HS Football this week: Playoff Edition

Posted by Andy Durham on November 9, 2010 at 12:01 pm under High School | 8 Comments to Read

High Point Central(7-3) at Smith(9-1)
Glenn(3-7) at Ragsdale(9-1)
West Forsyth(7-3) at Page(9-1)
Scotland County(7-3) at Northwest Guilford(8-2)
EE Smith(6-4) at Dudley(8-2)
Northern Guilford(9-1) at Triton(8-2)
Burlington Williams(4-6) at Northeast Guilford(7-3)
Mount Pleasant(4-6) Southern Guilford(8-2)
Southeast Guilford(6-4) at Durham Hillside(10-0)
Southwest Guilford(6-4) at Mount Tabor(10-0)
St. Pauls(5-5) at High Point Andrews(7-3)

  • Aggie Pride said,

    Are you really picking Southeast to beat Hillside?

  • Andy said,

    No picks yet, this is just a listing….The official picks will come in on Friday morning and there is a heavy lean already, toward the Hornets….(11-0)

    I see part of what you are talking about too….The dark print signifies our Guilford County teams….Bold represents GCS teams….

    Good question and very observent on your part….

  • HS Football said,

    High Point Central(7-3) at Smith(9-1)——–HPC with a huge upset!

    Glenn(3-7) at Ragsdale(9-1)———Ragsdale won’t be beat twice by the triple option!

    West Forsyth(7-3) at Page(9-1)——Page will make a 2rd trip to Defending champ Butler

    Scotland County(7-3) at Northwest Guilford(8-2)———-Might be the best 1st rd game in the area…..NW wins a close one!

    EE Smith(6-4) at Dudley(8-2)—–Dudley Rolls!

    Northern Guilford(9-1) at Triton(8-2)——-This could be another great 1st rd game but in the end Northern advances to the 2nd rd.

    Burlington Williams(4-6) at Northeast Guilford(7-3)——NE Running game wears out Williams

    Mount Pleasant(4-6) Southern Guilford(8-2)—–Southerns passing game is not going to be Pleasant to Mount Pleasant!

    Southeast Guilford(6-4) at Durham Hillside(10-0)——Wow….talk about a tough 1st rd game…..Better luck next year SE!

    Southwest Guilford(6-4) at Mount Tabor(10-0)———Same fate as SEG…..Tabor big!

    St. Pauls(5-5) at High Point Andrews(7-3)—–Both High Point teams advance to the 2nd rd!

  • Sry said,

    Sorry to see so many GCS teams playing each other so early…Good luck to all

  • sefan said,

    SEG wins in a gigantic upset! I was over at the high school yesterday and Fritz is working on multiple trick plays that would make any Texas Middle School blush. 🙂

  • unh huh said,

    That’s the pod system bub,cut travel,cut ya throat !

  • Multiple Multiple said,

    There better be multiple, multiple trick plays per quarter for SE to even have a fighting chance against Hillside. The only plays that Durham needs are Vad Lee left, Vad Lee right and Vad Lee deep across the middle…..game over….sorry for the hour drive.

  • Lee's March said,

    The first casualty experienced during Lee’s March to Atlanta will be SE Guilford.