Friday Night Scoring Desk – 10-29-10

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10:02 pm – Update #12
Andy will be on-line after 11 PM to finalize score and give some game reports. It is just past midnight and are we are on the ball, with all of these finals going final…..This is the real deal and it is here for you and thanks for checking in…..AD

Dudley (7-3) – 12
Page (8-2) – 21

Morehead (0-10) – 9
Northern Guilford (9-1) – 63

High Point Central (7-3) – 28
Southwest Guilford (5-5) – 3

Eastern Guilford (2-8) – 26
Burlington Williams (4-6) – 7

Northeast Guilford (6-3) – 35
North Forsyth (3-7) – 28

Southeast Guilford (6-4) – 51
Western Guilford (2-9) – 43

Glenn (3-7) – 36
Ragsdale (8-2) – 15

Northwest Guilford (8-3) – 35
East Forsyth (5-5) – 28

WS Carver (8-2) – 33
High Point Andrews (6-4) – 14

Southern Guilford (7-3) – 51
Ledford (2-8) – 2

Southern Alamance (3-7) – 50
Grimsley (1-9) – 6

From Coach Turk
Eastern Randolph – 36
Reidsville – 23

Asheboro – 14
Southwestern Randolph – 7

Smith (10-0)

  • Coach Turk said,

    Eastern Randolph 14
    Reidsville 10

  • jb said,

    Summers with 3 TD passes in the 1st half.

  • Coach Turk said,

    Eastern Randolph 29
    Reidsville 17

  • Coach Turk said,

    Asheboro 7
    Southwestern Randolph 0

  • Coach Turk said,

    Asheboro 14
    Southwestern Randolph 7

  • Coach Turk said,

    Eastern Randolph 36
    Reidsville 23

  • D said,


  • Coach Turk said,

    Final Score
    Eastern Randolph 50
    Reidsville 23

    Final Score
    Asheboro 14
    Southwestern Randolph 7

  • John said,

    Congrats to Page for a huge win tonight. This was some game, I’m here to tell you. Page jumped out to a 14-0 lead with less than 4 minutes gone from the first quarter. At that point it looked like it could be a Page blowout. Then Dudley scored quick and I thought, okay this will be your basic shootout. But after Page scored on one more TD pass from James Summers in the first quarter, the Pirates were done scoring. Dudley only scored one more TD. They missed the PAT after their first touchdown, and their two point conversion was no good after the second.

    Eventually the game turned into a defensive battle. Page seemed determined to blow this game like they did against Ragsdale. Summers threw two interceptions, Drew Rogers fumbled and Page repeatedly shot themselves in the foot with penalties.

    But Page’s defense, despite being dwarfed by the size of the Dudley offensive line, kept the Pirates in the game. They flew to the ball, they pressured the Dudley QB and intercepted at least two passes. They also recovered a fumbled punt. It was disappointing that Page’s offense could not capitalize on the many Dudley miscues. But game balls have to go out to the entire defensive squad of the Page Pirates. Well done!

    Coach Gillespie really has to do something about the offense. Fundamentally, this team has been poor all season. Far too many penalties and miscues. And why they don’t do something about the Page punt return team. At least 3 times either Thuc Phan or #5 tried to pick up a bouncing punt with nearly disasterous results. At some point this reflects on the coach; especially that this team is 9 games into the season.

    But hopefully Page will keep it together for one more game and wind up in second place for the conference and get a home field advantage for the playoffs.

    One last thing; I was amazed that Dudley packed it in like they did. They did not attempt to call any timeouts with 3 minutes left with Page running out the clock (and that may have been the best drive of the night for Page; they got the ball back with 6 and a half minutes left and never relinquished it). If I didn’t know better, I’d say Dudley gave up.

  • billybobo said,

    grimsley grimsley grimsley… when will u.. idk how to put this nicely… GROW up and put up a fight, and atleast CARE about winning, espcially if its ur HOMECOMING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    Congrats to Page’s defense tonight. Debo–you’ve elevated your game each game and I’m proud of you.

    @ sefan– I’ll see you next week!!!

  • 77 Hornet said,

    SE 51 WG 43

  • the lancaster leprachan said,

    I told you that pixy dust was magical for Northern………

  • billybobo said,

    u know john… i couldnt agree more, i even heard that all of these stars/favorites that corio has.. there all gonna be gone.. grimsley is gonna be even more worse then they already are

  • Vikings4real said,

    Vikings finish 8-3 on the season and are Co -Conference Champs for now. A Ragsdale loss next week and they are Conference Champs all by themselves. they don’t get much ink in the paper and not much recognition on this site, but that’s OK. The VIKINGS are for real.
    This season has been a team effort and a great job by their Coaches.

    Great Job NW

  • vikings dabest said,

    the nw vikings are fo real!!!!!!!!!!1 great job vikings coference champ since 87′. holy cow way to get a huge win on senior night guys and we all know that this game was for clsasmate Chase Bunting!! RIP MAN YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN ON THIS FREAK ACCIDENT!!!

  • ashamed to be a whirlie said,

    Whirlie pride I agree. What the heck were they doing on offense. Did all their hopes go down the drain with that freshman qb? I’d hope they were better coaches than that and they at least rep up another kid?? Surely this wasn’t the first snap #5 has taken this year even though it looked like it.

  • GC alum said,

    Glad Greensboro college got rid of that coach when they did. Obviously he can’t even put a successful high schooloffense on the field.

  • topfin29 said,

    I thinks it a little unfair to call the Grimsley kids cowards. They didn’t have to buy a ticket to get in, you did. Remember these seniors have had a different coach each year for the past four years and this coach wasn’t hired until July….little time to put a staff together. I do agree with you that the OC must go.

  • sefan said,

    You guys gave us a good game Hornet. As for UU I ask for the following things next week:
    1. Soften up the middle of the D line.
    2. Keep turning the ball over.
    3. No passing please. We don’t like to defend the pass or throw the pass so let’s just agree to take that ugliness off the table next week.
    4. Leave the singing to us. We will take care of the singing and the bringing of it next Friday.

    I guess the refs treated you guys well last night John since your three Page report contains only mild whining. When you lose next week John please just know in advance that my committee is working hard to find and pay off the refs nicely prior to the game. We would hate for you guys to leave the land of Buck Bain with questions.

  • Andy said,

    I would say the Grimsley kids are still battling and still fighting out there and it is just not working out as quick as they would hope and as quick as some fans want….The fans don’t know what goes on, on the inside and it is obvious from the Whirlies’ effort at Smith that they have had some very good nights…They played right there with #1 Smith until the QB went down…We see it so many times, as the QB goes so goes the team….Not here as a team apologist, but I feel that kids who turn in the work and that are tying to get better, they deseve for someone to have their back until they can get it turned around and we will keep a watch out for all the kids and the teams…In the end, you have to remember that they are just kids and they need some support in the good times and in the bad…We lost a kid from NWG yesterday and we see life lessons in these sports each and every day and we have to take something home from all these experiences….Let’s have a good day and start getting ready for next Friday, not much time to look back and lick our wounds…..

    Make any sense, I think so and I hope it will get through to the masses…

  • Grey said,

    Well said Andy.

  • Perspective said,

    Andy ,
    Well said , there is more to this thing than winning and losing. I am a huge football fan
    and sports in general. I have sons who play and every time they are able to walk off that field win or lose it is a blessing. With the game being so physical and injuries happening
    every time a game is played at the end of the day the scoreboard should be the least of our worries. As you said these are just kids our kids all of them. Adults need to put things in perspective and understand all these teams are at different stages , some rebuilding (Whirlies) some starting to get it all together (NW) and some finally turning things around(Smith) these are all our teams. Let’s encourage them all, applaud their efforts
    on and off the field. And when their down find a way to pick them up…Just a Thought

  • manbearpig said,

    Grimsley must have had a very bad night, if I am right SA is not that good. Did Grimsley beat them last year????? I also wonder why Grimsley goes through so many coaches, why did the last guy leave? And what ever happened to coach Shuping?

  • Andy said,

    Coach Shping is at Providence Grove down in Randolph County and Coach Samek, the previous coach from last year, moved on to Southwestern Randolph and seems to be doing very well there…SWR lost to Asheboro last night, but the Cougars are still in the hunt for a playoff spot going into the last week of the regular season…

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Thanks sefan, We’ll have a real QB full time next year. We should have a better product then. What was funny is that the pa announcer was your announcer from SE. Got any idea how that happened?

  • sefan said,

    Our announcer is a very interesting fellow to put it mildly. If you ever see his car you will know that he is ready for anything at a moments notice. He has a great announcer voice but you would never imagine that voice coming from him if you saw him in person. He does a great job and is an excellent math teacher at the high school.

    Not sure how he ended up on the other side of town. Maybe your guy got sick at the last minute. It wasn’t in any of my evil plans for county domination. I’m sure he was impartial as usual. “And there’s another Falcon…..FIRST DOWN!!!!”

    There was not a strange, strange lady singing the National Anthem was there? If so it was probably UU getting in some practice for the playoffs. Her Pirates have to come through the country however to get to a home game in the playoffs.

  • what? said,

    UU has never sang the national anthem at Page.. so idk why you bring it up…

  • Grimsley89 said,

    Grimsley lost a lot of of talent to other schools Lay Lay Brown-ORMA, Torian Patterson-ORMA ,Eric Davidson-Western Guilford add these three to what they already have decent team. Those three are playmakers plus thats a lot of speed gone Patterson is probably one of the fastest kids in the city. I took my son to Duke one day camp this past summer and ORMA had a few kids there. My son was in the same group Patterson was in this kids first 40 was a 4.38 and his second 40 was a 4.27. Even though they ran it on the track thats still fast. I bet Grimsley would be away better team if they didn’t lose Davidson,Patterson and Brown.

  • manbearpig said,

    They had those three last year and still only won 3 games. I guess the 2.o rule might have something to do with this. Speed does not equal good football player. Both TP and LLB got torched last year