Drew Pasteur’s Fantastic 50 for week of October 29

Posted by Andy Durham on October 27, 2010 at 1:08 pm under High School | 3 Comments to Read

High School Football poll by college professor Drew Pasteur with all classifications including public and private schools…It is almost like this is coming in from Drewie Pasteur…….

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Drew Pasteur’s NC Fantastic 50
1) Butler (9-0, 4A) 152.3
2) Mallard Creek (9-0, 4A) 144.5
3) West Rowan (10-0, 3A) 142.6
4) Richmond (8-1, 4A) 139.8
5) Britt, Jack (9-0, 4A) 137.3
6) Porter Ridge (9-0, 4A) 136.4
7) Reynolds, A.C. (8-1, 4A) 135.9
8] Charlotte Catholic (10-0, 3A) 135.6
9) Mount Tabor (8-1, 4A) 135.1
10) Smith, Ben L. (10-0, 4A) 134.7
13) Thomasville (9-0, 2A) 133.1
24) Dudley (7-2, 4A) 128.8
27) Ragsdale (8-1, 4A) 127.7
29) Charlotte Latin (8-1, NCISAA D-I) 127.6
31) Page (7-2, 4A) 127.0
37) Charlotte Country Day (7-2, NCISAA D-I) 125.0
43) Northern Guilford (8-1, 3A) 123.7
44) Northwest Guilford (7-3, 4A) 123.5
50) Newton-Conover (9-0, 2A) 121.7

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,


    There is NO way (I’ll understand) how a team can go undefeated in the season and is ranked well below teams that have losses.

    Richmond, Reynolds, Mount Tabor THEN Smith waaaaaay below (well maybe, not waaaay) but ranked beneath them??

    As much as I would want for MY team to be undefeated, I cannot take anything away from Smith but it seems as if SOMEONE’s determined to.

  • pirate fan said,

    To Drew’s credit though, Smith hasn’t really played anybody. They played an overrated Dudley squad and somewhat overrated Page. Greensboro football hasn’t been very good this yr and it will show in the playoffs. That said, I want Page to beat Dudley on Friday which would be something we haven’t done in a long time. Standing by my Pirates all day every day.

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    I’m not really good at how the polling system works and I do understand what you mean about the who the teams have played……………

    ***mumbling under my breath** ………….But I don’t HAVTA like it! Lol!!!

    Anywho—It’s countdown ’til Friday night and the place to be will be on the 50 yard line at Page’s stadium!

    Go Pirates!!!!!!!!!