Keep your eyes on the prize and watch out for these guys, this season in and around Guilford County HS hoops

Posted by Andy Durham on November 16, 2010 at 11:44 am under High School | 23 Comments to Read

Here is a list of guards that we started processing last week and this group is ready for your evaluation and who do we need to add to this assimilation of Guilford County guards that from in and around our area?????

Michael Neal(ORMA)
Mitch Oates(HPCA)
Burrell Brown(Grimsley)
Jalen Ross(GDS)
Reed Lucas(GDS)
John Terry(GDS)
Jackson Kent(Page)
Frankie Eaves(Page)
Reggie Perkins(WG)
Patrick Chandler(Northern)
Jaquel Richmond(HP Wesleyan)
Butch Huffman(EG)
Adam Gunn(EG)
Brandon Hairston(EG)
Matt Pawlowski(NWG)
Hunter Cleary(NWG)
Kyle Berger(NWG)
Bryce Benjamin(NEG)
Reggie Dillard(Dudley)
Sam Hunt(Dudley)
Austen Thompson(Southern)
CJ Plummer(Westchester)
PJ Hairston(Hargrave)
Asad Lamont(ORMA)
Derek Grant(HPC)
Theo Pinson(ORMA)
Terrell Leach(SWG)
Bryan Fonville(Page)
Deuce Bello(WCD)
Josh Level(WCD)
Beniah Wise(Ragsdale)
Cade Isley(HPW)
Drew Williams(Smith)
Adrian Wimbush(Smith)
Paris Scales(NEG)
Cameron Smith(NEG)

  • Come On Son said,

    Theo Pinson (ORMA)
    Terrell Leach (SW)
    Brion Fonville (Page)

  • Wait A Minute said,

    Duece Bello, SG (Westchester 2011)

    Josh Level, SG. (Westchester 2014)

    C.J. Plummer, PG (Westchester 2012)

  • Andy said,

    Yeah, we started out with point guards and then expanded it, good deal…..

    Keep sending them in….We could come up with a pretty good/deep list.

  • Old Balls Coach said,

    Cade Isley- H P Wesleyan

  • B-ball fan said,

    Definitely need to add Benaiah Wise (Ragsdale) to the list. I believe he was all conference last year as a junior and is one of the best pure shooters around.

  • SmithAlumni said,

    Drew Williams (smith)
    Kreshaun Williams (Grimsley)
    Adrian Wimbush (Smith)

  • Andy said,

    I thought Beniah was a senior last year, we’ll need to add him to the list….I have been big fans of the little men, Aaron and Beniah Wise for a long time….Their dad is good/wise man….He would always have his sons at the games, watching the opposing teams and that way his sons would learn what they might see in the future from the teams that they would be playing later on….

  • why???? said,

    Ok congrats to all the guys who are gettin scholarships but we already know them. Can we put on the list some guys we really could be surprised by. Oh and did you guys leave Derek Grant off on purpose?? Dont forget the guys at Caldwell Academy !!!

  • Why???? said,

    May bad of the spelling errors. Okay and getting were mispelled !!! Forgive me .

  • Andy said,

    Grant is still in football with HPC and we didn’t want to try and take away from his current focus….I think he and Adams both will be playing basketball for the Bison this year…..Grant is a pure talent….Not many others like him out there….So smooth with such a good reach, sometimes you don’t even realize he is out there until you look up and see he has the ball……

    Caldwell Academy, we are learning them and already have Brett Manning on our radar and will watching for others……

  • blahh said,

    mitch 0ates -hpca

  • dan said,

    what about matt sugg?

  • Andy said,

    We lost one of the comments that came in from No shooting you or a name near that area….I was checking the comments and was taking a look at that one and another one came in and I lost that one and we gained another one….

    Sorry about that, but sometimes we see that happen…..

    Matt Sugg should do well for NWG in basketball, once his football work is done and he has a very good work ethic and I think all he wants is for the people to be up front with him and then he will work his butt off for them…..Very hard worker and look forward to seeing what he will do for the Vikings and Coach Reavis…..

    I remember Cade Isley too and look forward to seeing what he does at High Point Wesleyan….

  • Mike said,

    Go Raiders!

  • Ram Fan said,

    Paris Scales and Cameron Smith from Northeast Guilford

  • Andy said,

    We’re gonna have a lot of names to add, when we update that list tomorrow….

  • Who?? said,

    Who is Cameron smith from northeast?

  • Average?? said,

    There are alot of average players on here. You dont have to add a player just because someone says hey what about so and so. They probably werent on the list the first time for a reason. The list was suppose to be for top players around the area not the average joes.

  • Andy said,

    Hey, the longer the list the better and then we can always go back and sort it all out later on….

    This list just keeps on growing, like my reputation….

    Many of the kids that we have been mentioning are already starting to show up in the headlines and the box scores….

  • IAmJustSayin said,

    I agree with average. This list could probably be shorter because average players should have to earn their way onto this list. All the 5 star and 4 star guys in the area should make up a short list of 10. Andy do you think you can get a list of 10 with the help of your area readers by the end of the first week of the season?

  • john said,


  • Andy said,

    Reggie Dillard and Sam Hunt from Dudley HS are on here…..

  • Smith Fan said,

    Jeff Sims Is Also Another Player To Look Out For At Smith…And Tracy Gathings