one non-conference loss from their overall record so, Ragsdale and Northern Guilford could head into the playoffs unbeaten, along with Smith and Dudley or Page could hit the post-season with just one loss each….Teams such as NWG, NEG, Southern Guilford and High Point Andrews could make it in with just two losses overall and so could High Point Central….(Most of this depends on if the teams win out over the last two weeks of the regular season….)

NWG and Page may well both head in as 4-AA teams…We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that NWG will be big 4-AA…The nine weeks ends tomorrow(Wednesday), so we should be hearing more about the exact enrollments next week….

Smith, Ragsdale, Dudley, High Point Central and even a SEG or SWG if they get in, are looking at 4-A status…..

Northern Guilford and Northeast Guilford played last year as 3-AA and you would think that Southern Guilford would spot up as a 3-A team and that HP Andrews would be on the bubble between 2-AA and 2-A status….We will know more on this next week….

Games on tap this week…..

Dudley(7-2/3-1) at Page(7-2/3-1)
East Forsyth(5-4/2-2) at Northwest Guilford(7-3/4-1)
High Point Andrews(6-3/3-0) at WS Carver(7-2/3-0)
Ragsdale(8-1/4-0) at Glenn(2-7/2-2)
High Point Central(6-3/2-2) at Southwest Guilford(5-4/1-3)
North Forsyth(3-6/2-1) at Northeast Guilford(5-3/3-0)
Ledford(2-7/0-3) at Southern Guilford(6-3/2-1)
Southeast Guilford(5-4/1-3) at Western Guilford(2-8/1-4)
Burlington Williams(4-5/2-3) at Eastern Guilford(1-8/1-4)
Southern Alamance(2-7/1-3) at Grimsley(1-8/1-3)
Morehead(0-9/0-5) at Northern Guilford(8-1/5-0)

Smith(10-0/5-0) [OPEN]

  • sefan said,

    Dud (too much Gaylord)
    EF (Eagles are on a roll)
    Carver (Another Forsyth County upset)
    Rags (Should be easy)
    HPC (Carma)
    SEG (sorry Hornet)
    BW (upset)
    Grims (tossup of the uglies, Grims has more defense)
    NG (no brainer)

  • sefan said,

    Everybody too scared to pick this week? Oh I get it…you agree with all my picks.

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    Page. (If I sing the NA, that’ll be the “gusto” they need. It WILL be over once the skinny lady sings!)
    Carver. (Good matchup. Let’s just hope everything ends peacefully).
    HPC. (Didn’t Glenn beat them last week? They’ll have an axe to grind)
    Southeast. (They take a “W” this week and and “L” next week)
    Grimsley. (They have absolutely NOTHING to lose!)

    Some of my picks are indeed underdogs, hence the name……..

  • King Picks said,

    Eg by 10 over Bw

  • The Landcaster Leprachan said,

    Dudley vs. Page Think I like Pirates more than Panthers
    East Forsyth vs. NWG, stayen with the boys from Winston Salem
    HPA vs. Carver, again the boys from Winston Salem
    Ragsdale vs. Glenn, The diamonds on the helmet do it for me Ragsdale by 33
    HPC vs. SWG, uhhhh lets go with them boys from High Point
    NF vs. NEG, i like North Forsyth in a close one.
    Ledford vs. Southern Guilford…..I will go with Southern here
    SE vs. WG I like WG with the major upset to shake things up here on GS.COM
    BW vs. EG…I am going with the Wildcats on Senior Night…..Oh i know this will upset sefan, but who cares
    SA vs. Grimsley, I like the Whirlies for know other reason than it is Tornado season…..
    Morehead vs. Northern….Closer than the experts think…..but I will give it to Northern and their bucket of pixie dust to pull them through….that stuff really is magical….

  • sefan said,

    Ohhh LL. EF is in Kernersville. SWG and HPC are both in High Point (I have to admit that I got this wrong also). SE is Southeast not Eastern. They are two different schools believe it or not.