Duke tops North Carolina 97-87…

Posted by Andy Durham on October 28, 2010 at 11:20 am under College | 8 Comments to Read

Duke over North Carolina 97-87, in the battle for student-athletes’ graduation rates and you can check out the game totals from over at WRALSportsFan when you hit your favorite team….

CLICK HERE for Duke…..


  • Who wants to know said,

    Maybe the NCAA should check out Duke next

  • Fan said,

    Want to explain why you didn’t post N.C. State’s numbers?

  • Fan said,


  • Andy said,

    Only saw Duke and UNC listed at the site I check…Hoefully N.C. State wasn’t down below the LouGroza Line…

  • Fan said,

    They are dead last.

  • Andy said,

    Sounds like Lou when that 39-yard FG went wide right on him.

    You know what they about those GR’s….Worst to first in the works….

  • Rob said,

    Wow….and at the same time the N&O and others are suing UNC for not releasing records. It is a public university after all. Don’t we deserve to know what our tax $$’s are going to?


    Somehow I don’t think these UNC gradulation rates mean as much as they did last year. “Honor” Court anyone?

  • fishy said,

    Engineering is just a little tougher that pyschology and sociology.

    How did the grades improve so much over the last few years in the sports marketing program at UNC? Odd how one of the top majors for jocks sees the average grades jump form 84 average to 96. Probably nothing to it. Hahaha